Monday, March 18, 2019

Reality bites

3/11/2019 - 3/17/2019

Monday (5) - Ugh that was a tough run, I'm happy I continued to slog through it and not give up.

Tuesday (3) - Walk outside at lunch and Booty Core #18.  Felt good to have some sun, the wind was stronger than Monday, but so was the sun.

Frisco Pier, Hatteras, November 2011
Wednesday (5) - I felt off all morning, the run helped.  Low wind, nice sun. 32 nip bottles.  I needed a distraction to keep me running I had to find the next bottle.

Marriage explained.

Thursday (2 + 2) - Elliptical with Mikey and the crew and Booty Core #18 and then Amy.  Dave went for a ride so I got to take Jax out for his hike!  Yeah!  Some time in the woods with the weirdest dog in the world is a good antidote. Someone was parked at the start of the Giz Loop (my name for it because that is where I used to take Gizzy) so we went to the North side of Burlingame.  Figured we could walk the road, then I thought oh, wonder if I can find the connector trail to Jonny's. I was a little early on my turn and found the connector trail back to Buckeye Brook.  I also found the start of  Sammy C as well as the Pound at the beginning of Lenny Lane.  Jax enjoyed the mix of trail and hard top.  We ran across Dave in our travels, Jax was so sad when he biked off.  He wanted us all to be together.  While the hike was shorter than I planned it was an adventure and it was nice to be outside in only a wool sweater, no coat, hats, or gloves!  (yes I had on pants and shoes, ha ha ha)

A cute mountain biker left me a branch!

Friday (3 + 3) - 5k run at lunch, zombie run really.  I was completely on autopilot and did a 0:30 walk 6:00 run because running 1/2 mile at a time seemed easier than running the full 5K.  It worked, I got through it and thought maybe when I got to Eastern Point I'd feel like going to Avery Point.  Nope.  Instead, I was overcome with emotion with people welcoming home U.S.S. Providence (SSN-719).  There are days I hate estrogen, and today was one of them. Bloody hell...  ha ha ha...

Woo Hoo
He ran up and down that ramp on Secret Trail (or was it Sammy C's) a few times.

We took Jax out for a hike that was almost thwarted by a microburst, but the rain subsided as quickly as it arrived and we continued on.  It was 50F, we were all a little warm, Jax was no exception, he doesn't like it much above 50.  Fortunately, the streams and creeks are flowing so he could cool his paws, and have a drink.

Saturday (3) - Early morning for Dave so it was an early morning for all of us.  I thought maybe I'd go for a bike ride but that never happened.  I took Jax on a hike to Hoffman Evergreen Preserve.  As we were entering a family with a dog was leaving and there was only one entry point so we had the place to our selves at least for the time being and our walk into the preserve.   Then I noticed there were lots of blue blazes on the blue blazed trail and they weren't in any sort of order.  Oh, must be this is what the sign about the tree cutting is about.  Ok....  well, it was a sea of blue blazes with medium worn in trail.  Fortunately, Jax doesn't need blazes, he needs a smell to follow and had one.  Mostly this was ok, there was one point where what may have been a trail was waterlogged and blue blazed hither and yon, I threw up my arms and he threw up his paws and we two and four paw drove it till we found what looked like an actual trail.  We probably won't go back, it wasn't all that great, I am curious to see it after they clear the marked for cutting trees.

Yes, I know they are marked for removal (the ones for removal also have blue at the bottom). 
The look on Jax's face was WTF.

Sunday (2) - I got up, struggled and staggered around for a while and ended up back on the couch for I think it was a 3-hour nap.  One of those where you feel like you are paralyzed.  OMG, my body was desperately in need of sleep and recovery, and I was clearly ignoring it.  It won.

How he rides in the back seat of Dave's truck. 
So very serious.

Dave got back from his ride and we took Jax to Riverwood and wandered and goofed around.  Jax enjoys having both his peeps together and was really entertaining!


Finished the Rusty Nail sweater, I have yet to seal up the armpits, but it's done and it is beautiful and I am very pleased.  Now to stitch the pits and wash it and hope I'm still thrilled with my abilities.

Now I'm into choches, the first is very cute, and started a second when I realized I didn't read the pattern correctly!  Hats are fun and quick and my hands do not like being idle.  I'll find a model for the Cloche... oh wait I should do a selfie, I still actually exist despite the constant Jax pictures, he looks good, I don't feel like I do, so why scare everyone?


"Coal:  A Human History"
by: Barbara Freese

Status:  Finished

Without coal where would we be? With coal where are we? Tough topic tackled by an Environmental Attorney. It is hard to hate and loathe something that has brought us so far into civilization, yet, a vast majority of us do and continue to as we read by our electric lamps and drive our electric cars fueled by coal. Quite the conundrum.

A week where I needed to listen to my body screaming at me to take a break and I ignored it.  I can't do 1/2 of what I used to be able to do and that is so fucking frustrating.

Beth, hating the reality of her health.


  1. At least you are aware of your body and what it is telling you! Rest and recuperate. I feel like you and I are bad at listening though. We go ahead and do whatever we want despite knowing, in reality, it is probably not in our best interest. Some day I'll learn...maybe.

  2. Yo Jax, Your Humans Rock!! You Hit The Jackpot Buddy. OxoxoxO

    P.S. While You Rest On Your Dog Bed, Beg For An Extra Treat From Uncle T