Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Weekly Update: 12/19/2016 - 12/25/2016

Holy cow, we are at my Mother's birthday again!  She's 72 on the 25th!  Happy Birthday Mom!

Back to work on Monday, the weekend was exhausting, more emotionally than anything, the holidays take a lot out of me for a variety of reasons.  Mostly the fear of this being the last one.  There I said it, what's been plaguing me for the last 9 years.

My parents bought a fake tree and some ornaments, so they are planning on sticking around for a while, or at least a year so there's that.

Spin with Addy was good, she is so quiet in class and the class is so much more enjoyable.  I'm really going to have to change my attitude about Kim's class, but crap... guess if I stop bitching and thinking about things they will go away or seem less and slide into the soundtrack to my life.

My middle brother used to live with my now (imaginary) husband.  This was back in Dave's (the imaginary husband) learning to play the banjo left handed days John (my middle brother) just used to say "It's the soundtrack to my life."  Banjo is interesting enough, but a right hander learning to play left handed.  Well that's something....  at least the bass is more of a boom boom boom numbing, not a shrill plinking like a solo banjo.

Finished up my Christmas shopping that gets shipped out.  One of the breweries wasn't open so that will end up as a birthday present...

A friend gave me a box full of industrial strength ear plugs on Tuesday.  It was the perfect Christmas gift!

Met up with Faith for a peppy run, 10:34 pace for 5.2 miles and we walked 0.2 of those miles.  Holy crap.  Of course my suffer score was in the unbelievable range and Faith's was a walk in the park.  I really have to realize that some people like Faith and my Imaginary Husband have resting heart rates in the 40s and people like me have them in the 60's it's not an indication of fitness for everyone.

The gadget worked!  It recorded my run but not the GPS (because I didn't carry the phone).  I'll have to dig into that data, eventually.  But basically it tells me I over stride, have too low of a cadence, bounce too much, rotate my pelvis to much, and don't have enough side to side motion with my pelvis.  Thing it is gives you correct form and exercises to help improve form.  Can't say as I already didn't know all this stuff...

Possibly, just possibly the poor form also causes the elevated heart rate?  I imagine it is all connected in this wonderful machine of the human body!

Took the Boyz for a walk, they were incredibly well behaved, well Jax was, Gus is an angel, but can be led astray by Jax.  I'm not sure what happened or how it happened but it did.  Rarely can I give Jax an A+ for a walk.  He got this because we met up with a person and he was quite unconcerned about him.  Odd....  There is a disturbance in the force.

Happy Solstice! The day light hours are longer and the cold is stronger.  Tomato tomatoe more day light is a good thing.  I fortunately didn't completely melt down, another year down and no homicide on my record, so we will call that good and move on.

Wednesdays are my double days, a power walk and spin count as a double.  Hills were good, and spin was spin....  Dave (the Imaginary Husband) decided to ask what I wanted for dinner.  I wanted good beer and pretzel sammiches, The Malted Barley.  I said, I'm taking a shower so you can tell me what we are having for dinner when I get done.  He actually agreed on The Malted Barley!  Unfortunately none of his preferred seats were available, they were surprisingly busy for a Wednesday night.  To say I was bummed would be putting it mildly, eventually we ended up at a place with ok food and meh beer.  Westerly was hopping for a Wednesday night.  Must be the holidays?

Only one Christmas Lunch this year, so that took up running time on Thursday.  I didn't really need a break, I wanted one.  Tried explaining to Gus we were going to have a week of adventures and he could miss two walks.  He wasn't very understanding.

Won a year free Strava Premium membership, sweet!  And mine was just expiring!

Last day of work on Friday and the office was vacant, I had a couple things to do and and appointment at 4 p.m. Took two classes at the gym!  Addy's Strength and Stability classes leave me in pain, Chris' didn't...  hmmmm  maybe I didn't work as hard?  Then Yoga.  I actually was nearly late for my appointment my project took a bit longer than anticipated, they always do don't they?

Christmas Eve, Saturday, was uneventful, I got out for a run and then Dave and I spent the rainy mid day doing his Christmas shopping.   Gus and I got out once the rain stopped and had a lovely day light to night walk, they are so rare.  We met up with another boxer, Ford, and the two boys eyed each other suspiciously for a bit, it doesn't help when one is on a leash and the other (Gus) on a harness.  That is restrictive to them and puts them on their back foot in case the other isn't friendly.  He did well.  He is less and less unpredictable as he gets older and mellower.

We weren't expected at the in-laws until 3, on Sunday, I thought it was 2 so I only got out for my run and nothing for the dogs.  After realizing, too late, I had an extra hour I could have taken the both of them out.  It happens.   They managed to entertain themselves while we were gone and unwrap the Yankee Swap gifts for the 26th.  I'm pretty sure this was Jax, he has a history of unwrapping things and eating paper.

Feet - 25.2 for a yearly total of 1,642.8 against a B goal of 1,702 and C goal of 1,660
Saddle - 30 for a yearly total of 1,560.7 against a B goal of 1,644 and C goal of 1,590

Beth, Seasons Greetings!

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  1. Great weekly stats for December. I need to figure out how to warm up and cool down after a run. I've just started icing my legs and the ankle I sprained last year after I run. I know I would cringe at my data analysis. I also have terrible hip flexors from riding a bike a ton.

    And congrats on the free Strava - I got a new card and need to renew my premium membership. They remind me every 5 minutes.