Sunday, February 10, 2019

Jax we've talked about this, don't lick knives

2/4/2019 - 2/10/2019

Monday (5+3) - Especially peppy run considering I walked twice and stopped to chat once!  The run by hugger is still on my side of the river so it was nice to have a quick hug.  I think the walk/run actually made me more tired than straight running.  I'm never going to see my once speedy paces in the 10's or dare I say 9's frankly I'm glad I can still run and enjoy it.

I've been running over this tar "musical note" for years.
Shennecossett Road heading south, across from St. John's Christian Church
I'd tell tales out of school but since Mikey didn't post his outside run, I won't.

Schoolhouse Pond Trail
Dave and I took Jax to Burlingame and thought we'd try and find the old trail that ran along the gravel pit or whatever that big dugout area is.  We did OK, not great.  We'd find it then lose it and then it seemed like maybe we were following a deer trail.  Looking at the GPS afterward we weren't too far off what it probably was.  Mike Galoob cleaned it up a year or so ago, but unused and with the huge number of blowdowns (thank you soooo much Gypsy Moths) and in the dark, don't forget it was dark.  Although a really clear beautiful night once we got on the camp roads and out from under the tree cover we enjoyed looking up at the stars.

Tuesday (2) - I woke up with a cold.  Crazy meeting day.  I didn't really study my calendar until it was too late to get to the gym first thing.  Ugh.  I was able to sneak out a little early, mostly to get more fabric sample books for fabric for the dining room chairs.  Dave was going to ride, but it really warmed up and that would make the trails a mess so he didn't and went with Jax and me on a hike to School House Pond.  It was short, half soft flat trail and half dirt road.  We heard and saw a female bald eagle, that was very cool!  Jax was unimpressed by all of this until there was a mostly frozen puddle with a coating of water.  As we waddled across he took the opportunity to get goofy, run full speed at us and try to knock us over. Clearly whatever had him down for the last week, probably a cold is over and he's back to being his goofy self

Sunset on Schoolhouse Pond

Wednesday (3 + 2) - So far this cold hasn't knocked me on my butt, which is good.  I wasn't really sure how my body was going to react to a cold on top of the Lupus, my immune system is already in distress over the internal battle against itself, so what would an actual attack by true foreign invaders do on the immune system do to me?  Would the medications I take make everything worse? So far it all seems like a normal cold and a normal bodies reaction to a cold.  I took myself on a walk at lunch, versus a run which would cause more stress and could that make things worse or better?  I have no idea, so opted to be conservative and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for 3 miles with a walk.  Who knew these were ever going to be things I'd bother to think about?

The beer mitten cozy

We walked to the old camp and back on the double track.  Jax did a not too well executed Galloping Goofball and landed funny on his back foot.  I was starving most of today and ate like it.  Feed a cold starve a fever?

Thursday (1 + 2) - A quick mile on the elliptical and the booty part of Booty core day #17.  Dave and I took Jax to Burlingame, he was a bit limpy from Wednesday night.  Still feeling starving.  I'm sure this will show on the scale, hopefully, its the cold and not the prednisone (ha!  spell check suggests prisoner is the correct spelling of this word).

A dog and his moose.
And his tags nonchalantly thrown to one side. 

Friday (5 + 3) - Late hill loop with Ro, back in town for a few days before they head out to CO (Silverthorn) for a couple months.  Good to catch up!  They had a blast in New Zealand, on the cruise, and in Australia.

As seen along the trail in Burlingame North
What is this marking?

Got home to find Dave and Jax waiting for me on the porch, we did the North Burlingame loop, it was a bit muddy in spots however nice to do something different.  Jax was busy tracking the truck that came down the double track, his pace was pulling us along.

Sometimes I find these things hokey and other times they help me get through the day.
I needed this today.  

Saturday (0) -  Woke up to the cement snot stage of the cold.  While that sucks it also means it is nearly over.  I made it through!  I hope the constantly hungry and exhausted exit with the cement snot.  Weird.  I wonder if the steroids made it less intense?

The wind put me off the idea of going for a bike ride, instead, I decided to instigate stress with Dave.

Guess we won't be eating at the table for a week or so!!
Still, Dave put down his plate and pulled out his chair and was surprised there wasn't a seat.
I cracked up.
After cornering Dave about the fabric for the dining room chairs that problem is solved.  I am not allowed to make decorating decisions.  I came home from the first visit to my mother, after her cancer diagnosis, to find the living room painted orange.  Not exactly what I was in the mood to deal with after that trip but those were also my whiskey days so things became a lot more muted very quickly and the orange has grown on me over the last 11 years.   Anyhoodles, it was nice to get that nailed down and the seats to the upholsterer.  As another aside, I started the project but after an hour of staple removing, and only getting about 1/2 way done on one chair seat and determining the seats needed webbing, this project was going to a professional. 

