Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 18: 6/13/16 - 6/19/16

Monday (7) - I was in NYC for work.  Running in NY isn't easy, you have to dodge people, vehicles, pigeons, bikes, a variety of things, even at 6 a.m.  It was clear from Sunday's shuffle running wasn't going to be happening, but I brought my stuff anyhow because I needed the upper body work out?

After a jam packed and successful day - remember that time in April I thought I might get fired for letting a participant in my company's annual shareholder's meeting know she should not be recording?  Well, when I got into the studio for the globally broadcast meeting for Monday, I got cheers.  The guys were all "You ROCK Beth!"  "You totally shut her down."  "That was unbelievably awesome." 

All I could say was, "Please tell me the whole thing was only audio recorded not video recorded."  Uber cool tech guy "Yeah, why?"
Me: "Because I'm pretty sure I was making inappropriate facial expressions."

After I was confirmed my face, that shows every feeling or expression I have, was only seen by the CEO (my bosses, bosses, bosses, boss), my bosses boss, and my bosses bosses boss.  Hey if you are going to do something, don't half ass it right?? I was very much relieved and enjoyed the praise for doing what I was told to do.  Stop any recording (audio or visual) at the meeting. 

It was pretty clear in the Order of Business:

     No cameras, recording equipment, electronic devices, large bags, briefcases, or packages will be permitted in the Annual Meeting. The use of mobile devices, photography or recording of the event is strictly prohibited.

I had a lovely chat with one of the folks from catering who has been at the company 40 years, and will be retiring in January when he turns 67.  I couldn't believe he was any older than 50.  Remarkable guy, happy, always smiling and saying hello.  There simply isn't enough people saying hello and smiling.  I do this when I walk down the long hallways at work.  Usually my smile and "good morning " is greeted with a glance to the floor.  Huh, do I have booger hanging out of my nose?  No wait, if I did they'd totally stare and totally NOT tell me, so hmmm, oh well on to the next victim...

Oh, sorry rambling, guess I am feeling a little less concerned about this hip issue, or maybe I'm emptying the beer shelf in the fridge... 

So the day was good, successful even.  I caught up with colleagues I don't get to see much and shake and howdy with new folks.

After work I ventured onto the East River Greenway.  I think this is a bit miss named as it isn't really green it's frigging NYC!!  There were some areas which were green and park like, there were also narrow pathways with nothing more than a Jersey Barrier separating the two lanes of cars zipping up town on the FDR and an asphalt path wide enough for two people to comfortably pass. 

The walk was enjoyable, the pathway curves a lot so I was always curious to see what I was going to see around the next bend.  After I'd been walking a while I checked my watch, oh wow, I've been walking an hour, how did THAT happen.  SO I made it around one more bend and turned around and headed back to MidTown after 7 miles of walking, to scare up some beer and dinner at a favorite bar.

The Greenway starts at Battery Park and you have to use 2nd Ave from 38th - 63rd street and it continues up to 125th street where it dead ends.  It is all part of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, I think these things have a bajillion names..

In any event next time I get a few days in the city I will make it a point to walk all the way down to Battery Park and then cab or subway back to MidTown.  I'm kinda sad I didn't do that on Monday.

Tuesday (0) - Work Work Work didn't get home until after 10 p.m.  all I wanted was food and a beer, it was a long day.

Wednesday (5.6) - Hills with Ro, and then the Westerly Fun Runs where I volunteered to assist.  My quad/hip is throbbing.  Tommy was helpful when he said I spend a lot of time on my feet, speed doesn't have much to do with the constant impact.  He has a point, a point I've been trying to ignore. He did suggest swimming, no impact (except when I bash my head on a back stroke) and good cardio.  Smart man, that one.

Orthopedic appt in a week.  I was hoping the act of making the appointment would magically make the pain and throbbing go away. No.

Thursday (3) - Mikey talked me off the ledge.  I think his opening comment of "You look terrible" pretty much clued me in to this not running thing was a problem.  Ya think?  He recommended KT tape.  I did a little research and stopped at the easiest to get to drug store and picked some up, after the sticker shock. I thought, these things better work.  I've had KT tape before but it was years ago during one of those 60 mile walks for Breast Cancer and at that point on day 3 I was pretty much spent and nothing but a big bottle of Jack was going to save me in those days.  Anyhoodles...  I watched the application video and stuck this stuff on my quad.  My immediate test was could I stand on my right leg with out it buckling.  Holy Crap I could!

Took Gus on a 3 mile walk, he was a bit over heated and not loving it after the first mile but we had to get home and we had to go spy on Jeff V and see if his lawn was mowed, he usually does this on Thursday.  It was not, so Gus ate some grass and maybe tinkled on the curb...

The quad felt ok, better than it had been feeling.  I still feel a constant dull ache...  But it hurts less to move it or pick up my leg, so there's that, right?

Friday (0) - This was torture, I got it done though.

Saturday (6) - Took a short run in the a.m. hip/quad hurt the whole time, medium pain, not searing, definitely uncomfortable and I don't want to admit I felt it in the joint a bit.

I stopped mid run to pet Mugsy, a very calm Bulldog who seemed to enjoy someone paying attention to him.  It was nice little break to sit on the ground with him.  He definitely could smell my dogs on me, it's always cute when they do it's like they know who's a dog person and who isn't, so he took in some long sniffs and categorized them where ever it is dogs categorize these things and I moved on and he moved on.

Walked Gus... he enjoyed it mostly, I was too slow for him.  Poor guy.

Sunday -  Dave and I took our yearly road ride.

I got a little lost, no surprise there right?  Not that I haven't ridden it a few times and not that I don't have it programmed in the Garmin.  Oh well, it was a couple extra miles and hill climbs and descents.  It is an awesome ride.  Wonder if he'll ride a second time with me over the summer?

My hip wasn't in pain, even on the hill climbs, constant nagging ache, so if all else fails I get to bike.  As I sit here typing this with ice on my hip.  How is this even possible?

I'm a little frustrated, and I put on 4 pounds in two weeks, which doesn't really help matters.

Weekly Mileage:  21.6  (run:8.7 walk: 12.9)
Yearly Mileage:  988.1 against a straight line target of 942.2

Beth frustrated she let this happen to herself.

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