Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Recap: Week -20: 5/30/2016 - 6/5/2016

This is a cut back week, an easy week...  Guess since I'm not completely up to snuff with my plan it really is a plain old week?

Oh yeah and I'm counting backwards, 20 weeks left of training!  Told ya I was going to tweak this as I went...

Monday (3) - Rainy lazy day I took full advantage of.  Surprisingly I'm more tired and achey when I do nothing than when I do something.  After dinner walk with Gus helped work out the kinks and I feel better.  I think he's regretting wearing his fur coat?  Jeff V and Helen Hayes maybe on to something with "rest is rust" ...

Tuesday (7.7) - 5 miles, kinda seemed easy, kinda seemed not easy, the humidity is up but the temperature is low, I'd rather cold and humid than hot and humid and my pace showed a bit of pep over past weeks.  I turned the HRM off on the watch because the battery was going low and I'd rather have the miles than the suffer score.

Gus and I had a nice walk on the beach.  It had been a while and I need to do this more, it is nice and quiet on Napatree after 6 and we can get in a good 2.5 miles.  During my walk I picked up, 7 mylar balloons, popped them and balled them up and then threw them away.  in a 1.25 mile stretch of beach 7 of those horrid things.  I know they get away from people, but wow...

Nothing else of note is coming back to me....

Oh wait, the bat... yes, the bat.  Dave swears there was a bat.  It's too early for bats in the house, that happens in August.  I think he may have had one too many beers...  nevertheless we went on a bat hunting mission through the house and did not find one.  Usually they land somewhere conspicuous, like a curtain or one of the steam pipes.  Dave figured he must have flown down to the basement.  Oh, ok, sure.

Wednesday (8) -  Power Hills with Ro, Spin with Jennifer, and then a Gus walk!  Busy day.  I walked Gus out to the Vet because Gizmo's ashes were back.  They were closed.  Gus was all "Wait. Woah. What?  The VET, you walked me to the VET!!?!?!?!"  I was hoping for one last walk with Gizmo.  Dave reminded me that we do have Diesel's, Sage's, and Gizmo's ashes and I could take all three of them for a walk.  I think he was being snarky, but hmmmm, maybe a nice moonlit walk to the end of Napatree, like we used to with all three of them and then they would get skunked and the drive home was awful!

Spin was interesting.  I felt like sleeping right at the beginning of class, it was an overwhelming urge, weird.  I managed to get through the class, but wow, I was a little concerned I'd pass out and fall off the bike and be embarrassed!

And there was a bat!  Poor creature met his demise in a mouse trap of all things.  There was one on the pantry counter, he must have hidden up under the cupboard and when it got quiet and he was going to fly around again to find his way out, snap. I found this when I fed the dogs on Wednesday night.  I'm sad, I don't like them or want them in the house, I certainly don't want them dead.  Sorry.

Thursday (2.8) - NYC for meetings.  My walk with Gus when I got home was a nice way to end the day.  6 hours of commuting (4 on commuter rail + 2 in the car) and 8 hours of meetings. There are going to be NYC meetings more than the once a month I had anticipated for the summer and early fall.  It will all work out... it always does.

Beer for the ride home - Beer Table in GCT BRILLIANT!!
Now to remember to add these things to Untapped so I remember what I like.

Friday (3.1) - NYC knocks me for a loop sometimes.  I could not get it together to run I could barely get it together to find matching shoes!!  I did manage to get it together to walk Gus in Grills and do a little off marked trail exploring.  I'm feeling much more confident that I can remember things and direction.  We found an asphalt road!  I have to find the history of that preserve, what was back there before it was a preserve.

See asphalt!!

Saturday (16.9) - Took a field trip to Milford NH to take a run on the rail trail that will be the scene of my possible demise as I attempt 100K, which is 4 full Brookline to Milford runs (15 miles) plus an additional 2 miles.  My mind is in the game and not in the game.  I'm on the fence, and still on the fence.  This is probably the absolute perfect setting for me to do this, 30 hours to complete 62 miles.  its a 23 minute pace for 24 hours 29 minute pace for 30 hours...  I honestly think it is the long runs in the heat that is getting to me.

The trail was nice, it is flat and fairly unexciting, I scared up lots of squirrels and chipmunks, no snakes that I noticed but those things don't bother me, no moose or deer either, :(.  Burlingame is far more diverse.  I ran out the 7 miles to Brookline (the last 1/2 mile is in a camp and I really didn't want to trespass, it's asphalt and nothing exciting).  I ran the first mile back then walked a mile, then decided to walk 1/2 mile and run 1/2 mile till the end.  That actually worked pretty well!  When my watch would vibrate at the mile I would walk, I was half heatedly aiming for a 15 pace.  If I can keep my mind together (considering it's held together with fraying binder twine and gum it is rather questionable) on these hot long runs through the summer there's a chance I'll succeed.

Running through the tunnel at night, is a singular, and good reason for running!

Sunday (2.9) - Yeah yeah 5 were on the schedule.  I was in a really productive mood when I woke up  and didn't want to break my stride ticking off projects on that annoying to do list. I'm nearly to the bottom of the list and the feeling of satisfaction was far greater than the joy of running in the rain.  And actually that says a lot as I do love to run in the rain.

Checking off the items in the: "Do It Later" category

Weekly Mileage:  44.3 (run 24.5  walk 19.8)  --  I'm off my running total -- I did get in my long run!
Yearly Mileage:   925.6 against a straight line target of 865.1

Beth, still on the fence however leaning towards full commitment, running in the heat sucks for me and every time I'm out there I think about how nice this would be on the bike....  but come October 22 - 23 in NH it will be cool and the race really really sounds fun.

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  1. Often wondered what that asphalt road was from. Will ask the Westerly Land Trust seasoned veterans next time I volunteer.