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Weekly Recap: 5/11 - 5/ 17 (final)

Drive Back from MI

Gus and Giz
Lung Force Walk Boston MA
Bike to work
Narragansett run
3.0 45
Tour de Lyme


Monday - Drive back from MI to RI, Gizzy got a walk when I got home, of course.  I missed him and he missed me.  Ok I missed everyone. 

Tuesday - I work from home the day after I get back.  It is easier on me physically and mentally.  I can crawl out of bed and log on and figure out how to regain some control over my inbox.  

I took a run at noon.  Oh my was it hot.  I figured I'd run by the hospital, in the event I needed to collapse?  Approaching the intersection by the hospital I hear this horn beeping rather persistently I really intend on ignoring it and then I hear my name. Oh, Hi, it's Mikey B, heading home? I didn't ask.  I barely recognized him without all that crap on his face. HA!!  He finally is back to running his preferred pace, much faster than mine.  I expected to see his run and ride he claimed he did over the weekend on Strava, no dice, must not have been fast enough to post?

Good to see him and hear he is back to himself.  I'm sure his wife and kids are elated to not have the grumpy version of Mikey moping around the house!

I made 4 miles, that was it, I was cooked and done.  Nice cold shower before a 2 hour conference call .  Mid way through the call, I admitted that I wasn't paying attention to and what were my action items...  raw honesty, it is a good thing, right?

Jennifer texted wondering if I was going to be up for a bike ride.  I was.  She was a little iffy, having the same ass pain Mikey and Ro were and are having...  Hurts running on the inclines and after 20+ miles during Cape Cod Ragnar over 30 hours I was totally going to give her an out if she wasn't up for the Stedman's Women's Ride.  She wanted to make sure the newly minted, year older, me was able to ride.  Ha, thanks kiddo!!  Coupla' head cases, right?

We opted for the intermediate ride, saying, drop us, no worries.  The gals waited once and we said, "Seriously you can drop us."  Jennifer chimed in with "I just finished the Cape Cod Ragnar, I need the ride, I can't keep up the pace" they all took off, pshew.  Seriously we were so ok with being dropped and really needed the committed ride to make sure we got our lazy and sore asses out there in the saddle!!

We caught up another time and the gals assured us they weren't waiting.  OK!  GOOD!

My Garmin died with a mile or so left before the end.  I had no clue where we were.  Jennifer knew and BOOM before we knew it we were back at Stedman's!  I am so geographically challenged once you get me out of the land of the great grid it isn't even funny!

We followed up the slow 26 miles with a trip to Mews for steak and cheese pizza and booze!  My cousin continually reminds me that alcohol has no re-hydration properties.  Yes, Dear.  

We both needed our Tuesday night, the ride and the trip to Mews.  Both are therapy, big time therapy.

I do have to add when I got in that saddle on the bike and took two pedals I was in heaven, I have so missed biking.  Exactly what I needed!  Well that and beer... but hey....

Wednesday - Back into the office, ugh.  8 a.m. meeting, double ugh.  At 5 a.m. there is a rooster crowing?  WTF?  We live in town, these silly, foul/fowl people who think they need to get back to nature and have chickens in town are insane, IMHO!  I live in what is considered a small town, where I grew up this would be the city, but hey, whatever, it is a small town.  I grew up with chickens (and ducks, geese, and turkeys - fortunately my parents gave up on the rabbits once I made the connection between Easter Dinner and my "pets")  I nearly poked Dave in the back to say "Do you hear this nonsense?"  I decided since he was actually sleeping I should let him sleep and my first night back would be a REALLY bad time to do something which may result in an unhappy husband.  

My mother has been keeping me abreast of the neighboring town's fight to have chickens in town, link.  People wanting to move from the big city of Ann Arbor where they could have chickens to 'the country' where it should be OK to have chickens in town.  Ummmm the goal was to finally get away from the demands of farm life and move into town...  Anyhoodles, do I call Town Hall to find out about chickens being allowed "in town" or bend the ear of  Mrs. Kravitz? 

People, this is what the farmer's market is for, IMHO.  Go there, buy your fresh eggs and seriously, chickens are disgusting, leave them out in the country where they happily can scratch and peck at the ground and can roam free!  Completely understand the push towards urban agriculture and people knowing their food comes from plants and animals not the grocery store!  Guess I'm a not in MY backyard person on this one and really what bugs me is the rooster, not the hens....

Got out for a nice cool breezy run, I love when the sky is a Simpson's sky!  Made 5 miles and that was enough to call it good. My legs were a bit tired from the bike ride, nothing like they are the day after hills and a bike ride.

