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Weekly Recap - 5/18 - 5/24 (final)

Hills / Yoga
5 with Faith
Bike / Stairs
Volunteer / Bike


Monday - 

Well that was surprising I wasn't miserable for this run, figured the bike "ride" sufferfest on Sunday would cause a rebellion of sorts.  Nope.  Huh... 

It was a beautiful day for a run.  Lots of people out and about, made it interesting.  Hi Mikey B and Bob.  Thanks for calling me fat Mikey, always appreciated.  HA HA HA

I love it when dogs are co-pilots.  There was an SUV with a boxer  in the front seat he looked like he was hanging there with his elbow hanging out of the window watching the world go by.  So funny and so very boxer.

TRX was good.
Tuesday - 

Hills in the rain.  Dave texted with "Hills today? I'll be out there unless it's pouring rain"  Ro texted with "So it is currently pouring out and not sure I am up for running in pouring rain…that said, if it slows down to a drizzle, I could be convinced to run outside"    I wasn't letting either of them off the hook! 

I checked just before go time and it looked misty and warm.  Picked Ro up at her house and Dave met us after we finished the first of 10 hills.  Wanting to take advantage of the hill part and not the little flat lead up.  We started at the bottom of the hill.  Gave us a bit less recovery time so I think that was good.  10 repeats.  Ro said she was in for maybe 6 or 7.  Dave was definitely sticking with the 9.  He has been busy getting the house prepped for his daughters wedding in early June so was full of aches and pains to grumble about.  Steve is in Guam running in the heat in and humidity at 4:30 a.m. and letting us know all about how miserable it is in paradise.  Actually sounds pretty miserable, I hate the heat and then add in humidity, ugh.

We will keep this up till Mt. Washington and almost have Dave talked into joining for 2016!  If Steve beats his time I'm sure he will want to claim is record.  A little friendly competition is a good thing.

Jennifer and I took a walk and then went to Yoga.  I was amazed I only toppled over once ok twice during class, between Sunday and TRX and hills I was a little beat.  Yoga centers and relaxes me, even when I'm toppling over!  Balance is strength and I did recover after trying my level best not to have a giggle fest and disturb the whole class!

Wednesday - 

5 with Faith.  My usual 8 a.m .meeting was cancelled and replaced by a 9 -10:30 so that helped I slept nearly a full 7 hours!  Because the temps are dipping into the 40s the window is shut and no one can hear that damn rooster.  The landlord says she will take care of it... Yeah...  

Thursday - "Rest"

And that's what happened!  Plus a fully restful night sleep!!  Took Jax for a long walk and Giz for his mile.   Major discussions around Giz on the Tramadol or off of it.  I gave him one with dinner, Dave suggested they are making him lethargic.  Guess we will abstain for a while and see.  I think two a day are too many...  He is tough to figure out if he is in pain or not.  Diesel was easy, he whined and looked miserable.  Sage was like Giz, hard to tell, however once we started her on Rymadil she definitely responded and was more active.  

Friday - "Bike ride with Jennifer (Glen Rock) then stairs with Jennifer and Jen.  Should be a full afternoon / evening."

And that's what happened!  Two days in a row I've followed the plan while Mercury is in retrograde, huh...  

Jennifer wanted to conquer that first hill on Mail Road, and damn did she!  Even got a cheer from a rather cute guy in a truck as she took the hill!  He scared the crap out of her, of course.   Love to see someone succeed when they want to. The yellow highlight is the hill, you make a left off of a busy road, so there is a lot going on all at the same time.  Its a steepish climb.  All in all A nice route I enjoy riding very much.  Super peaceful and mild hills.

Jennifer doesn't ride with clips, yet.  We were talking about the pros and the cons.  One of the cons is getting stuck in the clips.  I find the mountain bike clips are WAY easier to get out of than the road clips.  My road clips are on the lightest setting and I have to really think about un-clipping my right foot.  My left is coming much more naturally after abut 250 miles of riding with the road pedals.  I like to un-clip my left, I dunno why, the right would make so much more sense to rest on curbs and what not.  SO we are at a traffic light, and I un-clip the left and lean a bit to meet the ground except I feel myself going right and fight the clip and BOOM!  I'm down.  Scraped up my knee a wee bit and my right elbow.  Nothing to write home about.  Dave really had to inspect my knee to find the scrape.  Mostly it was embarrassing, lying there on the pavement trying to get out of my bike!  Jennifer tells the story much better.  There wasn't much else to do but get over to the side of the road and laugh.

We had a nice super easy bike ride (other than the clip stomp -  I swear I thought that was what it was called when you got trapped in your clip - Buller, anyone?) and met up with Jen right on time for stairs / planks / push ups.

10 sets of stairs, 2 with 8 lbs of bricks, planks and push-ups for the 'rest' period.  Great workout!  Definitely I can feel the hill work from the past few weeks has made a difference. 

Compliments of Jennifer - apparently I look fierce or something....

Saturday - "Volunteering at the Delaney Dash in Old Saybrook.  I'm planning on bringing my bike and exploring some of the routes I found out there."

I did pre-registration check in.  Interesting and fun.  It is a little stressful with mumblers or when the on-line registration didn't work.  Dunno about you but I always try and clearly say and spell my last name when picking up a bib.  There is so much commotion and I want to make sure I get the right bib, it's happened where I haven't and well that sucks for me the person with the wrong bib and the person handing out bibs.

Walked the pups, Gizzy is full off any meds and full of piss and vinegar.  Good on ya old boy!!  Gus got a walk because, well he is so easy to walk.  

It was cold and I woke up with a scratchy throat.  I had left my bike in the car because I figured this scratchy throat was a pollen thing, it is so thick I have to wipe it off with my windshield wipers!!  Um, no....  I went home and curled up on the couch to find that Sons of Anarchy season 7 was free on Amazon Prime.  Whoop!  I debated cancelling on the girls for a girls night out.  I probably should have I was a bit of a bump on a log feeling worse and worse as the night progressed.  Sorry gals.

Sunday - "Run, perhaps long, perhaps not."

Perhaps not.  SOA and napping with the pups on the couch.  Still not completely convinced this is a cold.  You can't swallow or breath, idiot, you aren't healthy.  I'm also wickedly paranoid of anything getting into my chest and while it probably could have been ok to run or bike, knowing my sometimes pretty shitty immune system, better to be safe than sorry.  

Couple dog walks, Gizzy was being so stubborn and I didn't have it in my to fight him.  We made 1.5 miles.  He had a few stumbles all in all quite happy to just go slow and take breaks as needed.    Gus went out again, Jax got to go to the field out in Exeter, RI and run around like a nut case after RC planes.  

Dave thanked me for getting sick just in time to give it to him before his bike race in NJ in a  couple weeks.  I'm surely in the running for wife of the year 2015.  I'm a giver, what can I say.  

Beth, thinking this will be a high mileage running week and a low mileage biking week, there has to be a way to balance all of this.

HA!  Best laid plans of man and men.  

Updated 5/21
Updated 5/22 
Final 5/25

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  1. 1) Guam is beautiful! Even as a heat-hater, I would go back there in an instant, so no sympathy for your friend; 2) I fell but once while clipped in and the only thing that really hurt was my pride; 3) when you figure out how to balance running and biking, please do share.