Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pearl Harbor Masters - race recap

December 6th, Waterford CT VFW hall start, 5.2  mile course.  Advertised as both a 5K and a 5 Miler, HA!  Too funny!

I've never done a masters race, 40 and above!  It was really nice, no kids, lots of us fun old slow farts enjoying jibber jabbering and trotting along!  Of course there were the speedy old farts in the front, go for it, knock yourselves out!

Results here.

Today was a great day for a race, I over dressed, two long sleeves and a hat, whoops.  It was icy and cold earlier in the a.m. and I think my bike ride yesterday prompted me for an extra layer.  I probably could have gotten away with short sleeves...  feh, whatever.  50 degrees, low wind, and sunny, oh so nice and sunny.  What a blessing.

Faith said the first down hill would also be the last up hill to the finish.  I took note, sort of.  She also said this was one of her favorite courses and it rolled.  Oh goodie!  I was so anxious for a new course and to run, it had been since Friday, I was ready.

The crowd was jibber jabbering and the announcer was trying to get our attention and BOOM the starters pistol went off and we all marched along.

The first hill was nice and smooth and down,  At the bottom (1/2 mile in) I peeked at my watch 8:40 pace.  Um yeah, I may pay for that.  I really didn't have any goal other than a 10 pace, do not die, and enjoy the experience.

This race has three long stretches, which is nice, yet it did make the miles seem a bit longer.

Mile 1 (9:15) was a nice drop of 91 feet and I rolled in mile 1 at 9:15, too fast for a flat 5.2 miler, but I wasn't going to fast I was just going.  People were sorting themselves out on the down hill.  It would be interesting to see what happened when it got flat, would those I passed pass me, would I continue to pass what would happen?

Mile 2 (10:12) was nice and flat and got us off the main road and into some nice rolly sections in a residential area along the Niantic River. We got a bit more spaced out, I passed a few people who flew by me, the gang of old guys passed me but as they would peel off to go pee in the woods they would have to re-pass me!  That was funny.

Mile 3 (10:05) was along the water and rolly, net net flat.  We were all sorted out and I had a couple gals to chase, and I do well with that.

Mile 4 (10:17) I was gaining on one of the gals I chased, and I could hear someone gaining on me.  This would be interesting, it's kinda late in the race for that and it's kinda early, we still had over a mile to go.

I caught sight of the gal passing me.  April,  she took me at the bottom of a hill and I could see her struggling to get up the rise.  I yelled, "Run with your ass April!"  I saw her form change and she powered up the hill.  Took me a bit to catch her, she got a side stitch and wasn't having any of it.  I tried to get her to get back in the game.  Talking with her husband after the race he said she probably thought you mean to run with me!  Probably not, but it was funny.

Mile 5 (10:16) this was it, and the hill.  I passed another gal and then the hill, I went at the hill with a little trepidation, I found my hill running rhythm, tucked in, focused, engaged the core and counted backwards from 1,000.  This is what works for me, it gets me in a perfect 1 2 3 4 grove and I could push the 1/2 mile of 115 feet up to the finish and I did it and I passed someone, I felt like an ass.  I felt like an ass till the awards when she placed in her division.  I learned this is the fun of the masters race!  

Last 0.2 (7.23) I was flying, all that pent up climbing I guess!  

Official time 50:53 / 9:47 pace on a super fun rolly 5.2 mile course.  (I was 6th in my division 67 over all)

A lot of fun, beautiful course, fantastic company, excellent food.  Exactly what I needed today.

Beth, who really needed and is grateful for a fun run today!


  1. Super fun day, and a great race for us "old farts," which makes me wonder why there was no Gazelle sighting??? Great showing by the WTAC'ers, and awesome afterparty. Great job!

    1. So let me get this straight: When you think "old farts", I come to mind. Did I get that right?! I did run that once and it looks like I may have placed quite well with the youngsters away, but just have too many races lately. Already run 34 races this year so far with 2 more to go; maybe even more than you?

    2. Just so you know the eMail works - Be nice!!

  2. Great recap, super fun to read! I love the "run with your ass" I will have to remember that! I count sometimes when I am struggling up a hill too, but I haven't counted backwards from 1000! I will count every 4th foot strike until I hit 20, then I count every other foot strike until I hit 20, then every foot strike until 20. Then I might start over, or do the same again counting to 15, and then 10 and then 5 and then start over again if I need to. Great job with your race!

  3. Nice write-up, Beth. See you in Newport.