Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekly Recap 12/28 - 12/31 - Another year in the books

Monday -  Left the house with no particular place to go, no particular time goal, no particular anything except no long straights and right angles.  On top of having to get up and run and not lazy around for a bit and warm up the joints then run, the straight lines and 90 degree angles in my parents 'neighborhood' were really getting to me.  I enjoyed meandering here, there and wherever my whims took me.  Finished up with the Oak Street and Tower Street hills.  Kurt is a segment on Oak Street, did not know that.  PRd the Mechanic Street segment, which is part of a 5K course so huh...  Wondered if I should start paying attention to those things and decided against it.  Why suck the enjoyment out of something I enjoy?

Tuesday - Back to yoga!  Class was good, different instructor, quite enjoyable and I managed side planks without my wrists collapsing, so there's some progress. We were thoroughly dressed down by the bartender post yoga.  Guess he missed the three of us after a month?

Wednesday - Back to Spin. I meet up with Jennifer for the 5:15 class at the Arcadia Y.  The class has 16 bikes, so space is at a premium and there are many regulars.  I have my phone alarm set to call by 8 a.m. on Tuesday to reserve bikes for Wednesday.  This Y is half way between her work and my work, so it works.  Friday's she comes to Westerly for weights and the pool.  Why is any of this important?  I doubt it is, I'm in a rambly mood at the moment.

The Westerly Y is getting some high tech bikes, I forgot to ask if the Arcadia Y was upgrading or maybe getting Westerly's used bikes?

It was a good class, lots of climbing and a few sprints and jumps.  I still can't understand the instructor even with a microphone, at least she is talking and not yelling and eventually I figure it out.  I should add in a second class at some point.  There is so much I want to do and not a lot of free time to fit it all in.

Thursday - Took a run along the Mystic River, peppy pace for me of late.  Felt good to run into the wind and then back with the wind at my back and the sun on my face!  Nice last run of the year.  My last walk of the year was yesterday taking all three on different walks...

And here it is graphically.  I did manage to eek past last years total miles thanks to spin class and a couple extra dog walks!

Friday - Stairs and probably a run

Saturday - Can I sneak in a bike ride?  Which makes me wonder if I should sell the old bike or keep it and ride it in the winter...  hmmmm... We have 5 bikes in the dining room and two in the basement, 3 are mine...  or maybe I might need to get a mountain bike?

Sunday - Resolution 5K

Beth, probably should look to see how far off she is from her goals set 12 months ago!


  1. Goals, shmoals...see ya Sunday (unless you decide to show up at the Buttonwoods 5k tomorrow...)!

  2. Are you interested in running a race in which the first runner who chases a grizzly bear down and pulls it's ear wins 10,000,000? On beautiful Kodiak Island? Are you up for the challenge?