Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/21 - 12/27 (Final)

Wow, Yule, Christmas, Giz's birthday, Mom's birthday, and what else happens this week?  It is JAM PACKED with celebrating!!

Monday - A knitting day.  Wove in all the ends for the blue sweater.  Now I need to steam block the edging so it lays flat and put buttons on it.  It's on the list.  Last day of work for me for the year.  Went to the Y and lifted. I'll feel that on my long drive on Wednesday, no doubt.   Did some Christmas shopping, all done but a stop at the package store for local beers to bring home to my dad and brothers.  Consumables are the best gifts!  They don't collect dust, well unless it's pickled herring well not if you give it to my mother, she inhales that stuff.

Tuesday - First day to sleep in, and I did.  Got up slowly went on a run around town, saw Jeff V, and planned out my day.  I have a feeling I'm going to be rushing to get things done before bed tonight because I haven't motivated myself to work on the mental to do list.  It happens.

Wednesday - Drive to MI for three days of running right angles and seeing family.

Thursday - SW 15mph wind there was no getting away from!

Friday -  Christmas / Mom's 71st b-day / Gizzy's 15th b-day.   5 mile run around the block.

Saturday - Nephew time!  I could not face the same old boring route.

Sunday - Drive to RI and hoping nothing imploded.  If you happen to know where I live and run by, make sure the place is still there.

Beth, Happy Christmas!

Oh I can blog on the Kindle. Cool!!

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