Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Recap: 6/5/2017 - 6/11/2017

One of my NY colleagues is in for the week, YEAH!  She and I share a Midwest background, a good sense of humor, and a love for physical activity.  When Tanya said she was driving in from her home in NY I asked if she was perhaps going to put her bike in her SUV?  She said she was definitely considering it would I like to show her around!  OH YES!!

Managed to not wear myself out over the weekend or I got enough rest, snagged all three points (Jupiter, Avery, and Eastern) and the Strava 10K badge on Monday's lunch run.

When Tanya and I started talking about riding on Monday night the weather was beyond iffy, fortunately, the weather gods smiled on us and we had a two-hour block with no rain, no sun either, but no rain.  I toured her around the beachy cute parts of where I live and we jibber jabbered about everything!   Getting back to the Ocean House where she is staying I had to laugh when the guys wanted to take my bike too.  Nope!  How else was I going to get home?  

That is a pretty swanky place and we agreed to meet up on Thursday after she gets all of the leadership team on their planes, trains, automobiles, and helicopters to go home.  We were talking about what we thought of when we thought of New England and we agreed Avondale was one of the things we thought of but I wanted to also show her Stonington Borough so that will be our next bike ride.  And it is fully approved by her coach.  She is an ironWOman athlete and is competing in Lake Placid in September.  All this coach stuff befuddles me as I wander aimlessly between running and biking.  I’ve given up on trying to become a swimmer and not a non-drowner, or actually being competitive against anyone but myself, and even that is iffy.

Click Monday's ride with Tanya and it will give you the birds eye view of our ride!

A good portion of the leadership team was going to be on-site on Tuesday and it was really great to have the ride with Tanya on Monday so skipping Tuesday strength class wouldn't be a huge deal.   It was your basic "shake and howdy" between the NYC and the CT folks, share a few presentations, some laughs, and food.  Extended tour through our open space, with apparently me leading.  I was not planning on that.  Our General Counsel wanted to know what I thought of the open space, frankly, I love it.  I enjoy the interaction with people all day long, and I am pretty much NOT a people person.  Why would I enjoy that, you ask?  It keeps me engaged in what I am working on in some odd way and energized to do my best.  There is some psychological mumbo jumbo my Imaginary Husband could explain to me and the rest of you, but my eyes glaze over..... blah blah blah...

I'm honestly pretty happy with how the event went, and feel ok with patting myself on the back.  And those who know me well know this is NOT a skill in my wheelhouse.

Totally not within the dress code!!

Got Gus out for a solo walk, I was very happy for the quiet time.  It's tough being an extroverted introvert!

And really, for those who watch Gotham, how many time can Fish Mooney die???  It's getting a little ridiculous.

Back to hills with Ro on Wednesday, we were going to do School St. hill repeats, we didn't.  Honestly, neither of us are trained for the one hill but we will manage, it was nice to catch up with my friend who has been off on an epic retirement trip.  More are planned for the future, and while I'll miss the stability in my routine I'm every so happy to live vicariously through her and her boyfriend as they LIVE the next chapter of their lives, POST retirement!

Both Boyz got a walk and well, Jax had had a hike and the two additional miles weren't so good for his ACL.  We may be looking at surgery...  crap...

Will this week ever end?  I had no idea what day it was or what was in store on my calendar when I walked into work on Thursday.  I did know that I had the afternoon blocked off to take another bike ride with Tanya.  Of course, it was a morning of meetings starting bright and early and I couldn't make the long walk to the cafe for the good (and cheap coffee).

Fun Circuit class 15, 12, 10, 8. 6 reps of Squat Thrusts, Weighted Squats, Bicep curls, Tricep, Weighted Lunges, Chest Press, One Arm Row and for each weight series 2, 2:30, 3, 3:30, 4 minutes of cardio. The look on Mikey's face when he saw me on the treadmill was priceless.  I do NOT do satan's conveyor belt.  I encouraged him to get back to class versus winging core/strength/HIIT, plus it's nice to be able to do more push-ups than he can do.  Which, for the record is one, barely!

I'm keeping up with a minimum of 3 minutes of planking.  I rotate through 1 front, 1 right side, 1 left side.  My left side is still building up the strength to a full minute, I do have to rotate off the left shoulder at increasing intervals and making it up after I get off the right shoulder.  It still is a bit weak from the crash in January.

Click Birds eye view of my ride with Tanya to see our ride.  I'm really loving this Relive stuff!

Friday is always hit and miss.  After a frustrating few hours at work, I took off to clear my head and to go for a run.  I got in 7 miles.  Not too shabby.  The weather was perfect.  I saw Mikey out all alone, he looked so sad.

The run got my attitude adjusted and I managed to stay collected for the balance of the day.  Got Jax and Gus out for a walk and Gus sniffed out $10!  Good boy!

Programmed in the route for the 54-mile endurance ride with the triathletes.

Up and at 'em on Saturday, packed up the bike and all the necessary stuff, helmet, gloves, two water bottles, shoes, Garmin.  We had a few minutes to kill while we waited for the second George to show up so George, Cord, Jake, and Joy took the opportunity to bust my chops about my granny gears.  Ha ha ha.  It set the tone nicely, I guess...  I don't have a tri bike like them.

