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Weeks 9 & 10: 2/26/2018 - 3/11/2018

Monday (3.1)  I struggled on this run, just not feeling very strong.  Getting passed a few times by the fast gang doing speed work and their friendly waves and shouts made it so much better!!  It is really awesome to see Sarah nailing her workouts and the boys working to catch her, she is on fire! 

Interesting appointment with my Rheumatologist, after I explained my latest crisis (feeling like death after a bike ride on Saturday) he exclaimed: “Who goes for a bike ride in February?”  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  After he came back with the latest laundry list of tests he did say that I will need to re-learn what my body can and can’t do, rest and hydration are important; he does have a patient who is an ultrarunner and she has to stay really in tune with her body versus her goals versus her Lupus.  I left feeling defeated and processing the realization what I once knew about myself to be true no longer applies, all the rules have changed.

Tuesday (0)  Between meetings and the general desire to not feel like shit versus get some exercise I didn’t do anything but walk around campus to get some movement.   Contemplated walking Jax, he settled for a back scratch and curled up with me for a few minutes before going to his spot on the couch with Dave.

Wednesday (5.7) Hills with Ro, we were back to our usual pace and level of jibber jabber.  My eyes did no Matrix Jumps (you know where Neo sees the cat twice because of the glitch in the Matrix) and I brought half a bottle of water with, just in case.  That may have helped, or offered some security, who knows.    She flies back to Colorado on Saturday, I’ll miss her.

Number One Smart Guy's retirement dinner.  Damn I am going to miss him.  It was a great time and lots of stories starting with him telling about the physical on his first day, and everyone else pitching in how they met him.  Good times!  His son even flew in from Indiana!  

Thursday (0) It is an off week at the gym, no spin class, not really recalling what happened.

Friday (0) Rain rain go away... this is depressing

Saturday (3.2)  Dave and Jax took me on a hike in the woods, that was lovely for the only non-raining day of the week. 

Have long stick will try and fit through narrow places!

Sunday (0) Again, not really recalling what happened.

Monday (0) Beautiful weather, too many meetings

Tuesday (15 on the bike)  Nice to get back to Spinning.

Wednesday (0) Sad day 

Millie rescued Gus from his situation (which means the family was going to put him down)
she brought him to her home when she could to give him a break from puppy prison and to play with her Durango and Leilah.
Thursday (3.1) Took myself on my weekly run, sad that I'm logging weekly runs.  However not stressing out my body is super important.  Eventually, I will get balance.

Friday (1.3) Decided to take Jax on a hike in Champlin, someplace I know well and Gus and I loved, probably a mistake.  This was compounded by a couple with an off-leash German Shephard.  The German Shephard was wearing one of those choking collars with spikes and not on a leash and clearly after he charged up the hill towards us not on any sort of recall collar or auditory recall. I had Jax on the leash with his recall collar.  After I explained calmly this couple needed to get their dog under control and away from me and my dog as this was our first outing (ok an outright lie, but seriously I'm really fragile right now) together.  They called the dog from the trail below the trail I was on as the dog ignored them.  I shouted my request a little louder.  The woman shouted at me to keep my voice down, I was creating the problem me?  really?  I'm not the one with an out of control 110 lb dog.

I resorted to screaming and crying hysterically.  The woman resorted to yelling and swearing and still not getting her dog who was now barking very nasty at Jax who I was completely covering to protect him.  

She eventually got her dog, didn't even have a leash!  Are you fucking kidding me??

I walked Jax back out of the preserve screaming (shrieking actually) and yelling about how horrible they are and how these are the people that ruin nice things and throwing sticks.  It was kind of cleansing and cathartic.  Guess this is the anger part of grieving?  Jax probably thought I was losing my bloody mind.

Ok, maybe I overreacted?  Or maybe not because I didn't key their car or ram into it on my way out of the parking area.   Naw, I didn't for the other horror stories I've heard people have had with unleased unmanageable dogs in that preserve, they ruined it for me, for sure.

So we went somewhere I've biked and run past many many times and never investigated.  It wasn't much of anything, two flat trails down either side of a canal to the Pawcatuck River.  Then we took a drive around.  Jax LOVES to take a ride in the car, that was the last thing Gus wanted to do, well get his nails trimmed may have been the actual last thing.  It has been a while since I've had a dog in the car that wanted to be in the car.  Giz loved going for rides too, BUT he had to sit in the front seat, after all, he was The G.

Saturday (3.3)  Took Jax on his loop in Burlingame.  This went very well, it was somewhere he was familiar with as was I.  It isn't like we've never hiked together, I'm clearly working through my grief and feeling very insecure.  Jax kept nice and close for the first two miles and then by mile 3 he was ready to be done and kicked up his speed.  I may try and run parts of the loop with him, he may like that.  I just have to keep an eye out to make sure his leg injuries don't bother him (the metal plates from where the family who gave him up ran him over with their vehicle).  

It was just Jax and me for most of the day, the Imaginary Husband was at a going away get together for an Imaginary Friend (ha).  I packed up Gus' crate and the bedding and beds in there.  Wow, we have  8 dog beds and one dog.  Three of them were specific for Gus' orthopedic needs.  I have to get the really nice cuddler cleaned and Jax can use that in front of the fire.  

Sunday (10 Saddle / 3.3 Feet) Kind of a slow start to a sunny morning.  Jax and I hung out on the couch, he really isn't a cuddler or a snuggler, which sucks. It is how he is.  He tolerated me sitting with him, he's ok if he decides he wants to sit on me...  Dave went out for a ride and I finally got my crap together to get out on Barney just as Dave was getting home.  I had nearly 10 miles of mud in Bluff Point, it was packed with people, kind of expected after months of dreariness to finally have a nice day.  I enjoyed myself and got mud everywhere, which is a good thing.  When I got home Dave had the hose turned on so I could spray down Barney before I brought him in the house.  He's all bright shiny purple again.

We took Jax on his loop.  Poor guy was tired... But he managed to suck it up and entertain us and make sure I went on the right path, there are a couple places where it appears to be OK to walk only one path, Jax made sure I followed the rules. 


House of Morgan
By Ron Chernow

This is a long one 34 hours so I'll be at it a while.  J.P. Morgan bailed out the country after the 1907 crash, leading to the creation of the National Monetary Commission Aldrich-Vreeland Act 1907, establishing federal reserve banks to supervise banks (no one person/bank should be able to bail out an entire country). Then they were key in the Glass-Steagall Act (1933) separating commercial and personal banking.  It is all very fascinating how each financial crisis either created or corrected by private banking resulted in new legislation.


Socks started 2 and finished 1.

Brighter pink than I expected, but I like the random colorway

They are as warm and cozy as they look!


I'm not even sure I'm going to include these totals, I stopped measuring against my goal as that was stressing me out.  

Beth, finally not coughing, so there is a bright spot!

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