Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/6/2017 - 11/12/2017

Monday - Happy Monday I got to run again!  I ran 2 miles, I wanted to run more.  Ro reminded me to not overdo it.  2 was good, then we walked for a bit and ran another 1/2 mile.  I felt it in my quads on Tuesday morning!  I kinda missed that sore feeling from a good run.  Guess that was a good run?  I didn't want to walk any dogs and definitely didn't want to go twice, I took both of them.  The three of us were miserable.   Gus wants to walk, Jax wants to sniff, and I wanted to work on my to-do list (I never want to do that).

Thought this was really pretty.
Riverwood Preserve, Westerly, RI

Tuesday - Sore quads, were eased a bit in Addy's Circuit Class, or really "death spiral".  I can't even think up a good phrase.  Batan Death March comes to mind, but that may be a BIT over dramatic....  Then I went to Spin.  The second helping of torture was my call.  But I need to get back on that spin bike because the real bike is heading into the not so much season.  I was exhausted when I got home and it was raining and told Gus he needed a rest day.  He was not convinced.  He went to bed early and I am sure will have me up at 4 a.m. which he thinks is 5 a.m.  Maybe I'll walk him in the a.m. if I'm feeling up to it.  Bwahaaaaaaaa  I love to laze around in bed in the morning even if it is from 5 - 6 a.m.  it stills feels decadent. 

The Art Project - paw prints.  I have to get more clay and try over.
The treacherous trios look much better.

Wednesday - Awesome opportunity to tour the Dana Farber Cancer Insitute (DCFI) Lung Cancer research center.  This is where the money I raise (from a lot of you, thank you!) goes for research in detecting and treating lung cancer.

It was great to catch up with Diane and Kim and meet Lily, and David Sach's widow, Julie (it was their wedding anniversary) and Adam Klein (Survivor Fiji winner) his mother passed away from lung cancer two days after taping ended, she was diagnosed while he was on the show.

Diane looks great!  I was relieved, but I also know that anything to do with Lung Cancer advocacy energizes her and she gets such a lift from these events, it is good for her overall health.  Her cancer has made a reoccurrence and she is undergoing experimental treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Kim's mother (7 years post diagnosis) had some reoccurring metastasis in the brain and had brain surgery earlier in the month, she is busy picking apart what information her parents share and trying to put together a story.  I am lucky, my parents tell me what they know, not what they think I should know.

Lily's father is newly diagnosed, March of 2016, and he rode his first Pan-Mass Challenge this year, and Lily will be riding next year.  Lily is young, just out of college, too young to be dealing with a father having Stage IV lung cancer.  Her father is involved with a clinical trial out of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas TX, he and Lily's mom fly down as necessary for treatment and examinations.

Bottom line: THIS is what the donations to LUNGStrong (or Stand UP 2 Cancer) provide, research and hope to a cure, and if not a cure, a way to control the progress of lung cancer.

It was emotional and draining.  I was glad to meet Julie, she wasn't so much into meeting new people, David passed away in August, it is very soon for her.  She did mention that they met while running a marathon, that is a cool story! I remember him from my year 2 and 3 PMC rides.  Such energy and passion.  Encouraging me to latch on to a pace line and zip along!  Not much older than I, 55, with kids in high school.  Far far far too young to die from Lung Cancer, his was due to a genetic mutation.

I can't see you.
You can't see me.
Thursday - my real activity was walking a very energetic Gus on the long route.  He was happy to get out, I worry about him, possibly too much, but I don't want him to have a heart attack while we are out, but then again, he'd die during something he loved.  It is a tough call.  I think I'll take him on the ledge in Riverwood, he loves that.  If it's the last hike, I'll know he was happy scrambling up the ledge.  Being a dog guardian isn't exactly easy, as a few of you know.   Bottom line, them being happy and fulfilled is of the utmost importance.

Dave did remind me that we let Diesel do as he pleased when he was going through chemo and on on the Sotolo.  He got to be almost as crazy boxer boy as he wanted to be until he couldn't anymore.

The trauma of a 10-year-old having to color inside the lines per her aunt and grandfather.
Friday - My second run post shot series.  It took a little shove by a co-worker to get me out there.  I was having a major confidence crisis.  She assured me we ALL feel like that and it passes.  She was right.  It was a good run and it felt good.  It was chilly with some wicked heavy gusts of wind.  So bad I couldn't face the Eastern Point Beach loop, I turned into the wind and was at a standstill.  That swiped about 1/4 mile from my run. I really wasn't in the mood for wind and sea spray, not yet.

