Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catch up

I haven't had much to say, well I have, thing is it hasn't been very coherent, well thought out, or considered in the impact it may have.  Times like these sometimes it is just best to keep ones yap shut, no?

Friday was my work anniversary 14 years at this company.  Holy wow... I remember that terrified person I was in my suit all ready for her first day at work in this brand new company and industry.  Leaving automotive was tough.  I was warned that people in New England weren't as, well, blunt, as I can be.  Nor would they "get" the world I cut my teeth on in the working world.  First on the shop floor in college where I ran an Injection Molding machine making parts for, well yeah, cars, duh!  This plant made head and tail lamp covers for Ford, oil filter casings for Freight Liner, mufflers for Tecumseh engine and bunches of other pieces of plastic goodness - whoopiee twang, right?  After Grad school it was on to the offices, white collar baby, where I ended up buying those same parts I used to make for one of my buying desks.  Talk about what goes around comes around.  My favorite commodity and my last was fasteners, yeah, I was a screw buyer, ok?  The only female in a group of 9 men in a predominantly male industry, with predominately female sales reps. I will hand it to a couple of the suppliers for assigning male sales reps, didn't help much their product was crappy and usually late, but they were fun to golf with.  Ah the good old days...  The group I work with now is very proper, the group I sit with, well, they check their morals at the door, it is nearly as good as those days in Dearborn.

The next anniversary celebrated was Monday the 17th, hubb and I celebrated 13 years of marriage!  I met him through my brother.  They were class mates then house mates during grad school.  I'd talk to this guy on the phone from time to time looking for my brother, he was always pleasant and rarely had a clue where my brother may have wandered off to.  My parents and my other brother even met him before I did, we met in 1996.  Guess you could say he was pre-approved?

Things haven't changed much, now my brother calls, looking for me and Hubb has no idea where I may have run off too but eventually I'll turn around and come home.

We decided to meet at  Captain Scott's Lobster Dock for Fish and Chips Monday night. The sky threatened rain, it rained maybe 50 drops, pshew.

Stunning sky @ Captain Scott's Lobster Dock, New London, CT

Nice greasy fish and chips post TRX for me and bike ride for him.  I think they are still with both of us. They were soooo good.   Nice anniversary!

TRX was just two of us so our leader had a good time abusing us.  My abs burned as the day progressed on Tuesday.

Tuesday night was the Dog Watch 5K.  I missed last week due to traffic. Didn't have the opportunity to run during work and wondered what impact this (and those fish and chips) would have.  I did a 3/4 mile warm up and could tell, yeah, not so much. Feh 30:30...  The sky continued to threaten rain so I went home to hang with the pups and read.

This is a very well done book.  I'm about half way through it and really enjoy Julie's writing style.  I met her at the Ice Age 50 in Wisconsin.  She ran the 50 Mile race with all the relentless hills and finished in 10:09.  Holy wow.  From time to time the book reminds of "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail" by Cheryl Strayed.  I am kicking myself for not picking up Julie's book on the PCT.  But you just never know, you know?

Wednesday I finally got my at work run, the full Native American, even ran into Mike B on my way back and caught some rays (read: teensy bit of sun burn, shhhh don't tell my dermatologist, Irish and Eastern European skin is a blessing and a curse). 

Opted for dinner out with some co-workers in from out of town at Ford's in Noak instead of the Tom McCoy fun runs at the beach.  Who would pass up Lobster Bombs and this sunset?

Sunset from Ram Island Yacht Club, Noank CT

Thursday nights are the runs with the Narraganset Running Association, met up with Nicole, I think it has been a month since we've run together.  I've REALLY missed them.  I gave her the glow in the dark goodies for the Glow Bash run on Saturday night.  Her kids will have fun putting things together and I'm sure they will be far more creative creating things for us to wear! Neither of us are sure what to expect but imagine it will be fun!  How could a team of 6 adults dressed in glow in the dark stuff from glasses, bracelets, hair pieces to tattoos NOT have a good time?  

I dragged Nicole along, you know those runs where you are feeling it but your not feeling it and you need a reason to not walk?  This was Nicole tonight.  I COMMEND her for sticking with it and getting in the 5 miles.  At the end of the day it was worth it, right?  *ducks*  

The major topic of conversation is what marathon training plan did she decide on for her first marathon, the Philly Marathon!  Probably a hybrid between "Run Faster Run Less" by Matt Frazier and Hal Higdon's Novice plan.  I'm super jealous that by the time her really long runs roll around her kids will be in school and she has the opportunity to run long runs during the week, and not beg the weather gods to please just a few nice hours, over the weekend, please!?!?  Her training starts in the beginning of July. I'm rather excited to hear and read all about her adventure!  GO NICOLE!!!  

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking advantage of a compressed work week to go bike shopping, I really like the mountain biking with hubb but it is such a pain in the rear, when it is just me, to pack up the bike and take it to the trail.  To be able to hop on outside the house and ride to Stonington or Charlestown or?  after work seems too perfect.  I am sure there is a flaw in this grand plan somewhere. Buller? Buller? Buller?  My goal is cross training to get in some decent cardio without all the pounding on the asphalt.  

Saturday I have a 5K in North Haven, CT in the a.m. and then the Glow Bash 5K in Bristol, RI.  Hubb asked if it was normal for people to sign up for so many races.  He was absolutely serious.  I said, not really, I'm an over-committer.  And there really isn't any response to that but "Do you want me to commit you or will you commit yourself?"

Sunday is TBD, the last brunch with a girlfriend before she and her hubb move to Dallas on the 26th.  I'm sad and will miss her and I'm excited for her new adventure, mostly sad though.  Once she gets settled in and finds her people I'll feel less sad.  Knowing her it will take about 45 seconds!

Beth saving it all up for one big word vomit.  Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks! I was so happy to have you there to keep me strong. Happy we will be training together even if we are a couple weeks off. I will have to match up some weeks and see what we can do together. Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great race in the morning.

    1. You were a trooper, really!! A day at the beach, no matter how relaxing it seems really does wear a person out, I'm impressed! Let me know what matches up!