Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Catch Up

I didn't do a really great job of scheduling my week.  It happens...  Didn't even have time to update the blog... oh well, it happens...

Monday I didn't schedule in my run and didn't get to run…  so off to TRX to catch up with the girls and work some muscles.  I still haven’t hooked up the rig I bought for home.  Need to find a door that closes or I could use it in the hall and deal with the dogs being curious AKA their version of "helping"?  Hmmm…  I better just freaking get it done.

I did get a new toy in the mail. A Fitbit Flex. Setting that up was interesting, it doesn't come with instructions, just log onto and set it up. After a few problems between the seat and the keyboard it was all set up and operating.  I logged a whopping 204 steps that night and didn't manage to get the sleep setting correct. I did eventually find some instructions and *gasp* read them so I understand how it works.   Yes, I am one of the few people that actually read instructions.  GEEK!  You can track all sorts of things with this thing. Tracks steps and then converts to miles (I'm not sure what they use as the algorithm  but it was pretty accurate when I ran with it at tracking the miles I ran).  Track your calories out, and your sleep patterns.  You can input calories in and water in, plus additional activities.  It didn't track my Wed night bike ride.  I was really curious about the sleep pattern, which is why I waited for the Flex to come out.  I didn't manage to get it set for the first night, and the first night seemed a little off, although who knows.  Wed seemed reasonable as I have to get up at 5 to catch the 6:42 or 6:55 train in New Haven, an hour away, so yes 30 minutes to get all gussied up for NYC I'm amazing, no?  Thur looked about right.

Top Tue, Middle Wed, Bottom Thur

So yes, it is a toy and it is interesting.  I'll have fun playing with it and seeing what I can learn.

Tuesday was a twofer.  I ran 5 at work and then did the Dog Watch 5K after work.  Took 30 seconds off my time and am standing at 28:18.  Hmmm maybe that 5 mile warm up is working?  Hopefully I can make it next week, feeling pretty positive I MAY break 28.

Wednesday there was a health fair at work.  I tinkered around with the Wii and the putting green.  Holy cow it has been years since I've golfed.  Really need to get those clubs out of the attic and use them.  I do miss golf, or rather I miss spending an afternoon outside with a couple friends and some beer having a good laugh!!  I didn't get in a run, between a new project at work and a 5 p.m. meeting.  WHO schedules a meeting for 5... Hubb had a meeting for his RC club and I dug up the bike rack and packed up the bike for a 10 mile bike ride around the camp roads.  Looks like a chicken running with a sword, no?

Thursday - NYC.  I was surprised at how much walking I actually do do.  I didn't hit the 10,000 steps or the 5 miles but I did hit 7K steps and 3 miles.  In heels, I think that merits a pat on the back or maybe a cupcake from Crumbs?  Guess if I add in a walk to Bryant Park I may hit the 10K mark? 

Thursday's Tally

Friday - Holy rain batman.  I ran after work around the block at home in a brief slowing of the rain.  3 miles, good enough to lift my mood and put me in that goofy post run mood. 

I did find out what happens when you don't pierce a potato before you bake it.  I wondered what that pop sound was!!  Fortunately it cleaned up easily and I had three four footed helpers...

No races this weekend, there are plenty to run, it is nice to have my only commitment be to have "Amy of the pointy elbows" work on me Saturday afternoon and then go to Connecticut College to attend the Relay For Life Luminaria Ceremony and cheer on one of the walkers I sponsored.  Otherwise the weekend is mine to have a nice long run, read, and do housework.

I did get signed up with a team for a Glow Bash 5K in Bristol RI the 22nd of June.   Scanning through the website after I committed to this, having absolutely no clue what I was signing on for, I was pleased to know there is a benefit for Childhood Brain Cancer.  I'll do this with the memory of Alex Ahrens who passed away on February 28, 2012, age 10, after a 3 year battle with brain cancer.  I went to High School with his father, and the family also lives on a neighboring farm where I grew up.  Seems like a great group of people and will be a blast, a run at night with a scavenger hunt and the opportunity to dress up in glow in the dark stuff.  How could anyone NOT have a great time!?!?!?  Kind of a the city version of a Snipe Hunt!  Any of you participated in a Snipe Hunt??

So there you have it.  Not a lot of running miles, a whopping 11 and 10 on the bike.  Feh, no worries.  I can get in at least a 10 long run and explore a new route.

My dizziness seems to be only when I get up from laying down.  Hopefully this is temporary, because, wow, it sucks.  I'm fine, nothing to worry about!!

Beth, recapping the week and looking forward to a no race and no illness weekend.


  1. Beth, I've been "cyber-stalking" you reading your blog recently. Looks like we plan to run a lot of same events (Tue night Dog Watch, Niantic, Blessing, etc). Will have to catch up at one of these runs. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jeff - Thanks!! I 'cyber-stalk' you too... We have run quite a few of the same races. So many amazing routes to run in and around good old Westerly eh? Really like seeing all the Strava maps where everyone runs. Definitely we should exchange in person greetings!

  2. Oh man, that does look like a chicken and it made me laugh out loud! What is up with this dizziness?

    1. IKR? I laughed out-loud when I saw it!!! Who knows. I think it is remnants of a cold/inner ear infection... blargh. Probably will stay off merry-go-rounds for the near future, though!!! :)