Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekly Recap 5/29/2017 - 6/4/2017

Welcome to the next installment of Beth's mental dump....

This has been a week of mostly rain, but it isn't humid and hot so I'm actually pretty good with that, and not having any bone/joint related injuries I'm struggling with it so I'll call it good.

Can't really think of a rant I'd care to share....

Monday was a holiday, I was spent from the bike rides and was really looking forward to doing nothing on a crappy weather day.  I barely moved, and took the dogs for a walk and still didn't hit my minimum step goal.  Whatever.  Goals, measurements, are pretty arbitrary aren't they? Our personal benchmarks we install on other people's lives?  Or no?

Got the boyz out for a walk and they were happy with that.

Back to work on Tuesday and that is usually miserable after a three day weekend but I rested enough on Monday to actually feel ready to get back at it on Tuesday.  Considering I'm up against a few lawyers for a non-compliance situation and we had our second meeting about the issue, I was glad to not be exhausted.  The thing with lawyers is they don't like to lose, however, they do appreciate when someone has done their homework and has an indefensible position to present to them.  A small victory for me, and one less opportunity to end up on 60 Minutes for them.  When will that threat ever get old?

This was the only picture in my camera roll... my daily plank

I ran, I didn't run on Monday and figured two running days in a row would be ok.  I did two of the three points and called it good.  Not excessively slow or peppy, it felt good.

Back to hills on Wednesday, since I haven't done repeats in, well, months and Mt. Washington is on the 17th and well, I should be up to 10 School St repeats by now.  I did 5 full School St repeats and 5 short sprints and ran back to the office.  Seems that the micro shower hit those running more on the coast than me running more up river?  For sure I am out there longer than the faster runners and they were clearly more rain soaked than I was... ha ha ha

Well, when you eat garbage you feel like garbage - Gus

Gus had a small run in with a bag of thrown away food, where he consumed an unknown something. This made for an uncomfortable Wednesday for him.  He wouldn't eat, even after some Tums.  I managed to prime the pump with a tasty treat or two and get him to eat a few mouthfuls before I took him out on a hike.  I know, I really wouldn't want to go on a hike after feeling crappy all day, but I do know that it would make me feel better.  He was a bit green on the car ride over to the trail and was pretty hesitant on the slippery ledge, but still, I got 1/2 mile out of him before he refused to go any further and then another nearly 1/2 mile. so we got in a mile and a half or thereabouts.  I was pleased and he was eager to eat his dinner and anything else I'd give him when we got home.  He disobeyed bedtime ritual, I let it slide, and he was ready and up and at em for breakfast on Thursday a.m.

His blood work is continually borderline pancreatitis, which is nerve-wracking, limiting the fat in his diet helps greatly and probably he got ahold of some sort of fatty fast food throw away and well that didn't agree with him.  If we can keep his diet free of excessive fat he is good. Gizmo's blood work was always borderline pancreatitis, but rarely did he have an upset tummy, even after eating things like soap or gloves or socks he was OK,  guess only the soap has any notable fat in it...  hard to believe my curmudgeon has been gone just over a year.

Reading through the cookbook, Diesel, Sage, Gizmo all died three years apart 2010, 2013, 2016, I am hoping one of the two current knuckleheads makes it through 2019 at this rate.

Still stuck on this cookbook thing?  I wasn't raised with religion, seriously, I was raised with a strict direct understanding of the golden rule and am from a family with a strong moral compass.  There isn't a family bible, there is a family cookbook.

Thursday is not a running day, I did the circuit training class and it was the beginner one because that fits better in my schedule.  We can amp up what's being done to suit ourselves and others can take it a step back.

This is a good beer....Heidi sent me her wine selfie but not for sharing.  :(

Rachel had competing priorities for the Beer'd Fun Run and had to bail, I know it isn't a running day so this isn't a heartbreak.  I ushered Dave out of the house when I got home, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, well not quite that blunt, ok yes it was.  I caught up with a bestie in Texas, over drinks...  We were supposed to have a weekend in Asheville, but that seems to have fallen through the cracks, we even found a nice ma and pa kettle cabin up in the woods too.  Maybe in the fall. She is in the process of starting a business and her focus is all over the place.  Totally understandable.  After 17 years as the primary bread winner and putting the spouse through medical school she finally gets to do what she wants and is at a loss.  I suggested "Real Housewives of Frisco, TX" but she wasn't biting. To finally be free of this burden of sole bread and insurance provider, damn girl take the cake and eat it.  We laugh, like either of us could be taken care of, ha ha ha...

Jax had a little run in with a dog  He bashed his head against the other dogs side...
All are fine,  Jax's just had a little bloody nose, nothing serious.
The other dog slipped out a back door and was out having an adventure. 

I felt my early and over indulgence from Thursday on Friday.  My planned 8 over the Gold Star Bridge turned into a 5K power walk with Ro, FINALLY back from her and Mark's epic retirement road trip!!!  Actually a fine change in plans.  I got home to find new trail shoes, I really love my La Sportiva Helios but they aren't padded enough for my wonky right bunion bone.  I found some La Sportiva Wildcats with some decent padding in the foot bed and the stability I need in a shoe.  I took these out for a tour of Burlingame.  I initially intended on the Yellow loop but the Wildlife trails were calling me and I ran them and then at 4 miles headed back to the car.  6 was going to be enough.  The shoes felt great the best my feet have felt in trail shoes yet!!.

Screech or Barn Owl??

