Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Recap: 12/5/2016 - 12/11/2016

And another week of trying to get it correct...  This is about it for my humor at the moment...

After a brief text with Mikey about spin and a true assessment of my stupid hip and what I am reasonably good at with little effort.  I decided to put the Monday spin class (the gym at work) on my schedule and blocked the time on my calendar to ensure this happens.  It was really a good class.  Addy is so much better than listening to Kim scream at the Arcadia Y.  I'll still keep the class at the Y when it works for both Jennifer and I, but damn that woman's voice works my last nerve, and those who know me know I have a plethora of nerves to work.

The class was good and Addy said she was glad to see me taking some classes for the cross training, it will help, at least the injury, not the aging process.

Gus got me out for a nice long 4 mile walk so I could look at the Christmas lights.  So fun!  I really enjoy looking at them however the thought of doing all that work, no.

After managing to get out of going to NYC on Tuesday I knew I needed to take advantage of not having to go to the city.  I did the 3 Point run, hitting the three points: Jupiter, Avery, and Eastern.  Nice run, I'm slow as molasses but I feel good so there's that.  Iced after the run and the hip felt better.  Took the two knuckle heads for a walk, I really don't enjoy walking them together, they seem to enjoy it, so there's that.

Ro is finally back from her month in St. Lucia so we were back to our usual Wednesday hill walk.  Oh how lovely it is when it isn't balls hot outside!  We caught up and I had to laugh when she said they went on vacation from their vacation so she could watch the Cowboys play over Thanksgiving! There was no TV in their villa on the beach.  Sounds like they had a lovely time hiking the Pitons each week they were there and relaxing and enjoying the tropical temperatures.

Spin class was good, lots of heavy gears.  I got there early because I had some errands to run and for some reason thought the class started at 5 not 5:15.  I had a good 10 miles on the bike by the time class started...  still only logged the 15 I usually ride in the 45 minute class.

Gus and Jax were pretty ticked I didn't walk them so they paid me back by being nudges during the night, I woke up Thursday not so rested.  Oh well.  Work was boring, I had a nice 5 mile run for lunch, and then the track club Christmas Party in the evening.  Fun getting to know people better.  Gus got me out for a short walk.  Dave took Jax to do the 8 mile Vin Gormley.  They were both pretty wiped out.

Up and out at stupid early on Friday.  Frigggg NYC on a Friday, you have to be kidding me with this crap....  It's time to prep for the next corporate move so I have a job shadow opportunity, I take this with trepidation.  I'm 10 years from retirement.  I don't know what I want to be my farewell tour, possibly a few years with this new opportunity would be good, it plays to my strengths (and this is something people who know me well know I rarely, if ever, say)  but it also grinds a few raw nerves I have.    And seriously I have things I want to fill retirement with thanks to my (imaginary) husband Dave, he insisted I have a rough plan.  I've started working on that  recently and will put more pieces in play as I have time for between work and play.

I totally blew any of my step or stair goals for the day.  I did need the rest, my legs are still tired and they didn't even need to deal with heels today, the joy of cooler weather is flat boots...

Dave was up and out Saturday morning and my best thought plans to take Gus to Barn Island to not get lost went to the way side with the siren song of a quiet house.

The annual Newport Christmas 10K was Sunday.  It was good.  I wasn't out for a stellar time, figuring 65 minutes would be great, 70 minutes would be what I could expect.  I finished in 66:19, I'm pleased.  Looking at my past results I've added 6 minutes on to my time.  Guess considering where I am physically I'm doing ok.  Probably not going to write this up.  It is a lovely run and I have enjoyed it every year I run it!  One of these years I'll wear my jingle bell hat!!


Feet  - 31.5 for a yearly total of 1,595.2 against my B goal of 1,702 and C goal of 1,660
Saddle - 30 for a yearly total of 1,500.7 against my B goal of 1,644 and C goal of 1,590

Sad I didn't get out on the bike with Dave and Jax. Looking at his Strava from Sunday he did 8 miles with Jax in 80 minutes, versus our 120 minutes.  I have to think he gets bored with the slow pace but he swears he doesn't.

I also adjusted my Strava goals to the B goals, they are arbitrary numbers, none the less it 'feels' better seeing less of a gap between where I should be and where I am in order to meet the goal.

Beth, I wasn't feeling really creative last week...

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