Saturday, June 29, 2013

Views on a run

Do you visit the house you 'grew up' in?

Used to be when I pulled in the driveway in the house we lived in from the Blizzard of 1978 forwards (the house I 'grew up' in)  I regressed to the 12 year old me.  100% obedient and not the least bit confrontational.

Then in 2007 my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and I became, oh I dunno 6, absolutely a child, when I pulled in the driveway but at the same time 40.  Let us just stay it was a difficult reconciliation, at best.

For point of reference in 1999 I moved 750 miles from where I 'grew up'  having lived in several places I'll pick the last place my family settled as 'grew up'.

Now I am age agnostic, if that makes any sense.  I may be 2 I may be 50, it all depends on what I meet when I walk in that door.

Ok so now that we have all that 'grew up' business behind us and we all have a 'frame of reference' may I blather on about my day?

I drove out to MI on Friday.  This is my preferred method of transportation. I am able to listen to a book or two  argue a few points and generally just come to terms with reality in the 12 - 14 hours I spend in the car, just me, myself, and I.  I TRULY relish this time.  I left Rhode Island about 7:15 a.m. arrived where I 'grew up' just before 8:00 p.m.  Between the intermittent rain-showers and fiddle farting around I made good time! I was my present age, rather unusual....

My daddy had my favorite bottle and accessories laid out on the counter for me.

Girls and their fathers have many things to bond on.  We started with car maintenance so "No boy would take advantage of you." progressed to  "You are never to depend on any one."  were the teachings of daddy, a deity higher than any other. I successfully escaped the 'dirt bag guys' preying on the girls who didn't understand, in my father's words 'jack shit' we progressed to whiskey.  While he is a Jim Beam and Pepsi guy, he accepts my love of Jack and Diet Coke, unconditionally.  Daddy's need to let their girls be their own women when it comes to booze and mixers, not boys, PSHEW!!!  For those still negotiating these waters, no matter what, you win.  It just take MORE time than you thing/estimate/bargain for.

When I arrived, Friday, well before sunset, he left me and mom to chat while he watched 'the race' I had one drink knowing I was on tap for 10 miles in the a.m.  Mom and I discussed the route, not remembering road names!  Go past where Judy and I grew up,

I love this picture post card of Judy's Aunt's place scene
can you see the deer? I  should post a better picture.

turn on the road where Tammy grew up

The truck made this one for me!

and then up the road the Ragay's lived

Winter wheat nearly ready for harvest

and turn on Able back to Arkona.  Map My Run said this was 9.98 miles.

Well when I ran Arkona to a right on Macon, to a right on Hack to a Right on Able to a Left on Arkona to my folks it was under 7 so I did the out and back to US 12 and had a grand total of 8.15.

As Crutch says, nice Trapizoid...

Yeah sure I could have run to the old Trombley place (heart pitter patters for my one time crush) and back to get to 10 I said, "I am soaked in this humidity, fageddaboudit." in my best Brooklyn accent and took a 1/2 mile cool down walk to get a pic of Roger's corn, to document the fact the corn is more than knee high by the Fourth of July...

Those legs probably are NOT ready for prime time, but oh well...
I did my run, 8.15 miles with a 1/2 mile cool down.  In the nearly 100% humidity I was soaked and grateful it was only 68 degrees F!!!

The rest of the day was relaxing.  A cousin, Kate, Geology graduate student of University of Michigan, had a little family open house to see her new digs.  NICE!  More than that it was nice to catch up with family and cousins I see so very little of. Kate is in Ann Arbor but her older brother, Charlie, is in Portland and I doubt I've seen Charlie much in the last 13 years.... oh how I'd love to post the pics of him passed out at my  and Dave's wedding....soon, really soon...  but maybe before that the 'attack dinosaur' pictures....

first row - Jin (in the WAY aswesome shirt I gave him)
Me, Charlie, Kate, John, Julie

I am immensely proud to be related to Charlie, Kate, John, Julie, and Jin.  Very sad to not to see Mark and Judy on this visit but there will be more!!

Going home is filled with paradoxes.  I still see Kate and Charlie as young kids, when they clearly are not.  Charlie is approaching is 10th year HS reunion  If he is 28 in August what does that make me?

Beth, facing reality

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