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Weekly Recap: 6/19/2017 - 6/25/2017

Feeling like a million bucks on my run on Monday gave me far too much confidence in my abilities.  A peppy pace and legs that felt great made me think I was fit enough for such a quick recovery from Mount Washington.  HA!

As a result of feeling like a million bucks, I didn't reconsider joining the EBAC (Electric Boat Athletic Club) guys for the 100K bike ride on Long Island on Tuesday.  Hell, I even considered upping to the Century (100 miles).  Fortunately, smarter heads prevailed and asked if I REALLY wanted to "get involved in that testosterone fest" as I was "the only WOMAN".  Oh, yeah, that could get pretty brutal pretty fast.  Love ya guys, but wow can you get competitive....  middle-aged men on bicycles...  akin to 'pretty girls'...

I met up with Tom, Ray, and Frank for the 7:15 fast ferry out of New London to Orient Point NY.  We could have taken the cheaper 7 am. ferry and arrived after the 7:15 a.m. ferry.  I'd rather take the slow boat back.  After stashing our backpacks at the ferry office we were rolling by 8:15 a.m. and the 100-mile guys hadn't arrived yet. The weather was perfection, sunny with big puffy Simpsons type clouds to filter out the sun when we weren't riding in shady spots on the awesome route Tom mapped out for us.

Relive the ride here.

The minor hills we did have to 'summit' were a wee bit difficult, however, I sucked it and after letting the guys know why I was lagging on hills, I wasn't lagging so much anymore.  Funny how that works.

The usual fare for Wednesday is Hills with Ro or Hills w/o Ro.  I wasn't really in the mood for hills, however, the weather was perfect, Ro was in VT, so solo it is.  I headed that direction only to be met with a right knee that was not happy and quads that felt like lead.  I turned around and walked till the Space Watch hit 1/2 mile and started running, or something that perhaps resembles running. All felt better, but it was still like running through pudding.  I managed a bit over 3 miles and called it good.

Took part in the track club fun run for one mile and then walked the pups for another mile and change, all told I got in over 5 miles...  Definitely felt sluggish and heavy legged.

Traditionally Thursday is not a running day, it is a class/core day, and I did the circuit class despite the beautiful running weather.  Totally messed up my social secretary duties and forgot to remind Rachel about the Beer'd Fun Run.  While I should have bailed on the run, I was there so I ran.  Not fast, not particularly slow.  The boyz got out for a walk when I got home, only 2 minutes late for Dog Dinner time.

Met up with Ro for a power walk on Friday, neither of us were into the Hill Loop, so we did the beach loop and called it good.  And that was that for the week.  I'm tired, I really need to embrace less active 'rest' days!  Missed Friday afternoon nap due to a hair appointment.  I enjoy my time with Maggie, she is fun and funny and is jealous of my hair.  I had to admit I am not jealous of her beautiful blonde thick straight hair, I am jealous of her youth.  We continue to try and find a way to manage my unruly curls, one day they, perhaps also their owner, will be tamed.

A rainy Saturday turned into chores and knitting and doing nothing, a day I've needed in a while, sure last Sunday was a near 0 day with the drive back from NH, so that doesn't count.  I was hoping to watch some television, totally not my thing.  The box wasn't working.  After a call to the service center and resets, the tech declared it dead so I went to the store and traded in the old (as the clerk told me ANCIENT) box and got a new one and did some grocery shopping.

Nothing was going right setting this thing up. I did the same thing 5 times, because?? Insanity.  Clearly, insanity. I finally got so frustrated I yanked the coaxial cable and it was attached to NOTHING but the splitter.  What the actual fuck.  The cable from the basement was directly into the modem and the Imaginary Husband thought all of this a mystery, stating the tv worked last night (yeah, right).  Got that all straightened out and scratched my head as to how this could have magically happened. We have some pretty comical poltergeists, don't we???  ha ha ha Wonder what their next trick will be?  Emptying all the cabinets? (it's happened!!)  

All told I enjoyed my truly lazy day, started a new baby sweater and continued to look for my missing watch charging cable.  I swear I charged it on Monday....  a new one arrives on Monday, now to hope the battery lasts!  Because? Insanity.  I'm sure it is in the house somewhere, taunting me.... Damn poltergeist.

As an aside, way back when I lived in Michigan, pre-Imaginary Husband days, the group I hung out with were Tom and Earlene.  They were a childless couple living on a big lot off a deserted road, they had the party house...  Professionals in their 20's are allowed to call it a party house?  or no? Someone figured out where they hid their spare house key.  It was a slow build up of things moving, never missing over a period of months.  Then came home to find every cabinet in their kitchen emptied and the contents on the counter.  After a few weeks they figured it out and the spare house key location now contained the key in a lockbox!!!  Trust me they gave as good as they got!  I know I had a few zingers over the years, I do miss those days, however, wouldn't want them back...

Gus woke up with a grumbly tummy on Sunday morning so this was kind of an excuse for me to forgo my planned century ride and do something shorter.  After Tums and an hour wait, he was still having nothing of his breakfast so I loaded up a ride in the Garmin and then noted that it was going the opposite way I wanted to go.  Clearly, I was not in the mood to bike...  I threw that out the window and texted Dave that I'd be out for 50 miles and was leaving about 9:30...  Failing to plan is planning to fail, right!  I meandered here and there wondering which way this or that road went.   Happy to note Mechanic St in Hope Valley/Richmond is NEW TAR and amazingly smooth.  This, unfortunately, put me at the option of riding Rte 3.  I should have taken the first road that cut through but didn't I took Woodville.  Stay off Woodville, it's awful.  Fall 2017 it gets dug up and fixed, wait till next summer.  I had to get off that nightmare as soon as I could which put me on nice shady Tomaquag, however, I was greeted with two raging dogs barking and running up to their electric fence.  I'm sure my guys back home heard me scream!!  These were the worst of the dogs chasing bikes.  Enjoying the nice downhill on Collins meant I'd be riding back the same roads I rode in on.  Whatever, it was a blah ride.

Relive here.


Feet:  24
Saddle: 102


I finished "America's First Daughter" and enjoyed it very much.  

Like him or not Thomas Jefferson is a founding father, did he live by the words he wrote "all men are created equal" in my eyes, and many others no. He did live with the accepted norms south of the Mason-Dixon line at the time. The authors' prologue and epilogue clearly state they have interpreted timelines to compress the time line, they have also stated that where there are breaks in the correspondence records, they filled in details for dramatic effect. It is an enjoyable novel based on an interpretation of history. This is not a fully historically correct reference. 

I am more curious about Martha Jefferson Randolph than Thomas Jefferson, perhaps because I am continually stories of seeking strong females in a time when they were not supposed to be. I can only imagine she was similar to how she was portrayed. She knew what needed to be done and she got it done. She could not have been a shrinking violet considering the life she led or was forced into.

Started "The Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant, I think I am going to enjoy this one.  Addie is a spitfire personality, coming of age when women were still supposed to be in the shadows.

Probably because her last name is similar to a title by Irene Nemirovsky (an author my mother introduced me to) I picked up this book, plus a reading friend also liked it, but I think I saw the author's name before I saw Sheila's review...  which came first the chicken or the egg?  Either way, I don't think I'll be disappointed.


Still, haven't washed or blocked the cardigan or found the perfect buttons.  It's too warm to wear it....

Started yet another baby sweater.  I seriously need to start sending these off to all the newborns this year.   They will fit well into their second year of life so...

Not many pictures this week.... sorry

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