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Wrestling with Pigs

3/4/2019 - 3/10/2019

Monday (3 + 2) - 20 steps into my run and I said fuck it.  I wasn't in the mood.  About 3/4 of a mile in I spy Pammy and ask if we could walk together, her usual walking buddy wasn't with her.  She said, "I'm walking, NOT running."  I said, "Yep, I threw in the towel before I even got 1/4 a mile from the gate."   We enjoyed crabbing about this and that and getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Sunset on East Beach in Charlestown, RI

I got a cyst drained from my eyelid and was home a little early from work.  (happy to have that thing gone, it was annoying, now I can post more selfies, not) The snow is mashed potato consistency so a hike wouldn't have been all that great.  We took Jax to East Beach, no snow between the water and the high tide mark.  I was stunned at how horrible the wooded area between the pond and the ocean looked.  Hurricane Irene (2011) and Super Storm Sandy (2012) are the likely culprits.  The trees used to block the wind, now you can see the pond.  Crazy.   Jax was a good dog, again, amazing.  Even with the temptation of a Jeep to chase on the beach.  We could see the gears spinning in his head, do I risk it to have some fun or not.

Tuesday (2) - Quick on the elliptical and most of BC#20 (Bridge, clamshell, back kicks - all with the band) and 15 minutes with Amy breaking apart scar tissue on the right hip.  Funny, that was the one I injured a few years ago, and it is doing well.  Probably all the focus on that on the left got left behind (ha ha) and now I'm paying for that.

Once upon a time, there were lots of trees back there.  Now you can see Ninigret Pond
East Beach, Charlestown, RI

I didn't get home till after 7, Jax was going bananas.  One day dude, one day, you can't take a break?  No.  The face he gave me was clear, No. Navigating the patchwork of un-shoveled sidewalks seemed like a dangerous option.  Clearly sneaking into the woods less than a week after getting busted was probably a bad idea.  Jax, being the problem solver he is, brought over a tug o'war toy and shoved it at me.  Ok, sure.  We did that for a solid 20 minutes.  I was amazed, usually, that game lasts for 5 minutes.  Boxers have pretty strong jaws and some serious strength shaking their head.  He definitely can pull me around if he wanted to.  Mostly he wanted to shake the crap out of my arms at the other end of the toy.  Knock yourself out there, rockstar.

Wednesday (5) - Hill day with Ro, but Ro is in Colorado... the wind is icy cold from the NW, 9 mph steady state.  The Hill Loop would be the appropriate direction, it starts out going North, I went out that way, and again, un-shoveled sidewalks forced me into traffic. I thought I could run down to the park and then back along the river.  I wound my way on to a side street and to the Hill Loop and did most of it, and cut through the middle, to get out of the wind.  Even with it at my back coming off the river, it was going to be too icy.  South down the middle on Monument was perfect, the houses blocked the West wind and the sun was shining so strong it was almost like a nice fall run.  The cold and the wind are exhausting to run in, for sure.  It was nice to get some Vitamin D!

As I was running down Monument I thought, about a friend working on running all the streets where he lives.  Much like what Muddy did a few years ago. Seems like that might be a fun goal for my meandering runs, I run 1) because I can 2) so I don't end up in HR 3) beer.  I'm lacking in meaningless metrics this year.

Then I remembered someone posted something about City Strides keeping track of where you ran.  So I dredged up this:

Good grief in the however long I've been keeping track of this crap on Strava, I have managed some variety.  I have a few streets left to set foot on.  I couldn't figure out how to just see a certain time period, like where I've run in 2019 or 2018.

Then I scanned over and found my "favorite" run, the one where I missed a turn on the Nooseneck 18K course, got really lost and disorientated the first day of fishing season and a DEM officer drove me back to my car.

See where the purple line ends up at the top?  That's where I flagged down the DEM officer and they drove me the few miles back to my car on that same road.
It was maybe 3 miles I was done done done with that run and so happy to not have to get back to my car under my own power.
Big River is the squiggly mess on the right.
Thursday (3) - Have to say I was cold for a long time after yesterdays run.  Today was colder and I was happy it was an inside day.    The elliptical has programs you can do for different courses or workouts.  That helps keep some variety.  Crimetown is on the Coleman Young days in Detroit and the after-hours bars.  Interesting enough to keep my mind occupied to not notice 30 minutes on a machine.

