Sunday, December 20, 2015

Old Mountain Field 5K - Recap

First up in the 5th year of the 4th Season Trail races:  Old Mountain Field 5K, put on by Mike G and family!!

A little history, in 2011 this was my very first (real) trail race!  I was so nervous about running in the woods with people, and still very unsure of my abilities. I had run the trails of Bluff Point, and ran the 3.6 mile trail race there in 2010 and 2011, but those are kind of Playskool My First Trail sort of trails.

I have only missed one year, when I was training for the 50K, and was not going to get side tracked, plus it was uber snowy and I didn't need to risk injury on the trails (I did 10K of hill work on the icy roads instead - proof here! )

2011 (Dec)  33:54 (87 ft)
2012  (Dec) 34:29 (86 ft)
2014 (Jan) See above  (oh and that was 412 ft)
2014 (Dec) 33:19  (83 ft)
2015 (Dec) 37:18  (101 ft)

The course doesn't stay exactly the same year after year.  This year Mike mixed it up pretty well, on top of running it the opposite direction, he made it more technical and Mother Nature helped to make it nice and muddy and slippery. Someone said there was more elevation gain...  I checked my Strava, yep!  15ish feet is 15ish feet, especially with slippery leaves.  (People with different space watches had triple the elevation I did, huh)

Full results here.

My time is pitiful, as I told Jeff H, the worst I've ever run.  Mike G's comment of "Way to sprint to the finish there Beth." nearly caused me to cough up the remnants of lung I have left!!!

Bottom line:  It was fun!

The start flat grass, it is NECESSARY to get everyone all sorted out with where they belong.  I started towards the back and got passed.  I watched who passed, as I always do.  Who wouldn't I see again, who would I see, and how far into the single track would I see them.  Always a fun little game.

Mile 1:  quarterish mile on the grass, and then into the woods.  We sorted ourselves out and the pack that I entered the woods with I pretty much stayed in the woods together for the first mile, we passed and passed each other back, the majority of my passing happened when there was the ick factor over getting wet and muddy and the possibility of slipping.  I trust my shoes and my balance.  I fell once, on nice flat even ground, right into a puddle BOOM!  Sweet.

It was a nice run, quick climbs and descents, and then we got into the muddy slippery part.  I like the rocks over water parts,  Those are pretty fun in that slightly dangerous slippery rock fall into the water sort of way. I too my tumble in the flat during this mile.  Whoopsie.  There was a part that was two way, going out to a loop.  I hoped I would not see anyone coming the opposite way.  I didn't!  Yippieee!!  I don't know if anyone did but it would be tough passing each other.

Mile 2: finishing up the lollipop we split up pretty well, got back through the two way to be greeted by more quick climbs and descents.  Then on to some wooden bridges around the lake.  We shrank from about six to three. We three gals probably running in age order, older first, Rose B, I've chased her in other races.  I hope I am that spry in 20 years!!  The one behind us I didn't recognize.  But definitely an age group less than me (from the results 2 age groups below me).

Mile 3: off the bridges, nice and flat, a little rooty and then a surprise, another OPEN area.  The gal behind us took off and I didn't see the other gals I thought were close behind her.  Huh..  And then in to the woods again, some quick climbs and descents and then the feeling of running in tighter and tighter circles began!  The end would be soon or I will have tied myself in a knot, it could see people here and there and wasn't sure if they were ahead or behind or where was I and where was the end.

The end - I didn't know we didn't have a big long run on the grass, it was short. (I wasn't paying attention when Mike G was telling us about the course) I was ready to be done running, I had coughed up chunks of who knows what and kicked myself for no albuterol before the race and was kinda thirsty.  There was Mike G, I pointed, "That's it?"  He said "Yep" and wrote down my time and said "Way to sprint to the finish there Beth."  Yeah, that wasn't a sprint, well maybe for a turtle (the animal not the running club).

And it was over.

37:17 official time
9/13 in my age group
89/110 overall

Team competition:
Women:  WTAC  First.
Men:  WTAC second...  The competition has been heating up with the men.

I quick got my inhaler and changed into dry socks, shoes, and shirts, and documented I was actually on a trail:

Teeny cut and blood!
Some mud!

Beth enjoying a fun muddy race and the last for 2015.  Wow...


  1. Nice work, Beth. Sounds like an interesting course with lots of obstacles. By the way, I loved the Playskool comment - very funny!

    1. It was a fun course! If I can't (ok won't put in the work to) bring home the running trophies I can do my best to make people chuckle!

  2. You are braver than I am. Great job!