Saturday, August 19, 2017

Weekly Recap: 8/7/2017 - 8/13/2017

This is going to be quick.  ha ha ha.  I can blather on about anything...  so who knows.

Monday - Recovery day.  I was up by 5, per usual, tried to sleep in didn't happen.  Massage at 9 a.m. and that was great.  Got a quite a few household chores done after and then crashed for a nap for a few hours.

The picture of the day is a video of Jax destroying Harold the Hedge Hog.  I've repaired this guy numerous times.  This time I already had the sewing machine out so I gave his holes some serious stitches.  Jax was bummed.  Click the link... not sure if it will work.

Hope this works!

Tuesday - Back to work, I attempted to run.  That was a bad idea.  I made 2.5 miles, I probably could have gone more, I partly didn't want to and partly was just tired.

Couldn't find any picture worth sharing...

Wednesday - Hills with Ro was really welcome!  I totally forgot to start my space watch till we 3 miles into our workout.  Whoops.  Gotta get back into the routine!  I decided I wanted to take a ride and went down to the beach to see the fun runners.  Always a good time!

What front of the pack runner strides look like....

Thursday - 5 easy miles with Faith.  Easy miles, that always cracks me up.  Miles are miles?  or no?

Nothing worth sharing from the picture roll.

Friday - I decided to bike into work, biking home sucked, I hadn't thought that far forward.  Also could have been the 13.5% beer I didn't realize was a 13.5% beer I had on Thursday night.  I had another nap when I got home Friday.

Love their sneering faces.

Saturday - Trail maintenance at Wahaneeta for my clubs upcoming trail race. It was rainy and generally disagreeable weather, however nice to be outside and lopping off branches.  I let the guys know I'm not allowed to operate the weed whacker at home so there is probably a reason they should let me use the lopper instead of the weed whacker.  I had a several hour long nap later on in the day.  It never stopped spitting/misting rain.

Nothign worth sharing, or the dog sneer was from Sat....

Sunday - Back to the track!  It has been a year since I've been back to running,  Pretty good way to celebrate with a track workout.  We did a 20+ bike ride after.  I was spent after this.  Happy to be heading home and I had a very very short nap in the late afternoon.  I think I'm finally caught up on sleeping and feeling recovered.  Although I really don't know what recovered actually means.  That bike ride whomped me like a bike ride never has.  Probably the track workout before.  And I even shorted that!

Grace - killed the workout (seriously) with her injured paw!

Added one more for the bike ride
I was wiped out after all this


Feet:  an impressive 26
Saddle: 78 (hard to keep me off my bike)

I started back planking again, 30 seconds front rotate to right 30 seconds rotate to front 30 seconds rotate to left 30 seconds or some version of that for 00:03:30.  I'm less bored with rotating through versus holding a plank. I'm sure it is still beneficial.


I finished "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead, I wasn't impressed or moved by it.  I couldn't fall in love with the characters, this is what really does it for me for a novel.  Cora would start to tug at my heart strings then Whitehead would flip flop to another story.  I liked his play on the Underground Railroad as being an actual railroad underground, that was quite inventive and interesting.  I think this could be a great story of escaping from slavery, unfortunately, it wasn't for me.

I started James Joyce "Ulysses", I've tried to read this hard cover, not much success.  We shall see if listening to the poetic Joyce helps.  So far, not so much...  I loved "Dubliners" maybe I need a good long drive to get into the flow of this classic?


Made a few inches worth of progress on the latest baby sweater and found some buttons for the ones needing buttons.  Dave wanted me to watch a movie with him, knitting is how I get through focusing on movies.  It was a good movie, what was it?  I have no idea, some Detective Noir or something noir, a good mystery, well done.

Beth, short and sweet, the update, not me!


  1. Poor Harold! Was he resurrected?
    Love the Fun Run pic here and Strava. Tks.

    1. He was NOT happy with the re stuffed and sewn Harold. Sadly Harold is finding his way to the bottom of the toy basket while Jax finds other stuffed toys with weakened seams and will endeavor to spray their stuffing about the front room while his hoomans watch and possibly record his shenanigans.