Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/14 - 12/20 (Final)

Another slow week, slowly recovering from the latest mookus.  Hopefully this doesn't mean I'll be sick off an on all winter.  Dunno... 

The doc put me on some corticosteroid last Thursday.  Odd dosing schedule for this even odder named drug.  It seemed to do the trick and allow me to swallow and eat!  Two very important things to me!  And some pseudoephedrine, I had to sign my life away to get 12 tablets and promise I wasn't going to go all Breaking Bad and make meth with them.  Like I'd even know how to make meth let alone follow a simple chemistry experiment.  I assured the pharmacist in training I passed freshman chemistry by the skin of my teeth,  in the days of cassette tapes and I barely remembered the formula for water or salt.  

Monday - Notified I won the lottery for entry into the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on April 3rd in DC.  This should be an absolutely beautiful race (course is primarily along the Potomac) and wonderful experience!  Typically a knitting day, I finished the sleeves on the sweater.  Now to sew on the buttons and weave in the ends and steam block it.

Tuesday - NYC for end of the year stuff, breakfast with the General Counsel where he called me Liz. I immediately corrected him, to the horror of the other people around the table.  Hey my name is Beth, not Liz.  Guess this is pay back for calling someone by the wrong name on Saturday.  At least I called Mary Kathy, does that make it better or not that I was so far out of the ball park?  This then launched into a discussion I would have TWICE on Tuesday about my name when someone called me Elizabeth when I was introduced as Beth.  The conversation was around my LEGAL name.  I said my legal name like all 5 of them or my legal first name?  This drew even more odd looks, is it wrong to ask clarifying questions before I launch into a litany of names and not answer the actual question?  Beth, I said, my legal name, the name on my birth certificate is Beth.  Even more quizzical looks.

Apparently this seemed quite odd to them, to up the lunacy ante I explained that my father wanted my name to spell something, why do I feel like I've told this story here before?  Anyhow, my initials are BELL, and then when I got married my initials became BELLS.  Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find someone I could tolerate enough to marry who could tolerate ME enough to marry with a last name starting with an S?

Needless to say to the lawyers I work with they could not wrap their brains around any of this and asked, well which ones are family names?  Huh?   

Wednesday - Run w/Ro at lunch.  Meetings truncated the run and ouch, that hurt my lungs.  We walked a bit and still managed a peppy pace.  I made spin bike reservations and felt obligated to go.  I went to the YMCA in Westerly instead of Arcadia.  Jennifer couldn't make spin and why drive so far when I didn't need to?  Interesting class, just two of us.  I should have tried out the upgraded spin bike.  The one that tracks actual mileage and RPM, fancy.  These will be installed in March.  Nifty!  Wonder what happens to the old ones?

Thursday - I couldn't get out before the rain, and had meetings for all but an hour so I went to the gym and did some TRX.  Felt that on Friday.   Girls dinner and present exchange.  Most of the scarves I knit over the year went to their forever homes!  Nice way to end the year with a nearly empty 'done' basket!  

Friday - Work lunch, lasted all afternoon, I did nothing but carry my gym bag around. Took Gus for a well deserved and long over due walk in the crisp night air.  Poor guy has gotten a raw deal when it comes to walks this week. 

Saturday - Old Mountain Field 5K  recap here..

Sunday - Smith family obligations.  Hopefully I can sneak out before departure time for a run.

I made it back in the nick of time for a 10 a.m. departure!!  5 miles, all albuteroled up and I wasn't breathing as heavy.  The wind was a bitey dry cold.  Winter is coming.  My new shirt was filled with snot by the time I got home.  It absorbed it well and didn't make my arms all soggy.  I may buy another one!







Beth, a slow week is good for health recovery?

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  1. Fun! Cherry Blossom and your initials spell BELLS!! How did I not know this. LOL