Wednesday, April 3, 2019

One foot in front of the other

March 25, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Monday (5) - Well that was an ugly run.  I ran some walked some and that was that.  Jax and I had a nice hike in Woody Hill when I got home.  He was totally not into a hike, I think he wanted me to ask him if he was hungry not if he wanted to go for a ride.  Sorry bud.

The strangest things freak him out.
Today it was this big boulder with the pile of rocks on it.
Took a few tries but we got around it.
Musta been throwing off bad ju ju

Tuesday (0) - Just a chaotic day with a doctors appointment early where I sat in the exam room for 30 minutes.  I'm not exaggerating.  I was ready to get up and leave.  Strolling into work at 10 a.m. elicited some comments.  Har har har...  I didn't get to the gym.  Imagine, strolling in late then going to the gym?  

Jax decided he needed to play tug o'war so we did that.  Jax shoving one of his tug o'war toys in my lap was really unexpected.  I guess he needed to shake the crap out of my arm?  He was at this a good 20 minutes.  I think he misses having a dog friend to wrestle with.

The beast inside decided I needed to be freezing cold.  I'm beginning to think the change of the seasons is bringing out this latest flare.  After piling on a second comforter I was still shivering but eventually warmed up. 

Electric Pressure Cookers (aka Insta Pot) are pretty cool

Wednesday (3) -  A lunch meeting, so I ate, and then thought running might be a bad idea between the eating and the beast.  I walked a mile then started to run and my right knee buckled, well for fucks sake.  At least I caught it in time and wasn't run over by the bus.   I ran about a mile of the three and am fine with that.  But my hip feels fine - so I'll call it a win!

True story

Thursday (4 + 2) -  I could lament the shit sandwiches this week is serving me, I won't, someone has it worse, and despite it all I still manage to be a glimmer of hope for people.  For fuck sake now I'm gonna cry.

I got home to take Jax for a hike and found him sitting in my chair.  I slipped on his orange vest and whispered "Wanna go for a ride?" in his ear and he sprang out of the chair nearly chipping my tooth!  Well ok then!  Far better than Monday's ho-hum reaction.

Leaf flying in the drool!

We went to a new trail, thanks Crutch!  When we pulled up to the trailhead Jax knew it was someplace he had not been before and was all excited to get out of the car and scramble up the first hill.  OMG somehow I think we've finally crossed into being buddies territory.  The first hill was a bit of a doozy, not so fun to start out cold.  But I managed and Jax was having a blast scrambling up and down and sliding on the leaves.  He continued his frivolous gaiety through the rest of the hike. We went out a mile and back the same way.  He really wanted to play so we played stick and then he'd sprint ahead so I thought what the hell and sprinted after him, he thought this was great fun!  I did to!

Thing is with a steep uphill to start that is what you have to look forward to at the end.  The leaves on the ledge were a little slippery and even the little daredevil got a bit spooked sliding, but he recovered.  I was a bit more cautious going down, someone has to drive us home!

He likes to get right up to the edge.

Friday (4 + 2) - Gak, Dr. Done and the Wee Brit's last day.  How did this happen!  I wasn't sure if they'd stay the whole day but it seemed like it so I got out for a run, and then tortured Mikey with conversation after.  He may talk to me again, hopefully.  In my defense, I'll talk about anything.  Wait, is that a defense?  Anyhoodles.

I got back in time to discover Dr. Done gifted me his HUGE cool curved monitor!  We set that up and then called over the techie guys, who ran drivers, and fixes, and changed the box and finally my laptop and whatever that box thingy is called talked to the monitor.  I can have 10,000 things open all at the same time, I won't be able to see them, realistically 6 things, I can see 6 things.

Saturday (3) - We got Jax out for a short hike in Arcadia.  He was happy to have both his peeps and was busy finding sticks to play stick with.  For him, this is us holding the stick while he snaps it.  The better the snap the happier the Jax.   Not many good snappy sticks, plus it was 60F so he was a little overheated.  Time to start remembering to bring water!

Trail cuteness in Burlingame

Sunday (8) - The weather predicted was rain in the afternoon and sun in the morning.  Going to sleep on Saturday night, my plan was to ride in the morning.  I also knew the beast would have the final say.  I woke up feeling normal, the first time in three weeks.  Sweet!!  I was up and at 'em breakfasted, organized my chores for the afternoon of rain and got my bike loaded in the car and off to Woody Hill to ride.  I rode for 8 miles and am figuring out how things connect together.  Passed a group of three runners on the cross country trails, I hesitated to pass because they may have to pass me later on.  They did not, I never saw them again.  Met up with a person to chat with for a bit, that is always fun.  Quick as a bunny the weather started to change, the sun went away the skies darkened the wind whipped up and I seamlessly found the path over the dam and back to my car just as the rain started!  Whoo hoo!

I think it's the other half of the glove someone left at Bradford Preserve parking lot.
If I wasn't so lazy I would have gone there after my ride to see if they matched!
Seems more like a runners glove than a bikers glove?  

The last few weeks have been so sour, to have them end feeling like my self and such a great bike ride was so wonderful.    I know there will be another flare, it is inevitable, I'm concerned the current medication protocol isn't working.  And then I wake up and the constant dull headache is gone and my energy and endurance are far better than they have been.  Yes, yes, yes, one data point a trend does not make and the beast hasn't been slain.  I had an excellent outing and that is some of the best medicine right there!


"The Hired Girl"
by Laura Amy Schlitz

Such a cute coming of age story of a hardworking girl stumbling and bumbling her way through a year in her life.   I didn't realize I read this a year ago, I believe I enjoyed it more this time!

by Emily Ruskovich

A man and his family are torn apart by dementia.


I washed and blocked the Dar Sweater after finally kitchener stitching the arm pits.

They don't look too bad.

I still haven't decided on my next project so I've been making cloche hats.

Not a great week for feeling good, however I was productive and pushed through and made the best of it.  As my mother reminded me "One foot in front of the other" 

Beth perhaps finally coming to terms with reality, perhaps not. 


  1. Incredible Hats There My Dear - Well Done - Thanx For All The Jax Photos - Classic Little Story About You Whispering Into His Ear - Dogs, Nothing Like Excitement - Crazy Moment In Time, A Gal At The Gym Asked Me If I Had Ever Read Idaho?? Looks Like A Trip Over To The Library Is In My Future

    P.S. Please Hide A Treat For Jax Before You Leave For Work & Hello Mr Dave

    1. Thanks! I'm still not sure on Idaho and I'm 1/2 way through it, I have to know how it ends and how all these people are connected. Jax and treats, that would be fun, he'd find it before I left the room!