Dave and I were going to take the dogs to the field to run.  That turned into a hike after a freak rain storm so we hiked part of Sammy C's with two very unengaged dogs.  Sometimes feeding them first is good sometimes not so good.   We did see two owls chirping at each other.  My pictures didn't turn out.  With the plethora of acorns there are more chipmunks, squirrels, and mice (and unfortunately ticks), this also means there are more owls, they hunt mice.   Gotta take the good with the bad?

I mustered up my courage and joined a group ride on Saturday.  I met up with them at my mile 7 their mile 30.  Figured this would give me a taste of what I was in for with them.  Definitely all competitive athletes with a super fun side.  I dropped my chain a mile in and two of the guys waited up for me and I worked damn hard to catch up with the rest of the group.  They've been riding together for a while and have specific pick-up points, definitely a no drop ride!  I lagged a bit behind but not too far and nothing that made me want to tap out.  Definitely some strong riders I can learn a lot from and get better riding with.  As much as I can I'll join in their Saturday a.m. fun.  And maybe even start at the start!

I rode 30 with them and missed my turn gabbing with one of the John's who wanted 4 more miles then to turn around so he could get an even 50.  I ended up in Wakefield and thought, hmm I'm kinda hungry, ice cream would be good.  They were closed, opened in 30 minutes, no way I was going to wait for 30 minutes so I figured my options to go home and decided on the uber boring US1 heading West into a West wind for ~30 miles.  That sort of sucked but sort of didn't.  It was nice to just grind away and tuck into the drops and talk to myself or sing to myself.  Well until that other biker caught up to me and I was in mid thought gabbing away to myself.  TOTALLY MORTIFIED!!!   I knew I was running out of steam and figured Dave's Coffee shop would be at about mile 50, I damn near pegged that on the nose and got a frozen hot chocolate and a GINORMOUS blueberry muffin and took my time to devour both.  A couple birds were more than happy to help me finish my muffin too!!  My hips were aching from the repetitive motion and my quads were burning.  Exactly where they needed to be, this was a welcome reprieve and a chance to find out how the latest bike shorts were faring with my bum.  Frigging nearly as awesome as that iced hot chocolate!! Finally.  The only thing I don't like are the marks the grippers leave on my thighs... They are thick enough to not need to worry about the legs flapping in the breeze...  But as far as the important parts they were perfect and I am pleased, I have one more pair to try out....   By far my most favorite pair are the men's ones for my LUNGStrong kit...  but they are long...  I'm supposed to get women's so we will see how those work out.  Primal makes our kits...

After that fun, I had a few hours to catch up on doing nothing and getting stared at by two boxers.  I knitted, they finally fell asleep and I watched a movie "The Naked City"  frigging awesome film.

Took the boys out to the field for Sunday activity because Sunday was supposed to be shitty and Dave would be in New Hampshire for Sunday field/pizza/dog dinner/dog crazies time...

My Boyz!

Now everyone is going to think it is Monday when they wake up on Sunday!  HA!!

Crap these get long...

Sunday was up early as Dave was up and out early.  I took advantage of this and went out before 8 a.m. for a bike ride.  Wow, not a lot of people driving but wow a lot of runners and bikers!  Well, the bikers were part of the MS50 ride and after a helpful volunteer tried to wave me into a rest area I said I was just out for a Sunday Spin.  She laughed and then the guy frantically checking for bib numbers was flummoxed, I said I'm not with Y'all and he smiled and waved, looking rather relieved.

All but one of the bikers were friendly and said: "on your left"  of course it was a guy in a black kit on a black bike with a black helmet, one of those death wish people.  Jackass.

It was a nice ride and the second new set of bike shorts were fantastic!  The first sit in the saddle was a little ouch but none after that.  I'm thankful I may have found something that works for me, finally!!  My neighbor, Bob, got a nice chuckle out of the OUCH, he was out walking the dog.  Ha ha ha.  Thanks, Bob, anything to keep you entertained!

Go on inside and fetch me a treat Hooman -- Gus

As Dave was gone, I managed to be very productive.  My mom says it is because I miss him, I say it is because I don't have someone critiquing the way I do things.  Dave stands mute on all of this and was oblivious to the lawn being mowed or any other chores completed.  Best to stand mute.


I made some good progress on the sleeve.  Watching the movie helped a lot.  I had considered doing that for Sunday afternoon but didn't.  I'm fearful to finish because that means the weather will turn to temps about 70 and I will be miserable.


I finished 1984, seriously this is happening.  We aren't even allowed to have our own thoughts.  A quote in the newspaper from a 17-year-old female ""I can't really say what I want to say, but there's not much I can do about it..."  Pretty much sums it all up for me.  The males will ask her how she wore her hair and that will make it all better, right?

Bullshit.  Complete bullshit.  I'll stop now.  I have to or I'll be up all night seething.

I started "Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty" by Jerry Oppenheimer.  Crazy totally crazy.  It is a reality yet it isn't my reality so I can lose myself in this nonsense of the uber rich and completely insane. 


Saddle  (85), Ok so I need to hit 100 for biking but the weather has been shitty and I really have to get a better saddle for my shitty weather bike.  My Sunday ride should have been 10 miles longer just to get my legs and hips in biking shape for long distance, it wasn't.  I'm not disappointed or displeased, it is what it is and I have competing priorities, something has to win.

Feet (34), better this week. More actual running miles, even a few on trails!


Beth, trying to stay positive, and wears her hair in a messy bun, because that is the most important question to ask a female athlete.

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