Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekly Recap: 9/4/2017 - 9/10/2017

A day off of work on Monday is nice, sorry Leslie, I know you work on Monday's.  :( but remember you have breakfast beer when I'm at work, ha ha ha!

I went out for a ride.  I was so not into the ride.  I wanted to be.  I never got into it, sadly.  Maybe had I stopped for a muffin in Mystic or a donut at Clyde's Cider Mill my attitude may have shifted.  I thought, oh, I'm approaching 30 miles, I can stop at Grey Sail for a pint.  Sadly it was MONDAY, they are closed....  ;(  first world problems to the max!!

Got Gus out for a walk, we met the new neighbors and he totally was not into a walk so he steered us home and we watched TV.  I know, crazy!!!  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button held our interest, I'm very very very behind on TV watching, I just learned how to use the new remote on Friday.  HA HA HA.  Dave saves movies for me to watch then asks if I've gotten to them.  When it's cold and dark and I knit then yeah, I'll get to them.

Went out for a run, August appears to be back, for this first Tuesday in September.  Lovely.  Crutch was working on that road by the beach and yelled out from his truck where he was having lunch, Paul's Pasta, absolute torture smelling all that garlic and pasta, ugh....  he gave me a hug and proclaimed me sweaty.  Well duh, I was 1.5 miles into a humid run, well a slog, sort of a slow lethargic job.  Nothing really felt good and I should have stayed in for class but my meeting got out too late to make it to the 11:15 class.  Stupid work...  I got 5, a slow 5 and I hobbled the rest of the afternoon.  I'm a mess.

300ish miles vs 0 miles...  

Did one of the Healthy Workouts on Wednesday instead of running, the weather was a bit crazy with a micro burst or some sort of thing with 50 MPH winds clocked near by.  Trees were sideways and we lost 20 trees on campus.  A person lost their life in a neighboring town.  A few friends lost parts of roof and decks.  It was smart to stay inside, plus I was tired.  Feeling every year of my 50 years and tired.  The routine was good and just what I needed.  The gals were supposed to go to Block Island today, I would have managed that just fine, the weather killed it.  Probably for the best.  Hopefully another time. Got out for a walk with Gus then with Jax, and mid walk with Jax the rain started again.  He is skittish in the dark to being with (we are working on it and he has improved immensely) rain?  He's not a fan.  He knew the quickest way home and directed me that way.  I am so impressed with how smart these dogs are!

I suck at parking at an angle

Run with Faith scheduled for Thursday and I was really not feeling it, as I walked off campus she was coming up on my left, having already run 5 miles, I was hoping that wore her out.  Thing is with Ultra Runners in training, it's hard to wear them out.  I remember Chris telling me I looked fresh as a daisy crossing the line for a 1/2 marathon a few weeks out from the ultra I ran in 2015.  I do admit I miss how easy it was to run and run in those days.... the time commitment though...  When we reached Jupiter Point time, I asked how long and she said 4 would be ok.  I know she was being nice...  so we went down Bayberry, which isn't a point but it is a boat launch where she can park for free and launch her kayak and she hadn't been down there so we did that out and back, tacking on not even close to a mile before we did Avery Point and Eastern Point.  All told it was 6 miles, 2 more than I thought I had in me.  I really am getting lazy in my old age....

Sunshine disgusted there is a dog in her house.

Then I ran the Beer'd fun run 3.2 miles and had a beer with Rachel.  I felt like completely cow manure when I got home and wanted to curl up in a ball with my achy feverish body and never wake up.

Circuit class for Friday.  I did get to talk to one of the trainers at the gym about my Wobbly Crumply knee.  She said she wondered what was going on but it seemed like I was modifying as I needed to.  I hate seeming like one of those perpetually injured people with this long laundry list of ailments and physical therapists and doctors.   I'm having a bit of a rough time at the moment and it will pass and I hope to have some PT and be on my way to smoother running.

Ran the Stavros Beach Fun Run in the evening.  Faith was going to go for her seed time for Manchester but wasn't really going to be able to hold the 8:30 pace necessary, especially with the headwind on the back half (1.5 with the wind and 1.5 into the wind).  I can hold an 8:30 for about 200 yards so I'm of no help.  She decided to not make this miserable and run easy with me.  While I used to get so pissed about that.  I do run easy, I don't like to be miserable while I run so I put in 75% effort for anything "hard" and am good with that.  We started out way too fast, I get caught up in the excitement and then have to back way down to a reasonable pace.  I wonder what it would be like if I started at that reasonable pace.  In this case, it was 9:30  I think we could have held that for the whole thing had I not gone out like a bat out of hell.  On the way back, Faith did break the wind for me a bit and it was welcome.  Our last 1.5 were a bit slower than the first, still, she was like a work horse keeping a steady pace, it was me slogging.  I'm lazy, what can I say...  seriously, I am.

Gus finally got his ice cream!

Saturday was a rest day.  I did that and didn't look at Strava and then beat myself about the head and neck for not doing anything.  I've been feeling tired and really really really spacey lately, I KNEW I needed a veg and catch up day.  I did that and was better for it leading into TFCE (The Flattest Century in the East) for Sunday.  I'll catch you up with that later.... for now, to get this published....

Knitting:  Making some progress, I'll make MUCH MUCH more when I visit my parents.

Reading:  OMG I finished Ulysses on Sunday. I am SO glad to have that over and done with.   I started "One Thousand White Women" by Jim Fergus.  The promise of 1,000 White Women to become the brides and child bearers of Cheyenne Indians (in return for 1,000 horses.  Let me set this straight in math:  1 child bearing white woman = 1 horse (of unknown abilities), good to know).  Specifically, May Dodd, released to the "Brides for Indians" program from the asylum she was interred to by her ostentatious blue blood family because of her penchant for being a woman of her own mind.  Completely something acceptable in the 1800's let alone the 1900's or the 2000's.  This was my mother's book club book, I totally latched on to it because we will have grand fun discussing it when I visit this month!  Seriously...


Foot:  26
Saddle: 133

Beth, better get cracking on that TFCE post....

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