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Weekly Recap: 11/30 - 12/6 (Final)

Wow, December already.

Monday - I missed 100 running miles in November by 4, whoops.  I spent most of the last week fighting off some sort of bug and the last day of November was ushered out either sleeping, in writhing bone pain, freezing, or sweating.  It was a joyous way to say good bye to November, not.

All that seemed to be over when I woke up on December 1st and was glad for that small miracle, ok HUGE miracle if I'm going to continue on with the drama.  I am serious about the bone pain, felt like someone stabbing me with a needle into my bone and it radiating out about a foot from the impact site.  Fortunately Monday was a rest day so I wasn't going to get those 4 miles anyhow!

Tuesday - Decided what a better way to usher in feeling like my 'normal' self with a 10K run in the spitting rain and chill!  I so loathe when Strava tells me "you have 4 matched runs" and the nice little graph with the pace going down, which actually means my pace is getting slower. Not where you want to see a downward trend.  Feh, what evs, no seriously, what evs...  

I was kinda pissed at myself when I forgot that I had to do the Eastern Point beach loop (0.4 miles) to make from the stop sign on whatever that road is named and back to campus 2 full miles so i could get a proper 10K in.  So I subbed in 0.15 in the little cul-d-sac by the odd little Church, to get in a bit more and hopefully only have a few feet to run to click over to 6.2 miles at the guard shack.  There is no parking for that church, how do people go there?  Maybe they fly?  Which reminds me I need to take my own broom in for a tune up!

What evs... 

No yoga, I wanted to get a solid nights sleep and make sure this evil bug was gone, so I skipped yoga.  No dog walk, rain, fending off the evil bug.  Ended up taking Gizzy out with an umbrella.  He thought that was kind of odd and once he stood under it he was all, ahhh I can pee and not get rained on this is pretty cool.  So we traipsed around the soggy yard while he did his thing and didn't get too soaked.  The other two were soaked and were all excited about that and then getting toweled off.  Oh the grand life of dogs, eh?

I finished up The Walking Dead Mystery Knit Along (I'll post on that later) it was a shawl, interesting construction, a fun project.  A mystery knit along is where you don't know what the finished project is going to be, usually these are shawls or scarves, although they could be socks, generally something small.  Clues were issued each Sunday.  TWD had their mid season wrap up on Sunday night so I wasn't too far behind.  Boy this 1/2 season was a big snoozer, it has to get better or it has to end, then again how many zombies getting slaughtered story lines could there possibly be?

Wednesday - Spin day!  I took the yoga class at lunch in the gym at work.  Marsha put on a good class for 50 minutes I got a work out, kinda surprised by that, in a good way surprised.  Flipped the dog and the triangle, who knew a triangle could be flipped, not me!  It was fun, it's just weird to be in an exercise class with people you work with and see on a daily basis, honestly it gives me the creeps.  The locker room is bad enough.  I don't really want to have my downward dog observed or observe anyone else.  Shudder... 

Figured I don't need to run AND spin, I don't have anything to prove to anyone and it was really making my Thursday runs suck.  I'll do weights or TRX for my Wednesday at work work out.  Work through lunch?  Are you kidding me?  No way Jose!!

Thursday - The weather seems to be looking up so a lunch run

What happened?  Despite the 18 MPH westerly wind (which was sort of north westerly) the run wasn't bad.  Did I want to fight the wind along the water or not was the big question, fight the wind along the water turn right out of the guard shack.  I turned left, figured it would be nice to run with the wind for the Avery Point section.  It was.  Even when Mikey B scared the crap out of me.  I know that most runners go left out of the guard shack and I have to beware I will get passed!  I was off in my own little world, which is getting a bit shook (or is it shaken) up at the moment.   The circle of life sort of stuff, a cousin took an unexpected turn for the worse and her daughters (also cousins - I'm not getting into the first second and removed sort of business - cousins is fine) and I were best buddies growing up and with Facebook we've reconnected very solidly.  Email was good, but this daily interaction over FB, awesome!!

Christmas 1972
May 2012

It wasn't supposed to be Tobi and Darci's mom who went before mine, it wasn't.  Not that I want my mom to die, however, in the grand scheme of life, my mom has been sick! This was a very unexpected turn for Jo after a serious operation (non-cancerous brain tumor removal to improve quality of life).  So we all knew there were risks, death wasn't at the top of the list.  