Once George got there and all set up, they busted his chops for a while and I huffed and puffed up the first hill damning myself for forgetting my inhaler.  I really got nervous that this was going to be the ride where I bailed.  George Ross was really good about insisting this was no drop and about endurance and he picked a challenging course and we all get out of the ride what we want or we'd go on our own.  OK....

This did give me the opportunity to ride on a road I have so wanted to ride but have been nervous about the hills.  They were amazing!  I managed to not lag too far behind AND stay out of my granny gear (I got a 'good girl' from Cord, awwww).

At about mile 20 I heard this amazing blast, like a cannon shot.  It was MY back tire.  Shit.  I do carry a spare tube.  Everyone was more than willing to take care of me, ok.  Then I brought out my hand pump.  The chop busting started again (and not for the last time).  We got it pumped up and I was just certain it wasn't quite right....

So when we stopped about 5 miles later at Ekonk Turkey Farm (hoping they'd open early for ice cream for us, nope) I put some more air in my tire.  And BOOM PSSSS.  Son. Of. A. Bitch.  George looked at me and said, "Not hard enough for you Beth?"  So he busted my chops as he changed the tube and assured me that it was my obsessiveness with numbers causing the problem and showed me how to use a CO2 cartridge while they all busted my chops about my pump.  Sheesh.....  And then when we left I forgot my helmet.  It's not like I didn't bring this all on myself....

I lagged behind for a bit, a little out of nervousness I really made an ass out of myself, and I was really hoping for some ice cream....  pout pout pout.

We regrouped a couple times and stopped for hydration at a store at mile 35, only 20 to go!  I tried, again, to beg off, and no one was hearing any of it.

We all finished up with a small detour cutting off 4 miles due to road construction.

Click here to see The group ride - no sound effects from two blown tubes fly over!

The debate weighed heavily on me to run the Back Road Ramble on Sunday morning.  Did I really want to ensure getting an ill-fitting hat for completing the required races in the series?  Did I really want to run in what was turning out to be a hot day?  Anything over 70 makes me miserable.

I plotted out a short bike ride to the race start, packed up my running clothes and trail shoes and pedaled off.  On the ride over I said, "Self if you are there by 10 you run."  I think I actually managed to go even slower than possible on the minimal hills out to Camp Watchaug, a mere 12 miles away.  I got there and was invigorated by the cool breeze by the pond and enjoyed catching up with Jon, Jonny, Seth, and Mike G.  

Everyone was off for the start of the race and I ventured out of the Camp and made it barely 1/2 mile until BOOM ANOTHER flat tube.  You have got to be kidding me with this.  The MS ride was today and there was a SAG wagon that stopped to assist me.  I said I'm not with the MS crew and they weren't obliged to help me.  They did.  And I got a few more tips, mostly that my tires are very thin too flexible if I don't need tire irons to put them back on.  Yeah, I'm getting that drift.  Got another recommendation for Continentals

Got new tubes and the guys at the bike shop suggested I check my rim strip/ rim tape.  Will do when I get my new tires!  Love all the advice, much appreciated.  The Imaginary Husband added his two cents.  I had a lot of data points to make my decision!  


As predicted way back in January when I started this sweater I'd finish it up just as the hot weather hit!  The knitting is done, the end weaving, washing, blocking, and button sewing are up next.

Pictures follow, the merino and microfiber blend will definitely bloom and be more smooth and the sweater more structured after I wash and block it.  Seriously pleased with this sweater, even as it is a bit misshapen with yarn ends flapping in the breeze.  (Pictures by the Imaginary Husband)

Not sure what is next on the knitting docket, I have a pair of socks I started in Hatteras and got pretty far along when I finally realized I had two different sized needles, so I need to frog them (rip them out, rip it rip it, ha? ha? knitting humor) anyhoodles I need to TINK (knit backwards?) ok so my knitting humor is getting a little lost on the non-knitters.... sorry...


Finished:  “Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty” by Jerry Oppenheimer

Oh boy! If you want a book about the insane antics and lives of the insanely rich, this is a good one to pick up. I don't know when the mental instability started in the Johnson family, however as the generations progressed it definitely reared its ugly head. An entire huge family, inclusive of exes living off a ginormous trust fund from Band Aids.... There are some very sad parts in the book, quite a few Johnson heirs dying tragically at young ages. It's a Page 6 / Tabloid shocker for sure. Do you learn anything? Not much, just shake your head in amazement, all that money, all that power, all that insanity.

Started:  “America’s First Daughter”  Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

The reviews are mixed of this historical saga, should be interesting to see how it plays out for me.  I am imagining I will enjoy the liberties taken by the authors (or is it authoresses), a true facts and figures historian, based on the reviews, may not be so enthralled.


Feet:  32
Saddle: 125

All in all a pretty good week.  I was happy to get out on the bike 4 times and toughen up the bum, it worked!  I was pretty spent by Sunday and didn't manage a dog walk due partly to the heat and partly to the Imaginary Husband and I going to the movies to see "Some Like It Hot" re-released from 1969 it's a partnership with TMC and Fathom Events, Big Screen Classics.  Next month is Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."


Beth, trying to quietly and miserably wait out the next three months like many people miserably waited out the three months of winter.  


  1. Oops...I meant to say: "I love the Relive thing....."

  2. Despite having lived in Westerly longer than any other place in my life (15 years), I have never been to the Ocean House. The dress code sign makes it even less appealing to me.