Sunday, May 12, 2019

52nd revolution on the 3rd rock from the sun

May 6, 2019 - May 12, 2019

Monday (5 + 2) - After last Monday's 10K and the backlash my body gave me, I cut out the last mile.  I felt like I could, last Monday that last mile was a struggle.  I'm still trying to figure out this balancing act.  The hike with Dave and Jax seemed to help the stiffness I was feeling.

He never licks my face!
He was paying me back for stopping him for a selfie. 
Jax is no fool!

Tuesday (1 + 2)  - I had a bit of hip pain from Monday's run.  A busy schedule didn't allow for lunchtime gym time, I took the long walk to the cafe.  Taco Salad day, score!

Fiddle heads?
I really should fix the color on these.

Home to Jax stumbling down the stairs so we went for a hike in a new to us preserve.  I love the fact he will get in the car and settle in and go anywhere.  Gus just was not a dog who enjoyed the car, so we went to the same places within a 5-minute car ride.  I loaded him up and went off to find Erisman Woods which connects to Babcock Ridge.  I knew there would be some climbing and we might be lucky to log 2 miles, but the climbing would be good for both of us.   The trail maps online showed an out and back but I thought I read something about a loop in Erisman.  The map at the trailhead clearly showed a loop in both preserves, score!

The sign above the yellow blaze says "Easier Way"
Jax wasn't having any of that.

On the way back we came upon a decision, left was the trail and to the right "Easier Way"  Jax headed straight up the hill. GOOD BOY!  He really enjoys the running down part and is learning he has to endure the climbing to get to the fun stuff.

Spring is springing!
Nice to see the new fresh green.

Wednesday (3) - Mostly walking on my lunch run.  At Eastern Point Beach I saw a beautiful Bentley, then I noticed the license plate "ZULI" no way, could it be Rob?  May is when the Money Plant Mimi gave me blooms and I always think of her when I see the blooms.  Mimi's been gone 10 years in December, stupid cancer, she gave me a bouquet of dried money plant right after I started at Pfizer.  She was such an awesome lady, co-worker, friend, mentor.  As all of this wandered through my head I ran by the car and sure enough, it was Mimi's husband Rob.  I stopped, he looked at me with some recognition. I introduced myself and he said, "I recognized the face!"  we chatted for a bit does gardening at the beach on Tuesdays.  I cried a little as I continued on with my run.  But by the time I got back to campus I was laughing to myself about how yesterday was Taco Salad day, always a favorite with the lunch bunch Mimi used to round up to ensure everyone ate and we had time to gossip over the lunch table. 

Money Plant blooms
This is the even year haul, the odd year is about half of this
They are Biennial plants, they bloom every other year. 
I have to pull some seeds and plant next year for the odd year bloom.

Came home to an empty house and an overgrown lawn.  SCORE!  I love mowing the lawn, no seriously.  Yard work is a form of accomplishment.  Enjoyed mowing the lawn and had a beer on the front porch and having the neighbors and their dogs stop by to chat and the dogs to get scratches.  Dave and Jax came home to find me talking to Jamie and scratching Chewy and Coco, whoops!

The Beer was a Grey Sail Wheelhouse Series Pearl
Oyster Stout

Thursday (1 + 3) -  Mikey gave me some old Lacross balls.  The therapy ball I use to work out the kink in my left hip is good, these seem a bit better.  I have no idea why.   I also finally strung together my hip feeling better the rest of the afternoon and evening AFTER running because I work on the bound up butt tissue with the ball after running.  I put one of those Lacross balls on my dresser with the intention of using it in the morning, see if that helps the discomfort and erases the hobbling.  It's worth a shot, right?

I was really looking forward to this.
The last of my 12 Stouts of Christmas.
It was a drain pour - tasted like cough syrup.
Fruit stouts generally have that taste (to me), I have no idea why I thought this would be different.

Dave and Jax and I went on a hike at Tri-Town Preserve.  It was getting pretty clear both of them were not really interested in a long hike so we huffed it back just short of 3 miles.

Friday (2) - Quiet day at work, the crisis crew waited until later in the day to strike.  I really loathe walking into chaos, especially when it could have been dealt with the day before and not be a crisis. I did have to let someone know we needed 500 entry letters signed, they could either wear out their Montblanc or I could set them up with a DocuSign account.  Fortunately, this didn't have to happen immediately and we have a week or two to get our collective shit together for this event

A hike with Dave and Jax before dinner was nice.

Saturday (25 + 3) - The weather is perfect for a ride and I'm perfectly in the middle of feeling like crap.  Advil helped.  I was NOT going to let an opportunity for a decent day to ride pass me by. Got my Garmin talking to the radar and the new headlight set up and off Ruby and I went to see how this was all going to work.  I knew the beach would be fairly busy with Spring Fest perfect opportunity to learn how the radar works.

Watching the world go by. 
He loves this and so do I!
Gus also loved this activity.

OMG the radar is awesome, the Garmin beeps and displays a dot at the bottom of the screen (the approaching car) and there is a dot at the top of the screen (me) and it shows it approaching, the car (or cars) dot (s) moving toward the top dot and then passing.  If the vehicle is going fast (this seems to be if it is over 35 MPH) the display shows red.  I could spend more time paying attention to the road in front of me, missing potholes and not bashing into them.  Plus not being startled by a car when I'm on the back roads.  It was a very pleasant ride experience (my body, on the other hand, was being a bastard, I was glad to not be with anyone so I could go as slow as I needed to) not having to watch my mirror, taking my eyes off the road ahead of me, and listening for cars approaching, which I rarely hear.  These were the best big bucks I have spent, this will make riding on the road a bit more enjoyable.

A few more Advil, super hot shower, and some food and a bit of knitting on the front porch with my companion Jax made me feel much better.  WTF.  Eventually, I was glad I went on the ride.

Jax and I had a nice sunny hike at Grills late in the afternoon.  We had to navigate through a toppled tree, one way was full of briars and the other way was figuring out how to plow through all the branches of the tree.  We tried the briar way, no go.  So we managed to get through all the branches.  It was a pretty big tree, quite a fun obstacle!  I keep meaning to throw a pair of clippers in my car to bring on hikes, for these just in case things as well as the briars.  My legs are torn up from the briars from hiking and from riding the woods. 

Sunday (0) - Yeah I think it's really a zero Sunday the rain is getting progressively worse.   Of course, this was the morning I woke up full of energy.  FFS.

All in all a pretty good week, they all have ups and downs, I guess it is all in how a person manages them.  With age comes wisdom?  Or With age comes apathy?

Knitting - 

Finished a pair of socks for Dave started on cobbling together some summer hiking socks for me from the leftover sock yarn.  I'm never sure what to do with the leftovers.  I can also use these low socks for biking in cooler temperatures.

Reading - 

"The Grapes of Wrath"
John Steinbeck

Status:  In progress

I'm going to claw my eyes out before this is over.  I think I said the same thing when I had to read this for Ms. Varner's American Lit class in HS. 

Beth, kinda hoping the radar was wrong about Sunday.

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  1. Thankful to read that you, Mr Dave, & Jax got out and about. A body in motion is a well lubricated body. That turtle so cracked me up!! Like Way Cool. I can honestly say that the Milkshake Stout has never landed on my radar. Not Knocking It. All The Best This Weekend And Keep Those Eyes Intact.

    And That Photo Of Jax On The Porch, Top Shelf