Monday, August 6, 2018

Kind of a boring week...

Monday (0) Lunchtime meetings and this additional assignment had me running in circles but not getting out to get any exercise.  Probably ok.  I took a few long walks around campus but still didn't get to the 100% activity level on my watch.

Amy (the massage therapist with the needle elbows) had 1/2 hour open up and went after my bound up Piriformis and lower back.  OUCH!

Jess finally got me to commit to the Steeple Chase bike ride in Manchester CT on the 18th of August.  50 miles.  She is smarter than me and slowly ramping up the miles on the bike with the goal of a Metric Century (62 miles) in October.

I definitely think the lack of running impacts my biking, so maybe some running would be good, just to help with my biking.

Jax chasing the ball at the field

Tuesday (3.1 + 20) Got out for a walk at lunch, it seemed kind of silly, I could walk after work.  I'm glad I got out and am getting back into my usual routine.  A couple of people missed seeing me at the gym.  That was nice.

The walk was fine, definitely feeling the work Amy did.  I need to remember to ice more after she 'massages' the ouchy parts.

Yeah more ball chasing

Went for a ride after work, I haven't seen a few people in a while and went down to the Dog Watch fun run and caught up with Steve, Way, Don, Kate, and Josh, and Wilson.  Mostly I wanted to see Don, he retired June 1st and from he and Suzan's FB posts they are really enjoying both being retired.  She retired last year.  Don's race paces have improved to those in his mid 50's and he's back to swimming and on the bike.  The last few years have been a struggle for him athletically, the stress of work and age is my guess.  He fully embraced retirement and is living every minute with his health and physical fitness improving.  Truly an inspiration.

My ouchy piriformis was a bit more ouchy and getting up from sitting hurt.  I was a bit nervous I was going to have a relapse to the nerve pain.   I've heard sitting is the new smoking and can kill you!

Dave and Jax had an adventure and Jax came back limping.  I asked why he broke the dog.  He stepped funny on his front paw, hopefully, its temporary.  But I'm not ruling out a trip to the vet for this one.  Dave broke the dog.

This is the last one, I swear!

Wednesday (4.4) Went out with not really sure what my intention was, maybe 3 min run 1 min walk intervals maybe not.  I did a mile of walking and turned on the interval timer on my watch and set off for the intervals I'd set up.  The running for 3 minutes felt good.  I did nearly 2.4 miles of run/walk the last two intervals I was pretty spent at 1 1/2 minutes of running so I walked.  It is still brutally humid, I'm calling this a win and hopefully, I can increase the number of total miles and number of miles in the run/walk portion.  It will be interesting to see how my knees respond.  My piriformis seemed OK, not happy, just OK.

The surprise was The Beef Cake was back at the gym!  He's a friend of Jackass's #3 Boy, and went on a 40-day cross-country drive to CA down the 101 and back, stopping at our St. Louis labs to work for a week.  Minus the working part, this has been something I've wanted to do.  I'll admit it, I was a little jealous.  Glad he got to do that.  I was just asking Jackass why The Beef Cake hasn't been around, and boom he appears!

Jax seems to be healed from being broken, he did want to be carried up the stairs to bed, though.  HA!  We may call you The Little Guy but you are 80 lbs!

Thursday (0) I'm having a hard time recalling what happened Thursday.

Friday (3.2 +1) Took another shot at running, walked 1/3 of a mile and started the interval timer.  3 minutes seem to work well.  I run at a bit faster of a pace than the 5-minute run intervals but then again it is ghastly outside.  Of course, I pick now to try this running thing again.  Well if this weather doesn't deter me guess it's time?

Joe Viger Photography
Finally a nice picture of me on my bike.
Damn that helmet is ugly though.

Rain was predicted for Saturday so I did my errand running on the way home from work and Dave and I took Jax out for an adventure at the field.  He was happy to get out of the house and get soaked in the pond.

Saturday (1) My favorite project, edging with the 1/2 moon edger!  It was supposed to rain about 11 a.m.. and I figured I could get started on the cutting and then the messy part would finish up in the rain and clean off the sidewalk.  I LOVE it when a plan comes together.  I did miss the curb and street side, it was pouring and I really don't trust the drivers on our street on a good day let alone a rainy one, so that will wait till after work.  The edge is cut it just needs to be removed and the grass that grows in the gutter area to be extricated.

Sunday (36)  My plan was to ride out and cheer/harass the runners at Run 4 Kerri, I knew quite a few would be out there.  Of course, I forgot who I was looking for saw some I didn't expect and missed a few, I'm sure they don't care but that makes me frustrated with my faulty memory.  It was a good ride out and back was into the wind as it always is. A stop at Dave's Coffee shop got me through the last 4 miles and I met up with some other bikers there, they were happy to chat about biking and routes and how Dave's is a great stop or destination.

My napping seems to be on an uptick lately.  Fortunately, all the moon face bloating and other bloating seems to be receding.  I don't think I'll ever fully get the hang of whatever is going on with my body, however it is better than a year ago.   I'm for sure less tired (even though I'm tired a lot) and definitely a reduction in the nastier symptoms.

Jax and I hung out on the porch for a bit, after a nap, and waited for Dave to come home from fishing.  He and Jim caught a few Sea Bass, no keepable Fluke so he came home empty-handed Jim and his wife love the Sea Bass and it is his boat, so...


The Broken Road
by Richard Paul Evans

It would have been helpful to read this first and not second.  Charles James seems like less of an ass once you learn his history.  Still very much enjoying his story.  Definitely some pretty crappy parenting he survived.  Although the money and success did go to his head a bit.


My shoulder has been feeling better so I've made some more progress on the socks.  I should take a picture.

And that's that.

Beth, happy with a much needed boring week.


  1. I was just leaving for the office and saw your update. #1 Love the Jax videos!! #2 Try a session of Ortho-Bionomy. I have a feeling that your pelvis is unbalanced which is causing "pain" in your gluteal, piriformis, & quite possibly a tight psoas muscle. Or have another stout and call it a t day. HA

    Stay Strong,

  2. As usual, I'm impressed by the variety of your activities, especially the dog related ones!

  3. I was so excited to see you cheering!