Then the day had social obligations.  A friend's baby shower.  They are adopting from Burundi.  Really exciting!  Plus there were cupcakes.  :)

So many stone walls.
Are we ever getting snow?

Then we went to an early movie "They Shall Not Grow Old"  I highly recommend this film.  Remastered from Britan's Imperial War Museum footage, not a story about WWI but a story of the soldiers, what it was like to be in the war.   Do yourself a HUGE favor and stay after the credits for Peter's story of making the film.   Definitely best viewed on the big screen, but I think you can stream on the computer.  (not to worry Dave took Jax to Arcadia for a hike while I was out eating a cupcake and doing my best to be social)

Sunday (4) - Jax and I went back to explore the TriTown Forest.  Definitely did not disappoint on the second visit!  I started seriously tripping on stupid stuff about 3.5 miles in and we were also at a point where we could take the double track back to the parking lot so we did that and cut 1.5 miles off the planned route.  Not sure exactly what was going on but doubtful Jax would pull me to the car if I really hurt myself falling.   What is it that Shakespeare said in Henry the IV: "discretion is the better part of valor" Falstaff wasn't an idiot, the beer named after him may be horrible (is it still around?  do they still have the games under the cap?) but whaddaya gonna do about that?  (I have no idea who the beer was named after) 

It was a fun hike, the Blue loop is the more challenging loop, and it didn't disappoint!  The whole preserve is filled with interesting landscape and structures and walls and Cairns.  One could spend a day in there slowly hiking the trails and exploring. 

I'm sure he thinks he saw something.
Probably the elusive Donkalope of South County RI

Jax was snoring up a storm by the time we hit the hardtop road. Mission accomplished.


I found myself without a project between when I can wash the Rue mitten and see what that process does to it and start on the real pair.  Dar hasn't sent her measurements for her sweater so I don't know how much yarn to order so I can't start on that.  I didn't want to start on a new pair of socks.  A few friends are in a group text about all sorts of things, and one of the gals (MAC) is starting an Etsy store and Gabe piped in she needed a beer cozy mitten and then does Beth have a pattern.  I found one and sent it along.  It is a curious sort of object so I started one with truly my last skein of acrylic yarn in my stash.  I was going to start a baby sweater but this seemed more fun!  I needed something to do to keep my hands busy while watching the latest Netflix binge, Orphan Black.

You join the ends to the hole and its a big loop around the bottle, can, cup!
Nifty?  no?
The mitten cozy was fun to make and now I see how it is constructed.  I am a kinetic learner, I learn by doing.  Now the directions make complete sense to me and it is basically a mitten looped back onto itself with the raw edges sewn together to keep a complete circle.  I couldn't wrap my brain around why the raw edges, DOH, it can be right or left handed due to the bottom!


Dar sent me her measurements, and I ordered that yarn.  The Rue yarn doesn't do anything crazy when washed, I can use a double strand and the same needle. 


by Ron Chernow

Still keeping my attention!  Lots of things I never really thought about, this week was cleaning up the dead and wounded in battle, was one of them.  Lee offered a cease-fire to Grant in the battle of Cold Harbor so he could save the wounded and clear the dead, unfortunately, Grant wasn't informed until after the time period had passed.  Only two of the wounded survived that time. 

I am not a student of history, the facts and figures make me want to scratch my eyes out, in this form, the form of a novel, a story, I can somewhat wrap my head around it and grasp the 'characters' are actual people. 

For having a cold and not knowing what to expect and taking it easy as a result of the first two, not a bad week, I logged nearly 30 miles!  I was tired and it showed on my face, I'll spare you the bags under my eyes.  Now to stop eating everything in sight and to get Jax to stop licking the knives in the dishwasher!

Beth, hoping the end of the cement snot is soon!


  1. The TriTown Forest Photos Reminds Me Of The UK And All Of Their Rock Walls. Hope You Are Able To Kick The Cold Soon. My Favorite Vision IS Mr D & Jax Waiting On The Porch Together. Brilliant


  2. Laughed out loud when I read "cement snot". Had never heard that term before, but it does resonate, especially as that's the stage I'm at now. Lots o' sickness going around; glad it's sounds you're nearly past it.