Monday, September 10, 2018

Nearly 40 Degree Temperature Differential in a Week!!!

Monday (0)  Yard work happened.  Bloody hell it was humid and disgusting.  We managed to get the bare minimum done and went back to the cool inside and binge-watched Boardwalk Empire.  WTF with this weather, we are spending more time hiding from the humidity than we ever spend hiding from the cold.  Blargh

Tuesday (3.2)  I thought about running and then I stepped outside.  I walked it sucked it was disgusting.  My left hip has this wonky pain.  I'm old and I'm crabby.  I wanted to sit in the AC and stuff my face with craft stout and craft donuts to achieve my lifelong goal of wearing mumus and looking like Mimi from Drew Carey.  Except I really look horrible as a blonde, all washed out.  But WAIT the blue eyeshadow could add much-needed color to my face?

I've walked under this at Riverwood quite a few times and just noticed it.
Pretty amazing the nest these creatures build.

Wednesday (3.5 1.3)  I ran, 1-minute walk 3:30-minute run.  It went ok, the weather was less gross and while I would like to do the whole Mimi thing, I'm really not sure about the blonde hair, so I guess I should leave that idea by the curb, for now.

"That is an odd mushroom." -- Jax

Took Jax to Riverwood, he had dinner on his mind and his mind on dinner so he was not at all interested.  Plus it is still pretty warm and humid for him.  We got a verbal lambasting from the children, they were probably 3 and 4, at the house before the gate "Hey Lady! Don't put your dog poop bag on the post!!!" they shouted.  I said, "But then I won't forget to take it home!"  I got some huffs and crossed arms "Ok, I'll put it down here behind the sign."  They laughed and shouted something to their grandmother.  It was cute!  

"Can it be dog dinner time now?" -- Jax

Thursday (1) Just one of those days with no motivation, so I didn't do much.   Walked Jax around when we got set up at camp, in the dark.  It is a good thing we aren't fighters because I can totally see why people nearly get divorced over parking a camper or setting up a tent or doing anything in conjunction with their spouse.  Seriously, just scope it out and if you don't know what the hell someone is talking about ask and BOOM it is all good.    Why screw up a perfectly enjoyable escape to the woods with a fight?  This perplexes me to no end.  Someone doesn't have to win and someone doesn't have to lose...

Ready to go to Charlemont!

Friday (3 19)  Took Jax on a hike on the Mohawk Trail and back to camp, short, but he wasn't really in the mood to do much more.  We took a long nap until Dave got back to camp and then I had a very short and uninspiring bike ride. I think the nearly 40-degree temperature differential had a lot to do with all of that.  The weather was supposed to be low 70's and sunny, it was 60 and cloudy.

Cold River

I did get to see another covered bridge in Charlemont, MA, that was nice and explored some dead-end roads.  Just felt flat and unmotivated.

Bissell Covered Bridge, Charlemont, MA

Saturday (6) Took Jax on a long hike on the Mahican Mohawk Trail and other trails around the campsite.  It was very chilly, but moving helped take off the chill.  High 50's when we started, no sun.  Kind of depressing to go from horribly hot and humid to cool, cloudy, and damp.   We had a nice hike and Jax was definitely enjoying the cooler weather and was a goofball for most of the hike.

Meadow in the Mahican Mohawk Trail, Charlemont, MA
The picture doesn't really do this justice, how the woods opened up to the meadow and the fog was just lifting off the mountain and the goldenrod blooming...

We went to Mount Greylock in the late afternoon.  The thought of getting on the road bike and being chilled really didn't appeal to me.  The 5 miles of downhill after the 15-mile climb would probably have frozen me to the bone.  I think Dave was more concerned I wasn't enjoying myself.  Oh yes, I was!  No cell service and fresh air are wonderful things.  This just hasn't been my year athletically, if I can even call myself an athlete.  More trying to figure out how I can do what I want to do and not end up with a Lupus flare  (for me this feels like I have a really bad flu, hot, cold, pins, and needle achy, all my joints hurt, it's really special, not) or pleurisy 

Deerfield River for a quick wade
Sunday (3) It got down into the 40's overnight and I was happy to have Jax curled up with me, he's not a blanket dog normally, he prefers to be on top of not under the blankets.  We had planned on staying later on Sunday and booked the site through Monday, but it wasn't going to warm up over 55.  Dave rode and Jax and I took a hilly hike to warm up.  The climb up was pretty gradual to the top of Thumper Mountain (it really is more of a hill, 800 some odd feet, but he can add it to his summit list) and then it was a quick sharp descent down.  He was very into the bombing down the hill part, and when that came to an end he headed straight to the ranger station to go back to camp.  Ok.  I would have been happy hiking some of what we hiked the day before, whatever.  I probably give him too much credit, or maybe not.  We got back to camp and he jumped right up into the people bed and was sawing logs in 2 minutes. 

I read and he slept and Dave came back from riding after having two flats.  Kind of a bummer, but he got in two great days of riding at Thunder Mountain and I got in some quality naps and good hikes.  

He was seriously thrilled with the steep drop off.


"This House is Haunted"
by: John Boyne


I picked one of the first books on the always available list on Overdrive.  The story is a cross between Rebecca and Jane Eyre and that was exactly how my review started on Goodreads, well yeah, I guess I read it before.   I'm still not really remembering it as I listen.  Not actually all that odd, enjoying re-reading a book I don't remember reading,  probably, I am in a different frame of mind a few years later and paying attention to different parts of the story of Eliza Caine as the Governess of Gaudlin Hall in Norfolk England in 1867. Books can be like that, can't they? 


Reknitting of the collar of Dark and Stormy is going well.  The top part of the collar is much deeper and will lay much better.  I have to get some new bigger buttons.  

The yarn hasn't arrived for More Stout, the next cardigan.  I'm getting excited to start on it when the yarn arrives.  I should be done with Dark and Stormy by that time.

My shoulder seems to not be rebelling against me.  I'll take that as a win.  

Beth happy to have a few days of fresh air and sleep, and so happy to not feel as awful as she did this time last year.  

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