Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A conversation in our house last night went something like this:

Hubb “Hon, which color do you like better?”

This requires me to get up and see what color and what it is.  A bike frame.  He switches between two, black with teal logo and teal with black logo.

“Hmmm, I like the teal better, there is some character to it, but don’t you already have a blue frame?”

“Yeah, but this is the new bike.”

“Wait, you need three bikes? Is this one a road bike?  You do know we don’t have room in the dining room to house a third bike, where will it live?”

This was my first mistake, too many questions

“Oh, I’ll keep one in the basement with your bike.”

“How about two in the basement?”

I get a very unconvincing “Sure” and he stares at the fish tank and starts talking about the anemone that can’t seem to find a home it likes.  I take the bait and before I know it we are discussing the wandering anemone.

Beth who needs to remember, one question at a time


  1. Haha, he duped you with the anemone talk. I know better than to play such mind games with my wife.

    1. HA! I need some tips from your wife Seth!! Oh and the 3rd bike is a 29 inch cross-country. His explanation was reasonable, then again he was playing keep away with a package of new running skirts... DOH!!!