Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring has sprung!

March 18th - March 23rd

Monday (3 + 2) - Hip/Hamstring was really cranky, no point in making it more angry by running.  It seemed to loosen up a bit walking.    We took Jax to Burlingame for a quick hike.   We were out before sunset, trying to change our trouble making ways.  HA HA


Tuesday (3 + 1) - Elliptical and Booty Core #19. Still feeling off and the elliptical makes me dizzy, that didn't really help.  It was nice to catch up with Mikey, Erik, and Sarah.  Jax protected me while I walked to the library to return a book.  It shouldn't take an hour to walk a mile, but he has to smell everything and protest how much he hates in-town walks.  We found $5, maybe there won't be any dogs at Grey Sail and I can have a pint and he can have a couple cookies.  We can break the walk in the mile to the brewery and a mile home from the brewery.  

I can't tell if he is comfortable or not.
He always seems to be wistfully looking out the window.

Wednesday (5 ) - Hip felt fine when I woke up and as the morning progressed, so I ran.  It was beautiful outside, sunny, 40F with a breeze from the South.  I did the work loop clock-stupid so I fought the wind from the start, but it was at my back for the part I don't like.  

Pretty Mushroom

Thursday (2) - Elliptical and Booty Core #20.   Dr. Done and Wee Brit had a joint retirement party; I will miss them.  I was quite surprised when Wee Brit said he was sorry for the 'rough years'.  Frankly, I am glad he took me under his wing more than a dozen years ago.  I could have done without Hipster Douffus but that's only a conversation with Jackass.  Glad he's not retiring, I have at least 4 more years with Jackass (Kid #4 starts college next year), it is going to be super quiet around here starting in April.  

This is is "Scratch my back" pose

Friday (3) -  The cold rain was not very motivating, I couldn't inspire myself to run.  Jax and I went to TriTown Forest for a hike.  We went off the marked trails, that was fun.  There are lots of old farm roads in that property.  

King of the Ledge

Saturday (3) - Jax got both his Peeps out for a hike in Burlingame north and was happy about that.   The peepers are out, except they sound weird.  Anyone else notice this?  More throaty or bassy something like that.   I slept most of the day, of course it is finally nice out and the beast decides to rear it's ugly head.  Goddamnit.  I did get some knitting done.

Just a few flakes

Sunday (2) -  More sleeping interspersed with some laundry and knitting.  Took Jax to Bradford Preserve to hike those super easy trails.  He was thrilled to have the big field to run around in and did his best to entertain us.  I guess it has been a while since he's just been able to run in circles, in a big open space.  We both for get about that going from the car to the trail head and then back to the car, sometimes a dog just needs an open space to run around in circles.

Dave the "Super Stud" Texting his friend he got the waitresses phone number.
He took a picture of her with our beers to send to a friend.

While my hip was a bastard on Monday, it ended the week being fine, hopefully I'm not jinxing myself acknowledging the lack of pain after so many months of pain to a dull ache...  

Not sure what is going on with the beast inside me, but by the time Monday night rolled around I felt more normal.  But then again I'm not sure what normal is... I'm probably overthinking everything.

Beth, one day at a time.

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  1. Oh, Jax Is Comfortable Alright. As Long As He Get To Go For A Car Ride, He Finds Comfort. Love That One Finger Texting Dave, Well Done Brother. Fantastic Photos All Around And Enjoy The Rest Of The Week.

    P.S. Stretch Those Gluteal Muscles