Friday, September 1, 2017

Weekly Recap: 8/21/2017 - 8/27/2017

Oh crap.... I thought I kept up on this...

Monday - oh who knows.  Strava tells me 6.8 miles... this was made up of a 5.2 slog and then a 1.5 Gus walk.  Ok, we will go with that.   I imagine I slogged from the Sunday track work out and the fact I am a slogger!  Ha ha ha.  Gus at 1.5 means he was feeling pretty good and wanted to walk!!

Tuesday - Biking into work then to Dog Watch, watched a lap of the race then biked home along Greenhaven.  The sun is setting earlier and it is getting cooler.  Nice ride.  I regretted not riding in as much last summer I think I've got my prep process down and will have a few more rides to and from work before it becomes a weekend thing then I'll transition to the mountain bike for the winter.  Dogs got cheated out of a walk.  I think Dave and I got home at the same time and it was nice to relax.

Wednesday - Hills with Ro!  This was one of our fastest loops yet 13:30 pace!  My track club had their final summer fun run.  It was a new course and done in conjunction with Stonington (CT) Parks and Rec.  Partly on their HS XC (cross country) course starting and ending on the track.  I got lots of jabs about not falling at the start.  Ha ha ha.  I did manage to nearly turn my ankle on the edge of the track, of course I did!  Ha ha ha.  The course was really nice.  I've never run XC before and now I wonder if that would have been something I would have liked in High School.  I know Track wasn't a favorite, then I was out after a stress fracture in my foot and never attempted it again.  My time was a few minutes better than I expected and that made me happy.  Plus the turn out, there were 138 runners for this fun run.  That is fantastic!  The kids who participated in 5 or more fun runs got their prizes.  That was fun to see.  Gus got his walk, he didn't get one on Tuesday and well he was pouting.

Thursday - Took the circuit class at work.  After a 10 mile day the day before this was pretty welcome.  Plus I needed a class last week as part of the fitness challenge at the gym.  I get a tech t-shirt.  Not sure I really need another one, but who knows.  Our site is in second place, I'm pulling my weight and getting to the gym at least 4 days a week.  Gus and Jax got a walk together.  Alway a challenge.

Friday - Run with Faith and we met up with Crutch who has a job down by the beach, a kitchen remodel.  After getting laughed at when I said we'd be by 11:35 give or take a minute, guess when we got there?  11:35.  Ha ha ha.   We did the three points, Eastern, Avery, and Jupiter, and dropped Crutch back off at his job site and I ran Faith back to her car.  This was my longest continuous run this month 6.66 miles.  One of these months I'll have to try and get a few double digit runs in.  Or not... I'm happy to be running pain free.  Gus again didn't get a walk because I volunteered at a local 5K.  Poor pup, I know....

Saturday - track work, week 3 and a bike ride.  We did 400's neither of us were in the mood to run, but knew we needed to do something.  So that was it.  My 400's were the slowest they've been in a while.  All in all it felt better.  Then Ro, Grace, and I went on a 30 mile bike ride.  My bike was just not shifting well.  That was frustrating, felt like the cable was loose.  Gus and I got out for a 2.5 mile walk, the longest in a long time.  He was pretty peppy for the first mile, and needed to take a few breaks for the last 1.5 miles but didn't seem like he took on too much.  He pretty much picks the route.  I know this sounds odd, but if you have a dog you probably have the same experience.  It is their walk, after all.

Sunday - Imaginary husband was up at 4 to go fishing and I was going to go up to Uxbridge RI to do the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen ride today, but I wasn't up in time.  I decided I really needed to clean my bike.  So I did that and in the process of shifting through the gears to clean the chain and the cogs it stopped shifting.  Well crap what the heck did I do?  I noticed the cable was loose so I tightened that.  Still didn't work.  I left it be, Dave would know what to do.  He did.  It needed a new shifter cable, the old one broke, hence the crappy shifting I've been experiencing.  So that is now fixed and I had a nice quiet easy shifting ride before dinner.  Gus got a short walk, he didn't really want to go to far, as I expected.


A higher mileage week for me!
Feet: 36
Saddle: 100  (I'm approaching 2,000 miles for the year!)  Ruby has 4,000 miles on her now!

Knitting:  Nothing

Reading:  Ulysses, still....  the day in the life of Leopold Bloom told by a drunk rambling man, does that sum it up for us?

Beth, Woefully behind on the blog... 

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