Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 19: 5/7/2018 - 5/13/2018

Birthday week!!  I'm as excited about being in my 50's as I was about turning 30!!!

Monday (2.3) - I felt off most of the morning and bagged a lunchtime run.  I took Jax on a hike when I got home from work.  I think we both felt better for that.  He definitely likes the interior ledges in the Riverwood Preserve, it's been fun seeing where he will lead me.  I contemplated taking him to Wahaneeta, it's another underutilized preserve, then thought that he's had a lot of upheaval with Spud, and doing something familiar will be better for him.  Probably a good call on my part. 

Dave confirmed reservations at Swanzey Lake south of Keen, NH and I went looking for some rides starting within 10 - 25 miles of Keene, NH on I figured I'd see what other people or riding clubs have posted as routes to see what I'd do for my road ride over the weekend, figure it is a good way to get a lay of the land.  Sometimes a local riding club or bike store has routes posted on their website but that hadn't been updated in quite a while. I discovered a route named covered bridges.  Oooohhhh cool! I googled around and there are 7 covered bridges in the area we are camping, and I could ride through 5 of them pretty easily.  Two were a bit further out than I wanted to go.  

Fortunately, Pisgah is close and allows dogs!  We can do some exploring there on Saturday as that looks like it will be kind of rainy and overcast, not good road or off road biking weather.

Tuesday (0) - My second opinion appointment with the Rheumatologist at Yale!  I dutifully collected my last years worth of lab results and completely forgot that form you always have to fill out when seeing a new doctor.  Whoopsie.  From the moment I walked in the door at the outpatient clinic, I knew I made the right decision!  The receptionist was very helpful and friendly all while juggling several patients.  I didn't wait long until the initial nurse fetched me to get the standard set of vitals.  The NP was super nice and chatty and she assured me that it was OK that I forgot the form and that Dr. Danve would be thrilled to have the stack of lab results.  She mostly asked questions from the form and for some of the questions my facial expression must have been "Why on earth would they ask me that?"  she picked up on it and explained why those questions were asked.  Holy crap, really?  Someone is going to answer a silent question.  That made me feel more comfortable to ask other questions and give more than one line answers.   The doctor came in right away, wow!

It was a good appointment.  He was very thorough, asked lots of open-ended questions, prompted me to continue, really listened to me.  Another slew of tests ordered and two were really more my concern than his.  While I didn't walk out with answers, my concerns were heard and addressed.  I'm not crazy and something really is going on and someone will do something more than a 2-minute phone conversation telling me to take these and see me in a few months.

This is the boo-boo dog from the Ortho.  Michelle said Mikey used to hug him for his shots.

Wednesday (32 + 2.5)  Happy Birthday to me!! 51 years I've been on this planet.  Thank you, Chris!  You are my #1 favorite person for thinking it's impossible I'm that old!   

Jax was a bit ticked I was lolling around in bed so he came up and farted a blue streak to stink up the room to get me up and moving.  Thanks, pal, appreciate it... NOT. 

Took me on a 51K bike ride.  I knew 51 miles was a bit out of the question, although at about mile 25 I was considering it I felt really good.  Then I turned back into the strong Southerly wind and was ready to go home!  Know when to say enough!

I've always wanted to check out this waterfall/ old mill site off Babcock Road

Dave and Jax took me on a hike before dinner, and Dave made a cake. 

Jax checking on that thing.

The tires and tubes I need to make my Dolce into a gravel grinder arrived, I just need to get a seat.  I'm getting a bit more psyched about this and a couple of Dave's friends seem to have some pretty standard gravel grind loops.  The Dolce is a touring bike, the frame is built for rougher roads.  If this turns into something I do enjoy I can sell the Dolce and get a traditional gravel grinder, I suppose...  Barney is to heavy for a 30-mile gravel grind, he's more 15 miles or under mountain bike.

Birthday Pizza and Beers

Thursday (4) - Finally broke a 12-minute mile again on my 4-mile run!  My last Euflexxa shot in this series is Friday so I can run a bit more comfortably and consistently, that will help this whole pace issue, I'm sure.  It felt like a good run.  A flurry of packing and prepping for the trip to NH. Jax was concerned and excited all at the same time.  He wanted to know if he was coming or if only one of us was going somewhere.  Funny how they know.

