Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Well that certainly explains why I've been feeling more tired than my normal tired

June 3, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Monday (4 + 2) - Met up with Ro at the uncivilized hour of 07:15 a.m.  Once upon a time I was a morning person, up at 5:30 running or walking the dogs, that isn't me any more.  We did a loop of Bluff Point, with a catch as catch can run / walk.  My one run for the week.  Sad that is has come to this, but well it is what it is. 

Not sure what is going on down there in North Camp.

Dave and I took Jax to Burlingame, neither of the Peeps were much into a long hike we cobbled together a few miles of entertainment for Jax, who seemed content to break snappy sticks and check out the new structure (a dock perhaps) being built at the old camp.

Mystery Solved!
I received this yarn bowl and note and thanked both of the Jess's I knew.
They now think I am crazy.
Lone Star e-mailed, "Hey did you get this?"
I replied "Yes!  It's from you!  Thank you. Mystery Solved."
Lone Star replied, "I take it my note wasn't in there?"
I'm just glad it wasn't some sort of stalker thing and feel really horrible that I didn't even think it would be Lone Star....  

Tuesday (3) -  Jax and I had a nice hike in Grills when I got home from work.  We didn't venture up to the Yellow (River Trail) but did venture up the Big Hill!  He was as unimpressed as usual, but enjoyed bombing down the steep part.  I was glad he didn't decide to see if he could scale down the ledge. 

He's getting used to being stalked with the iPhone

Wednesday (15 + 2) - Ro wanted to bike instead of our hill loop ok by me, biking works.  We did three laps of a nearly 5 mile loops and circles course.  Nearly took out most of the group of 9 runners at the turn on to Jupiter Point.  That would have been a mess.

Dave and I took Jax out to Arcadia for a short hilly loop, its humid and Jax was in full batan death march mode.  Oh sweetie, it is only going to get worse from here.

Thursday (0) - I can't exactly remember what happened other than I felt really tired, way more than normal, and it seemed like the pleurisy was back so best to just take it easy.

Gizmo was a dog who knew how to sit in a chair. 
Lord Giz of the Mo.

Friday (0) -  Off to urgent care, diagnosis middle right lobe pneumonia.  Doxycycline, Mucinex, and an inhaler with a spacer.   We continued with the plan to go to VT as I wasn't going to be doing anything but sleeping, I can sleep in crummy humid RI or beautiful cool dry VT.   Dave only asked I make sure I pack my own essentials and he got everything else.  That nights sleep was painful, to the point I was sure I wasn't waking up Saturday morning.  

Lots of Lady Slippers this year.

At the AZ Marathon I remembered a friend telling me "don't think about the part that hurts think about the part that doesn't hurt.".  I focused on how good my knees felt while I slowly tried to breathe through the intense pain in my chest.  I imagined the blue doxy pills warring with the evil green pneumonia bacteria.

Saturday (0.5) - I did wake up.  Not that I slept much, any movement caused the above scenario to be repeated.  After breakfast Dave and the guys went off biking and I had a lovely 2 hour nap. At some point I got up the courage to take Jax for a little walk about and he was very good, and didn't pull on the leash or anything.  I put up the hammock and started reading a book.  Jax kept an eye out for any possible danger between his naps.  This was definitely not the adventure he was used to but he seemed to understand this was what it was going to be.  We took another stroll around the campgrounds and celebrated that with a nap.

Keeping me company for one nap or another and keeping an eye on the neighbor dogs.

Sunday (0.5) - The guys were all a little hungover and I was actually feeling like I could make myself coffee so I did.  Fed Jax, took him on a short stroll, realized that I really did need the inhaler right when I got out of bed and maybe it was already time for a nap.

My view from the hammock

As the day progressed I did feel better, nothing significant.  Jax napped and stared at the dogs at the next campsite over and I read more of my book in the hammock and slowly packed up the campsite. 

It has been a long time since we stopped at DQ.
When I've walked the dogs and found money I set it aside for a DQ trip once in a while.
I think we've found at least $50 in bills and coins over the years.
Giz and I and then Gus and I took a lot of our walks to DQ.  Jax is too kooky for that.
One of my favorite trips was as I am feeding Gizzy his own DQ as I'm eating mine a co-worker popped up in front of us.  He still laughs about what he was seeing, he thought it rather silly.  Gizmo disagreed.  


An Anonymous Girl
by: Greer Hendricks

Status:  Complete

I recommend this one for a mystery thriller.  While it ended a little flat for me, it was still filled with twists and turns.

The Voyage of the Slave Ship Hare
by: Sean M. Kelley

Status:  In progress

Rhode Island was a bit part of the slave trade, this surprised me, this particular ship sailed out of Newport to Sierra Leone, and is a recap of its encounters.

Old Lady on the Trail: Triple Crown at 76
by:  Mary Davidson

Mary started hiking at age 60, she section hiked the PCT and the AT as she was able to while she was working.  After retirement she set a goal to finish section hiking each trail at about 400 miles per year.  I'm not to the part where she hikes the CDT, I'm about 30% through, and the notion is just popping up in her head. 

She may not be fast however she is courageous and will admit at times didn't put as much thought into something as she should have.


Pneumonia is not for sissies.  I am feeling better in very small increments.  Much smaller increments than I expected.  As Dave reminds me, "This isn't a cold, people die from this." and that sort of puts it in perspective.  Maybe I'll be able to walk a mile by Friday.  #GOALS

Beth, once again thankful for modern medicine and urgent care.


  1. #GOALS!!
    WOW!! Stay On The Mends Beth. What A Drag!!
    I haven't heard of the Old Lady On The Trail but will head over to our Library and have a look see. Taking a nap with a trusty dog by your side is absolutely the best. Perfect DQ reward for him. Well Done


  2. Yokes! Sounds terrible. Hope you're on the mend.