Showing off his surgery scars.  Right leg (reassembled after he was run over) & Belly (righting a flipped stomach) & Left leg some odd growth.
He was enjoying himself rolling around and being goofy.

We ended up with him as an owner surrender (their option to running over him as an 8-month-old puppy was to put him down)
Booty Core day #20, it is a good one.  I am certain this is helping with my stability and strength in my hips.  That and Amy going after the bound up scar tissue with her pointy elbows.  Sometimes I feel like I owe her dinner after she finishes.  ha ha ha

Friday (5 + 2) - Nice sunny run.  I ran 4.5 miles before I took a break.  Maybe I can manage to finish Dirty Girl in May?  My confidence is shot.

Part of my job requires me to take shit from the general public.  Well not really but that is what it amounts to.  Today was particularly a tough day in that regard.  It is hard to not react, viscerally lash out.  How a person treats someone they don't know really shows a lot about their character or their level of maturity?  I'm not really sure, maybe a bit of both?  Yes, you can be mad at a situation, but is it really that person at the other end's fault?  Do they truly deserve to be treated in such a manner?  I doubt it.

SO very windy.  Gums and ears a flapping!

I take a deep breath and pretend I am reading the comments section in the newspaper or Facebook. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.  It isn't personally directed at me, but damn it sure feels like it.  Maybe I am "going to rot in hell" or "a stupid twat who couldn't find her ass with both hands." Could go either way.  I have so many replies zooming around in my head.  None are allowed out to play.

I thought about that on my run and about a person from the past who contacted me via the Facebook machine who was just as vile as the Emails.  For fucks sake.

Maybe I'm being uber sensitive as yesterday was the anniversary of Gus' death.

This was my first trip to the beach with him. 
The trip I discovered the name he came to us with "Gustoff" was not what he responded to. 
We weren't sure if he was deaf or defiant.
I uttered a simple "Gus" and he followed me, paid attention, and we bonded.
Dave had to take him out for french fries before they bonded.  I still remember pulling up next to them watching Dave feed Gus a fry and then eat one.  They were pretty tight after that.

I left work early and crawled on the couch for a nap.  They seem to cure most of the ails of the world.  Dave and I took Jax to East Beach, the trails are a frozen mess, thankfully we have the beach as an option.  The wind was strong from the south, really strong, and it pushed us out a mile and we fought the mile back.  It would have been a good day to go to Napatree and fight the mile and a half out to the point and let the wind carry us back to the car.  But probably lots of other people had the same idea.  It is nice to just let the crazy boy run and be the crazy boy.

Saturday (2) - Beautiful sunny day, We got a lot done in the house and took the crazy dog to Burlingame to slog on the half-melted trails.  The trails were frozen solid all week and now a mushy mess.  It was good to have the sun.

He is a riot, even sacked out.

Sunday (1) - Horrible snow/sleet/rain day.  I got a lot of knitting done and we took Jax out to the beach just before sunset, it was a foggy disgusting mess.

His odd gait cracks me up.
That and getting his attention makes him look around to find out why I'm trying to get his attention. 
He is sure there is trouble afoot!


by Ron Chernow

I was sad when this ended, maybe because it was so well written or it meant Grant was dead.  An unsung hero of American history. 

"Coal: A Human History"
by Barbara Freese

The rock that fueled the industrial revolution, abhorred by King Edward the 1st for its smell, brought power to China; the history of a 'simple' rock fueling world progress.


I totally jinxed myself and had to rip out about 6 inches of knitting!  Saturday - Tuesdays work, possibly 8 hours of work.  I don't really keep track.  By the end of the day on Saturday I was at the point I started frogging the cardigan.  Possibly before bed on Sunday I will be done with knitting and on to assembly, but I'm not sure and don't want to assume.  As my mother taught me, as you knit you shall rip.  Let's hope there will be no more ripping!

I love the pattern,
It drops a little in the back and has subtle A-line shaping

This has been a fun sweater to knit.
It isn't over, the left collar and lots of finish work await me.

Not a spectacular week, it really ended on a sour note I am trying to process through.  Confronting the jackwagon with "why do you think you can pop up after 30 years and treat me like that?" truly is pointless.  Opening up a dialogue when really I don't want a door opened is pointless.  George Bernard Shaw said it best "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."  Apropos in so many ways. 

Beth, not going to wrestle with pigs.

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