Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/7 - 12/13 (final abridged)

I didn't save, I thought I did, I lost most of my work...

Abbreviated post...  drats...

Well this was going to be a tough week to motivate myself to run.  3 days in NYC with a big division meeting for the team to pull off on Wednesday (the CEO was participating, and new technology for remote sites - so no pressure, none at all).  Oh and I don't think I shook that bug from a couple weeks ago, so yeah me.

Monday - I allowed my self the 'late train' at 7:50, which got me into the city just before the final checklist meeting at 10 am (in prep for Wednesday)  to determine the final lose ends and rehearsal from 1 - 3 that afternoon would keep me fairy busy.

Fortunately I had the shared office to myself for the day and could talk myself off the ledge and work through the simple stuff.  My end of the year "to do list" seems to grows daily with "Failure on your plan does not constitute an emergency on my part." 

I usually don't run on Monday, so I forgave myself and figured I'd do some weight work at the hotel after work.  I took a walk down 5th Avenue instead.  I surprised myself by slowing my pace and staying on 5th Ave to peek at the windows in Sax, they were cool.  I made a note to come back tomorrow night and take it in.  I strolled around Sax wondering if anything would jump out at me that I really needed.  Nothing.  

Tuesday - The boss was in the office, nice to have some company.  I got to the dungeon for a 5K on the treadmill.  That thing sucks.  Fortunately when I got back to the office the office pot luck was in full swing and I had some yummy food followed by eating my weight in desserts.

Took a longer walk up 5th Ave to Tiffany's and back down to Rockefeller Center, admired the tree and the light display on Sax 5th Avenue.

Wednesday - Show time.  All went well.  Minimal last minute recoveries.  Back into New Haven in time for rush hour, I took a tour of the city instead of sitting on the Interstate, I'd rather be moving than sitting.

Thursday - Holiday 5K at work.  It was supposed to be Ro, Dar, and I running and walking, Dar is training for a 1/2 marathon in April.  Germaine joined us so it was speed walking.  Wow that hurts my shins.  After that ended I ran two miles to make it an 'even' 5.

Friday - Slug fest.  Opted for Friday afternoon nap and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday - Glass blowing class in the a.m. and a bike ride in the afternoon.  Both very fun!

Sunday - Newport Christmas 10K  write up to follow.   Besides running in 50 degree weather in December this ended nicely with the running club running me in.   Jeff lead the charge, Mikey told me to suck it up, and Crutch reminded them I get testy when I get pushed.  It was very fun and a great way to end the race for me.  I only coughed up one lung so I had one left.  









Beth where has the time gone?  And how in the hell did I manage to lose my post.  Argh..  guess it was kind of blathery, probably a good thing?

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  1. I hate it when I lose posts! The weather has overall been awesome hasn't it?! Glass blowing class sounds cool. I saw a demonstration in Italy and was so impressed with how they could do that.