Thursday - off to Boston for the Lung Force Walk.  After a third time of trying to get to one of Julia's lung cancer events in Boston, I made it!!   Managed to not have horrible traffic or a hard time parking.  This is a walk sponsored by the American Lung Association, they have slowling been getting invovled in lung cancer advocacy, their campaign is LUNGFORCE.  A bit more about it here

There were several booths set up to learn a bit about lungs, and ask questions on lung disease, not as much on lung cancer as I would have liked, HOWEVER, this is a slow process to get the message out that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, and yes, smoking is a risk factor, and it is bad, however most of these newly diagnosed women have never smoked, some smoked and quit decades ago. 

Team Kristine - Honoring Julia's Mother

I met up with Karen and her sister Linda, I met them with my first Team Lung Love event in Providence, my very first 1/2 marathon I was not at all trained for, but did it anyhow and learned a very valuable lesson!  Karen is a doctor, a non-smoker, and a lung cancer survivor, and a grandmother!  She and her sister and I did laps around the park before the walk (which was larger laps around Boston Common) because it was boring standing still.   They were in from Philly for Karen's yearly CT Scan, she schedules them a year in advance, so it was so amazing all this came together on the same day!  Very fun to catch up with them.  She had her meeting with her oncologist on Friday a.m. and then they go back to Philly. 

Team Kristine

Friday - "If I have my collective shit together I will bike into work.  Time to face the Mystic Hills."  Well I barely got my collective shit together to get out of the house.  I am so reliant on all the things I have squirrled away in my purse or gym bag it was tough to think through what I would need for the day and put that in my back pack.  Fortunately I was able to find someone to loan me an iPhone charger, no dice on a Garmin charger or a FitBit charger, everything seems to be on its last legs of power on Friday.  My big thing was to remember clothes and shoes and something to ride home in.  Done!  

I think I've been putting off riding in because of the Mystic hills.  They really aren't that bad, whining about 800 feet of elevation gain is really silly...  especially considering Tour de Lyme is coming up on Sunday and that has 3K in elevation gain or some such nonsense over 57 miles.  It was a good prep for Sunday.  And I did have to tackle Fort Hill on my way home.  I got up over 30MPH coming down that sucker and tapping on my breaks, so yeah... suck it up buttercup!

The ride home was nice, Fort Hill kicked my ass.  It is all the baseline, improvement will be quick!  Plus I REALLY need to dig out the inhaler, it feels like a dog sitting on my chest when I breathe!

Guess I'm a bit ahead of last year?

Saturday - "6 easy miles in Narragansett"  Well that didn't happen.  Family issues abounded with my running partners and well, I decided I'd run later, which means I'm not running at all.  It ended up being a "girl day" massage, pedicure, primping, and shopping, and the some "housewife stuff"  grocery shopping and cleaning.  All in all a good day and while I feel guilty for not running, I don't feel that guilty or I'd of run, right?  

I've been having this internal battle with running, part of me is all "you aren't any good at it"  part of me is all "seriously?  it's right foot left foot right foot left foot, how can you not be good at that?"  part of me is all "let's drink beer", part of me is all "shut up, just shut up".  Guess it's been a while since this internal debate happened.  And it continues the schizophrenia of running.

Sunday - "57 or 26 miles of the Tour de Lyme, maybe with Jennifer maybe not."  

45 miles of the Tour de Lyme.  I lost 10 miles and 1 hill and I'm fine with that.  My ass was not ready for that many miles in the saddle. When I tried making up my own route I realized I was a little lost.  Hard to believe, right?  Me, lost.   I stopped when I saw another biker talking to two other bikers.  The two others ride these roads weekly and saw the marks on the road. We got ourselves all pointed in the right direction and eventually I got back to the start, only shorting myself 1 hill and 10 miles.


I only missed a little section of gradual climbs...  

Ran into Bob Buckingham at the start.  He was riding with his group, and wasn't sure how he was feeling about all this.  They lost me on the first real hill about mile 16.  We caught up when I omitted a loop and enjoyed jibber jabbering on the Devil's Hopyard downhill.  And at the end caught up again.  He found my reasons for my 7 Sisters DNF weak at best, and wanted to know the rest of the story.  He still thinks I should have sucked it up and went back, but does agree that nearly 500 runners is WAY to much for that course and was happy to know that I was productive with my time on the range and picked up other people's trash despite being lazy.  Ha!  Thanks Bob!  I actually needed to hear that.  At least he softened the blow with beer and a charming smile!

Gizzy and Jax got walks, Gus is now in the midst of depression and has taken to his fainting couch.  I can't do three dogs walks, it isn't in the cards....

Beth, so happy to be back on the bike, she may not break 20 running miles but 100 biking miles is possible!

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