Friday, June 14, 2013

Niantic Bay 10K - Recap

Thursday was a NYC day, I left a few hours earlier than I usually do with the threat of rain being my driver, and my boss wasn't in the office for the afternoon.  We share an office when we are in NYC.  This is actually a GREAT arrangement because we can talk as things come up and not shelve them for our weekly discussions or forward on an eMail.  Plus it is just good to have some time with the boss.

When I woke up this morning I was still a little tired, even getting home early and going to bed early.  On the project plan was hours of User Acceptance Testing for a website redesign / relaunch.  Interesting but still, mind numbing having to repeat the same things over to make sure every thing replicates everywhere.  It is like running on a treadmill with the same 10 minute infomercial playing on a loop.  I was able to mix it up with some document review.  Intellectually stimulating Friday, it was not.

Figured I might as well drive out to Branford to pick up my Branford Road race bib.  This is part of the Shoreline Race series.  Actually a pretty nice t-shirt, feels like it has some wicking properties to it!

Nice logo!
 Easy pick up for this and you can get a 20% discount showing your bib on the day of pick up.  I checked out some skirts, but really I like the brand I buy so not even a bargain is going to turn my eye.

Back North to Niantic for the Niantic 10K by the Bay.  I didn't do early number pick up and it was very easy on site.

Post run photo... the bib was white, but who knows, trick photography and a soggy bib.

After a super easy bib pick up I had a half hour or so to kill. Determined this was definitely sleeveless weather.  Swapped out the T for a Tank and glad I stuffed my gym bag for any possibility!  Took a little warm up run for a mile or less.  Felt good to get moving and wake up.  Spied Don and Suzan and eventually Mike found us explaining that the rest of the WTAC guys took off like bats out of hell for a easy warm up run.  No doubt, speed demons, the lot of them!

Sometime between lining up for the race and the start it dawned on me this was a 10K. I remember telling the folks at work I was running a 10K after work in Niantic and one of them said Yantic?  Oh please tell me you aren't going to Yantic.  Quite a funny conversation about Yantic, he lives in a neighboring town.  Yet, for some reason I kept thinking it was 5 miles.  Sunday's race is 5 miles. Hmm 6.2 miles, what is my goal here, an hour which would be a 9:40 pace.  See Don, you are finally teaching me something about talking in pace versus total time.

It was a nice course, I didn't study the course map or really even read the directions, it became very obvious it would be an out and back course.  Not my favorite, however becoming something I like.  I get to see the front runners and cheer them on!  Started out on a little bit of an incline for the first mile and then sort of a sharp decline, nothing like the hills I'm used to running, but still.  I'd have to run back up it.

Along the way I picked up on a conversation between two women about a mysterious envelope. There was also a heavy foot slapper who seemed to like to run my pace.  I was dying to know what was in this envelope and dared not speed up,  but then I spied the cop car, the front runner was coming towards us!  Why this gives ME pep in my step is beyond me.  GO JOHNNY!!!  Love it when I know the front runner. The along came Jeff, who yelled Beth before I could yell Jeff. There were a couple other faces I recognized and I clapped.  When we were veering off for the lollipop part I spied Mike! Got a big wave and we both yelled.  Seriously that gives me energy, hope it does for y'all too.  I didn't see Don.  I really expected I would.

I sped up and have no idea what was in this envelope.  Was it a court summons?  Was it an acceptance letter?  Was it a DNA result?  WHAT WAS IT!?!?  Hey, writer friends that could be a good plot / sub-plot for NANO??

Eventually it was back on the long straightaway and foot slapper was back.  I said "Hey, you're back." He said "Yeah"  we chit chatted about this and that.  His parents signed him up for this race and then he left them behind.  Will is a long distance swimmer and goes to Clarkson.  Finally I established this was in Upstate NY, near Pottsdam (right Upstate NY?)  I told him my husband went to St. Lawrence.  He said it was in the middle of no where.  Yeah, pretty much.  Nothing to do but drink beer and watch hockey.  Just after mile 4 he said he was going to ease off.  At this point Hubb says "Oh you just loved that didn't you, some 19 year old punk kid backing off."  Perhaps...

Then that hill was upon me, just about mile 5.  It wasn't really that steep and I employed my counting backwards from 1000 and that seemed to work to distract me and I just focused on the fact the end of the race would be down hill and how awesome would that be!!!!  There was a teeny up hill just before the end, blargh.

I finished at 1:00:35 on my Garmin and same on the SNERRO results page.  9:44 pace, 5th out of 12 in my age group/sex. Splits were pretty reasonable, mile 4 and 5 were slower. I felt good at the end.  Curious to see the pics Don and Mike snapped..

Spying two of the bloggers I stalk, I went over to say hi.  Very nice to put a face to a name to a blog!  Great job guys!  Johnny came in first, Jeff in 3rd.  Mike 2nd in his age group and Don 1st in his age group.  You guys rock!!!  GREAT JOB!!

Beth, slightly irreverent, quite pumped after a great run, even missing goal by 35 seconds.


  1. Pic posted! And cool to see you at the "lollipop" split, it always gives some extra pep on the out-and-backs to see friends, and get to cheer them on...and great job by you as well!!! That was a fun race, see you at the next one!

  2. Great recap as always BLS! Did your GPS show the course a bit long? Mike's, mine, just about everyone's had it at about 6.29. Funny how all of us feel the same way about getting a boost when we see the frontrunners heading back. But it's really true. Good luck at the Branford Road Race!

    1. I showed 6.23, figured it was because I didn't hug the corners. Thanks Don!

  3. Beth, thanks for the support out on the course. I was working way too hard to keep up with that kid and couldn't muster up a "thanks" or "good job" myself. I too think of myself as a loop course person, but the out and backs are motivating when approaching runners from the other direction. Good job and see you at another race (or trail)!

    1. You are welcome! I didn't want to distract you from your ultimate goal figured hearing your name would give you a little kick? Great job!! See ya at a race or the trails!

  4. Thanks for stopping by after the race. Always good to know another runner, especially one from the same town! Will be at the Dog Watch tonight.