Don't even think about leaving me behind! - Jax

Friday (4.1) - Last Euflexxa shot for 6 months.  No cold spray.  I definitely felt the needle and the stuff go in this time.  I started to get concerned that introducing this substance into my body was causing some sort of immune system reaction.  Nahhhhh, as I write this on Monday, all seems normal.  Ro and I did our walk on the flats, that doesn't count as real exercise, right?  We got into camp about 5 p.m. and I took Jax exploring (forgot to start the space watch right away) while Dave set up camp.  I think this gives both of us a bit of a lay of the land and lets Dave do what he needs to do without us underfoot.  

And that's the point we left.

We stayed at Lake Swanzey, it's a private camp with full hookups.  Most of the 100ish RV spots have permanent residents.  I think more as a weekend vacation than living.  But I'm really not sure.  Definitely, some of those motorhomes and campers hadn't moved in years, they were 'dug in'.  

And we came back to enjoy the fire!

Saturday (5.7)  - Dreary morning, but it looked like the rain wasn't coming till 11 a.m.  We ventured off to Pisgah to have an adventure!  We parked at the main entrance and ventured down Old Chesterfield Road to the Doolittle Trail to the Broad Brook Trail back on Old Chesterfield Road to Snow Brook Trail to Orchard Trail to Jon Hill Road and then back on Old Chesterfield Road to get back to the truck.  We had rain from mist to sprinkles for the last mile.

What's going on out here? - Jax

The trails were very cool with lots of historical markers from Cider Mill, Lumber Camp, and lots of Farms and Homesteads, even a School!  It was hard to see the remains without reading about the spot.  Very cool!  Most were from the early 1800's.  Neither one of us could imagine farming that hilly rocky land.  

OMG, it's a rock, can we move on? -- Jax

Jax thought this was all fun but did we have to keep pointing out the interesting rocks and trees?  He looked back at us a couple times "Yeah, its a rock, there are lots of them, can we move on?"  he is a funny dog.  He spent the afternoon sacked out while Dave and I played Scrabble, perfect for an afternoon where it did nothing but rain. 

The desired effect - a sacked out dog!
Oh and beer!

Sunday (2.6 + 16) -  While Dave got his bike ride in  I took Jax around Swanzey Lake, all dirt roads a nice calm walk, I was sure to point out the big hunks of granite to Jax, who I'm sure rolled his eyes.  HA HA  

I got my bike ride in!  I didn't get a shower, which only really sucked for the people around me.  :)  I would not have cared except we were stopping by his parents, he assured me it would be just his parents, it wasn't.  I'm sure I smelled a bit and for sure my hair, that hadn't been washed in several days and for several workouts.  EEEWWWWW...  BUT this stop lifted the embargo on me talking about Spud, so I'll survive.  I couldn't post our hike or my ride on Strava till after plus no talking about it on FB, that sucks.  It is something exciting!!!  

$5 fine if caught going across the bridge driving or riding faster than a walking pace

I rode 5 of the 7 Covered bridges, two I had to ride through and turn around and ride back through and get back on the main road because of the time constraints.  Dave picked me and Ruby up at a gas station, the miracles of modern technology!  I'm at this spot and he could navigate there.

Jax did very well this time, he snuggled into his bed in his spot and was less of a nervous nellie, we were glad about this.  On the way home on Sunday it was clear he was exhausted his loud snoring confirmed this!  Dogs sleep a great portion of the day, this is a big change for a middle-aged boxer boy.  I think it is agreeing with him and we will have many more adventures.  He was very relaxed at the campsite and walking around camp.

It was a pretty exciting week!

He's a Tired Boy - this was Monday night.

Monday morning Dave had to wake him up by 6 a.m. and he staggered to the head of the bed and flopped down, totally not into his usual morning wrestling and flailing about routine.  Oh, goodie I have a snuggly dog again, well at least for 30 minutes...


Feet:  22
Saddle:  49

Getting closer to my saddle goals!  I need to prep for the Mount Washington Century for sure.  July isn't that far away.


Still plugging away on the red white and blue socks.  Just a couple hours of knitting didn't seem to aggravate my rotator cuff too much.


The Pillars of the Earth
By Ken Follett

This is going to be a long one and so far interesting.  Ultimately it is the building of a cathedral, the story is more about the builder as well as the monks the cathedral is being built for.  

Beth, nice to have something else to think about and focus on!

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