Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 17: 6/20/16 - 6/26/16

Well things are not going to plan.  I've had a niggling hip pain off and on for a while.  Amy elbowed it out around Christmas time.  It came back during the Rutgers 1/2 in April and seemed to disappear and I continued on with my BARRE classes to strengthen my hips and core to prevent injuries.

Then we had two weeks ago BARRE class with the serious girl and those band things and around the calves they go and we side step across the room and then back.  I think that's what finally hit the nail on the head and nothing's been right since then.  

It's good to have my blathery blog and hieroglyphics of notes, I wish I was better about labels... it would make searching easier, but then I don't know what I'm going to search for till I search for it.

I had a major step back week last week, and it continued on to this week.  

After an appointment with an ortohopedist, Dr. Carlow, he poked and prodded with various things on my legs wiggled my hip joint, declared the joint fine, then he pressed on this spot on the side of my hip and I flinched.   Ordered some x-rays, it was clear my hip joins are in great condition, nice and smooth, there were no fractures.  Bursitis is the most likely issue, 2x week PT.  I start that next week. 

Monday (0/3) - This was hard, I did take Gus for a walk after work so I got in some movement.  It helps to move, just not a lot.

Tuesday (0/6.7) - Walked at lunch then again at the Dog Watch fun runs.  It isn't fun watching people run when you can't.

Wednesday (5.8/1.5) - Hills with Ro, these still count as running training.  Met up with Jennifer for a walk on the beach then I took Gus for a short walk when I got home.  Appt with Dr. Carlow started the day.

Thursday (4.3/1.7) - I felt fine, my hip felt good, no pain all morning!  I ran.  Not smart.  It hurt and hurt worse and I wasn't going to stop.  I wanted to run.    Walk with Gus after dinner out.

Friday (0) - Jax and Gus got out for walks, they needed to get out.   

Saturday (0) - Took a nice slow bike ride, it nearly killed me to not try and meet some of my goals on starred segments, and it hurt even worse when my "virtual partner" popped up as Jeff W or Jeff H, really Garmin? really?  how do I make a more realistic target... sheesh.  All in all I enjoyed the ride and my hip didn't complain.  Well it did after I got off the bike and walked.  But seemed to simmer down with some Vitamin I.  

Sunday (0/2.9) - Took a long bike ride, time wise not so much mileage.  better get my ass used to the seat for extended periods of time. Since I can't run I'll get my PMC miles in!

I collected a few more PRs putting in little effort. That was kind of a nice gift.

And in case you wanted to support me in my fundraising efforts to have the honor to ride in the Pan Mass Challenge - 192 miles from Sturbridge to Provincetown!

The couple hours out on the bike was nice time to think.  Coming up on 9 years since my mothers diagnosis with Lung Cancer.  She is the exception to the rule, and is living with this horrid disease.  The treatment took a lot out of her and aged her past her 71 years, my father too for that matter!   

The doctors were not able to take out her tumor as it was attached to her spine and ribs.  

The thing I remember the most was my father telling me "Beth your mother is not going to die from Lung Cancer she is going to die with it. This can  be managed like a chronic condition, like diabetes."  

The research done at Dana Farber in the Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology can make this a reality for more people, if they can't rid the patient of the disease they can at least live with it.  My mother lives with the disease.  Team LUNGStrong's founder Diane Legg lives with the disease (11 years now - she is 53), not only does she lives, she runs and bikes!  

The best possible outcome is complete eradication of the disease, however, barring that, being able to live as close to normal as possible is a pretty good alternative to death!

Weekly Mileage:    27.2  Run:  10.1  Walk 17.1
Yearly Mileage:  1015.2 against a straight line target of 980.8

Weekly Mileage:  52
Yearly Mileage:  427.1 against a straight line target of 980.1


Beth, remain calm and pedal on

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