The Schultz Women - Jo, Beth
My grandmother and Jo's mom were sisters
family is family
Same eyes and chin

SO, that's that...  And Schultz was derived from the pronunciation of the Polish SZCZURZA sounds kinda like Shirtzle  but with more of  hard J JurtZel (oh I am crappy with this how things are pronounced business - ask me, I'll tell ya!).  And from the documents of my Great Grandfather's immigration to the US and his life, I can see fully why Szczurza became Schultz, there were several different spellings from his immigration in 1901 to Lily PA, until this spelling in 1920 census, it sounds very similar when pronounced in Polish and well from what I've learned about him he was a man to argue, so the German Schultz probably suited all concerned.  

Adam with his grandkids 1943, Lakewood, OH my father is the youngest, in his arm.
My dad said he was kind of a scary man, when they would go down to the lake (Lake Erie) to go fishing he would demand "HAMBURGER" as he was not allowed them at home due to his health.  His 4 daughters (as stubborn as their late mother) were very keen on keeping their father alive and hes was very keen on disobeying their dietary restrictions!

Friday - Lunch run with Ro is planned, then weights and swim with Jennifer, aiming on another 500 meters, maybe more, we shall see how we feel.

What happened?  I ran to Ro's we walked the loop and I tacked on a mile and a half run back to campus.  Walking was in the cards more than running, although Ro walks at a pretty fast clip! 

I did my weight circuit, upping the weight and going to fail before 10 reps.  I did the base building to prevent injury.  I can up the weight a little bit more, I was able to up 5 lbs for each set.  I still need my cheat sheet of what comes next!  I like the security blanket of my little square of paper!  Swimming didn't happen.  I got all mixed up on time and thought I needed to be at dinner at 6.  I was there for 6, reservations were for 7.  A fun night out with some runner gal pals.  It is so interested how we are very similar and vastly different all at the same time.  I don't spend enough non running socializing time with these gals. 

A quad of very accomplished runner ladies!

Saturday - someone mentioned stadium stairs so that may be an option

What happened?

The weather looked to be nice (50 no/low wind) and I wanted to get in one more bike ride.  After spending a good hour cleaning my gunky chain.  Dave said I should be embarrassed how messy it was.  Once it was all cleaned and sounding good I took it out for a ride and got it all dirty again.  Well not as dirty as it was!

I rode with the intention to see some of my favorite roads and cow pastures, it was nice and relaxing.  After 20 miles I was ready to be done, not cold, a little hungry, a little chilled, and ready to go home, not even bothering to go up and down the street to get to a flat 22 miles!

Sunday - Pearl Harbors Master race, a 40 and over race starting at the VFW Hall.  I don't know much about the race or the course, however I like the idea of a Masters Race, plus I probably don't have anything else to do.

What happened?  I ran the race.  It was fun.  Recap in the link below.

Pearl Harbor Masters Race - Recap

After dinner a dog walk, probably won't be as exciting as the one last night. This is the post from my Walk For a Dog app (It gives the shelter you pick a donation)  link here.  Actually pretty cool.  I use it when I walk the dog, it doesn't track miles exactly (I use Map My Walk for that) close enough and I feel like I'm helping as well as getting one of the walking pups out for some exercise.  

"Beth wanted to go see some Christmas lights and she's been a little weepy lately I thought that may cheer her up. It did! I have no idea about Christmas lights but I sure am glad she didn't take Jax, they had a yard full of the blow up things and Jax probably wouldn't of slept for a week!! Then once we were going back into RI a bunch of cop cars were all with their lights on! One asked Beth if she saw people fighting. She said, no but a gang of guys were yelling and they went that way. Who knew cars could talk??? That was so cool!!! Talking cars. Pshew what a night, Gus"

Gus!  He is very intense, is there a word meaning more than intense?  That would be Gus.

Rain / no dog walk
Yoga and Spin

2.7 21.8



Beth, wondering if I'll she'll be able to get out on the road bike in December (oh first she needs to clean the chain)

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  1. That is quite a last name! Family history stuff like that is always so interesting to me. My great great grandfather wrote two books about his life growing up in Nebraska and then making his way west as a cowboy until he eventually married and settled in Montana My kids LOVE the stories and I do too really. We have been reading a story almost every night for the last year.