I found these sheer curtains, they have really impressed me SmartSheer keeps out the cold in the winter and the heat/UV in the summer.  I was skeptical, a sheer curtain.  Well, it does work there is a marked difference of the temperature on the other side of them!  We have old windows, as old as the house. This should help a little with the drafts.  We both figure the drafts keep the air fresh.

Treat time!

Saturday - One of those bitter cold I don't want to move days. Assembled the baby sweaters I have been knitting through the summer and washed them and found most of them homes!

Gus and I got out in the afternoon for an in town walk.  In the park, he skedaddled when a little two-legged creature came running towards 'pretty puppy'.  Gus was all 'let's get the hell outta here'.  The mother had to chase the kid, even Gus, when smelling something very interesting has better recall than that toddler focused on 'pretty puppy'.  Sorry to the parents out there, but you have to ASK if a dog wants to be petted by a child, I have no remorse for making that mother run across the park after her kid.  I'd put a yellow ribbon on his leash, however who of you knows what that means? 

Baby sweaters summer 2017

Sunday - Setting the Pace for Conservation 5K at Avondale Preserve - Rachel said she might go, I never followed up to see if she'd be there or not. I brought her beer, and a singlet just in case she was there.  Nope.  Nice catching up with folks in person versus online (FB, Strava, Instagram, eMail).  The race is super flat, so even crossing the road, you know that less than wee tiny hump in the middle, felt like a hill!  HA!  I started out in the back and actually had to reposition myself to move towards the back of the middle.  Interesting.  I had no idea how this was going to go and only had the goal of not falling at the start.  I managed that, so the rest of the race was a gimme, right?  It was interesting to see how much I slowed down around corners, wonder if that took some of the wind out of my sails or I was plain tired because I haven't been running!  I had perfectly executed positive splits for the 3 miles of the race and was passed in the last 1/10th of a mile, and couldn't even work harder, clearly, I 'left it all out on the course'.  YES even someone who runs a 31:29 5K can say that!  I have no idea what my official time or place are, frankly, I finished, but if you are curious the results are here.  Some great showing by the WTAC crew, for sure! 

I was surprised I found this!
My parents' Conservation efforts recognized by their alma mater Bradley University

Gus and I had a nice hike.  He scared up a flock of turkeys and I can't tell you who was more rattled the turkeys or Gus!  We also saw and talked to a mountain biker.  Hmm... I really need to get back on Barney.

We are bored.
Do something for us.


Feet: 23.5
Saddle:  15


Finished "The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett" by ...   cute book about teen angst and finally realizing how you are perceived by other people doesn't really matter as long as you are true to yourself.

Started "A Man Called Ove" by ...  OMG, he is a cranky old bastard, very set in his ways, and a few chapters in I can understand why. 


Sewed up the collection of baby sweaters, put buttons on them, threw them in the washer and the dryer and found homes for most of them!  One did have a small tragedy and has a hole in the back.  I don't remember having to change yarn or weaving anything in, I'm not sure what happened there.  I'll hold that one for a bit and wash it again and see if my repair is OK.  I couldn't tell you how many of these I have made, I enjoy it and it keeps my hands busy and I can pay attention to conversations or books or television or movies, plus it slows down the amount of beer I can consume.  All good things.  Oh yeah and the maintaining what little sanity I do have to a fairly constant level.

All in all a pretty good week.  I pushed it a bit with Monday's run, I kinda knew I was going to do that and I also knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to run again until Friday, it all worked out.


  1. What is the dog eating, while the lion growls at the horse with antlers? A fox? A very large rat? Bizarre.
    So both your father and imaginary husband are named Dave? SIXTY THOUSAND trees? That is amazing.
    Glad there was a good club showing at Avondale. Next year.

    1. IRK? It was the Middle Ages coloring book (pub in 1971), I never even looked at the picture, I only focused on the trauma of having to make precise strokes with the pencil. That picture is gruesome!!
      It is a pretty amazing project my parents undertook. I love walking back there when I go back and visit, thinking about the farm to forest transition, and then imagining the people who cleared those 80 acres freaking out in their graves watching trees grow where they once cleared... the cycle of life.