Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When all else fails, chase your tail.

Sunday morning I was greeted with a very short note from my mother. We eMail everyday but Monday,   Monday she has her Cancer support group and Yoga and that pretty much does her in for activity for the day.  It was a simple, very mom note.  She had something to say about my run on Friday.

There were a couple other Mom words of wisdom in there, I know she reads this blog from time to time so yes, mom I only pulled out the part germane to my story.  I do believe she would appreciate Mike and Seth calling me crazy.  Hubb didn't because well, he knew I'd be more tolerable.

Today, I did my at work run.  The Native American route, as my kid brother calls it.  Hey would you rather I called you Markey?  I think a balding gray haired nearly 43 year old male would appreciate being called a kid, no?

By mid morning the sky was starting to turn from cloudy to sunny, no sunglasses and nothing to catch the sweat dripping into my eye. We've established that I don't always think ahead, right?  Anyhoodles, as I rounded the corner to go up the hill, I was greeted with a big old exhale of cigarette smoke, and a look, lovely.  Listen, I always give a wave and say "Hi", I don't give you a look for smoking. Gimme a break, please?  I know, I know the rest of the running community turns left out of the gate, so it must be my bad for turning right.  But I like that route.

Skipping the first "feather" out and back, to hurry up and get to the breeze I'd feel off the Long Island Sound.  It was a nice breeze.  Then around to the hill on Meech, I didn't do to bad.  It did help that I spied a couple other runners heading my way.  Come on, that puts a little kick in your step too!  Still, even the last downhill I wasn't inspired to run any faster.  Soaking wet I was happy to get to the guard shack and retrieve my badge and get into the overly air conditioned building.

Looked like it was going to rain about 6:15, just in time for the 5K at the Dog Watch.... hmmm what to do what to do.  I figured I'd put on my running stuff and see what happened.  Well, the rain happened early, and with lightening.  Hmmm... maybe mom is on to something with her proclamation "Running in the rain is not a good idea."  I think the bad idea was me telling her, don't you?  She used to run, I think she preferred not to run in the rain, so hmmmm...  I got out of the parking lot and on to the road and the first sign something was amiss, besides the gallons of water in every drop of rain was all the traffic coming towards me, and turning to get to a different Northerly route.  Still this did not deter me, it must be an accident on the South bound lanes not the North bound lanes.  Yeah, quite apparent trying to enter the high way the accident or slow down or what ever was on the North bound lanes and the rain wasn't letting up.  Well, crap....

Tis what it tis, right?  Guess Mom knows best.  After a 20 minute commute taking 75 minutes I was greeted by a very ready for dinner Gizmo letting me know in no uncertain terms dinner should be served soon.  This was backed up by the ever goofy Jax practicing his Flying Wallendas across the foyer and Gus chasing his brown nub of a tail.  When all else fails, chase your tail??

If you were a white Boxer with a brown tail wouldn't you be curious what is going on back there?
Hubb went out for his usual Tuesday night ride and was met with the down pour. He arrived home a muddy wet mess and seemed rather pleased with himself that the runner didn't run in the rain after giving the biker some sort of snide comment about mountain bikers not biking in the rain before the runner left for work this a.m.  This was the perfect opportunity for him to say, what he just loves to say "God got ya."  Thanks, thanks a lot hon.

Long way to say, I didn't get in my double on Tuesday.  There is plenty of time for more doubles between now and the Bourbon Chase.   I also need to get in some night runs.  My second leg is in the middle of the night.  It is described as "Leg 17, 8.6 miles, once you leave Stanford behind, this monster of a leg runs on narrow country roads in serious darkness"  I'm thinking I should have sucked it up and volunteered for the most difficult section, being the new girl and all...  so, any of you ultra runners out there have any head lamp or night running suggestions?  The theme for this Bourbon Chase is the '70's so gimme the skinney, dude.

Beth, wondering if it is too late to listen to motherly advice?

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