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Weekly Recap: 6/26/2017 - 7/2/2017

My designs on a century for June are dashed unless I take off Friday the 30th.  Considering I'll probably be the only person at work on the 30th of June and 3rd of July I might just do that!

This weather, OMG, LOVE IT!  While I do love a nice sunny bluebird sky winter day, these have been out of this world with the low humidity and temperatures.  Monday was no exception.  Faith texted that she could run on Tuesday, an hour, easy pace.  Easy pace, so cracks me up, this translates to Beth you need to govern my run with a conservative pace.  I'm happy to oblige because she definitely picks up my shuffling pace to something I'm happier with.  It's been a funny running relationship over the last several years.  I think I've finally figured it all out and are good with each of our strengths and opportunities!

I got in a 5.2-mile run, hitting one of the points.  Relieve the run here. Let it pan out and imagine the beautiful water views. By "points" I mean Eastern Point Beach, Avery Point, Jupiter Point.  I hit one of the "points" Eastern Point Beach.  I run in such a beautiful place when I run at work I'm almost sad to run on the weekends.  And I have the opportunity to run in an equally beautiful place from home.

Gus was back in the Holter monitor... poor guy.  Dave ended up taping (athletic tape not packing tape) the electrodes to him, so he had an athletic tape wrap under the felt vest.  Poor guy was miserable.  We did go for a very short walk, just to see what his heart did with a 'load'.  Data whores, the both of us!!  Jax whined his way into a walk at 9 p.m.  I'm a sucker.  He barely made me use his 'commands' the first 1/10 of a mile, which is to the end of the block, so we went a mile and he was thrilled.

The Holter Monitor.  Looks like he has a jet pack on his back.

Gus woke up looking like the walking dead on Tuesday, I can't imagine sleeping in a taped up body with a felt vest and a jet pack on my back.  He gave me a "Gus Hug" and snuggled in to let me scratch his ears before I had to actually get out of bed at 6:45 a.m.  I really like lounging about in the morning.  Gus did his usual lap around the bedroom at 4 a.m., sometimes he needs to go out, I'll get a cold nose to the face, or he wants to snuggle I'll get a 'huff' and I'll lift the covers and  he snuggles in with his butt under my nose, or he wants to stretch his legs he only does a lap.  It was a stretch the legs night and at 6 a.m. Jax was up in a panic about which ball would be the ball for the day.  I went down stairs with him, asking "Where's your ball?" we did a lap of the first floor he finally fixated on THE ball of the day.  Which meant I could crawl back in bed for Gus snuggles.

Faith and I met up at noon for our run.  Clearly, she was beaten up from her first metric century on the bike and a stupid muddy 50K post that.  Still kept me chugging along a little faster than normal, which is what I wanted but still kept her at a 'casual pace' per her coach.  We did a good 5.5 and agreed that last chug up the never ending slow assent on Shenni sucks balls.

While this was a fun run night I begged off, the quiet of home is a wonderful thing to me.  Plus the low humidity and cool breezes.  I'm in heaven.

Gus was mad he didn't get a walk so no snuggles for me on Wednesday morning. This does make me sad however I enjoyed my evening of nothing, well actually it was pretty productive with nagging chores.

Ro and I got back on the hill routine for today.  Felt good, I'm glad we didn't do them last week.  Nice catching up and working up a sweat.  This weather, though, damn it is so nice.  I fear being so happy with it will bring on the usual summer of heat and humidity in a flash.

Another quiet evening filled with dog walks and housewifery was about the right speed for me.

The humidity spiked back up for a short time on Thursday, it went away.  I was glad this was not a running day and a core day.  Addy is back from her maternity leave and tortured us, I can't believe what a sweat I worked up.  Cory said the same thing as we walked out and up the stairs.  Ugh, those stairs out of the gym, the worst part of the workout.  I was kinda glad to not be alone in this feeling of, that seemed kinda easy but damn it kicked my ass club.  Packed up the beer gift, and my spare shoes and gear in case I got an affirmative from Rachel on Beer'd.  Boom!  Awesomeness.  While it isn't a running day I needed to move and the humidity dropped and the cool sea breezes kicked in and it was a great run.  Plus it was nice to finally unload a bad beer purchase, that was something Rachel liked (so happy about that) and a couple of things for her to try.

There is a fly on my ball.  He is so funny!
The boyz got a walk after they got dinner and I got something to eat.  Dave was out riding the 666 loop twice, so 12 12 12 or 1,332?  Dunno...  Jax was a jerk and Gus was sweet patient Gus.  Jax needs a good 5 mile run in the woods, his ACL would say otherwise, it is a tough balance.  I think we might be better off getting him the surgery and dealing with the 6 months of rehab on one hand and on the other hand letting him run like a crazy dog on the flat field and calling it good and letting him limp for 3 days.  Definitely having him chase either of us on the mountain bike or me in the woods is out of the question, but it would be just the thing to calm him down,  Poor guy.  Poor us.

The soreness started about 1 a.m. on Friday morning as did my mind churning about things to do.  Why I didn't just get up and deal with the most pressing of these things is beyond me.  Probably would have gained me an hour or two of sleep?  Other than taking Gus on a short hike it was a slug day where my quads and back burned.  Thanks, Addy!  I'm glad you are back!

Took a chance and let Gus off leash and stuck close to him so he didn't run around.  He did well, I think he was waiting for me to let him wander off so he could do his Gus thing.  We didn't go far and it is flat and kind of breezy.  It was nice to be back in the woods with him, even if it was for a short time and I fretted about him keeling over and me having to haul his 80 lb body out of there.  Drama much Beth?

Pre Deer Fly sting!
He did get stung by a Deer Fly on his eye.  So he looked like a real boxer with a swollen red eye for most of the night.  It didn't last long so no need for the Benadryl...

Jax woke us all up at 6 a.m. on Saturday for wrestle time!  Thanks, pal.  After getting a foot in the face a couple time I rolled over and gave him the cold shoulder.  I'll wrestle with ya, no worries there but, you've got four flailing legs you don't control, kick Dave! I slept for another few hours and Dave got up and made dog breakfast and coffee.  I didn't feel much better with a bit more sleep and decided a century ride was not in the books.  Especially a self-supported one.

Went out for a ride to clear my head and breathe in some salt air, got 30 miles after lapping in front of the house a couple times.  The neighbors already think we are weird, just add fuel to the fire.  Once I looked at the date I figured out why I was so foggy.  Andrew died a year ago on the 2nd.  Clara sent out an invite for their annual 4th of July party (what would have been his 50th birthday this year) for a Sociable.  I'll take a shot of Jameson's (I still have a bit left from my Irish colleague) and make sure I pick up a Guinness as a chaser.  RIP buddy.  You were one in a million.  I still think he's alive and in witness protection, the world lost a great man when they lost Andrew.

I called my ride Junk. Relive it here. Truly there was no point to this ride other than to get me out of the house and some fresh air and quite possibly to snicker at the Watch Hill tourists and watch the Misquamicut tourists, quite the dichotomy, little girls with their perfect straight blonde hair, in their Lilly Pulitzer (or whatever is the must have) dresses asking the other one to hold on to their wad of twenty dollar bills while they fiddled with their iPhones in their special waterproof cases hung around their necks versus exactly not that but at the same time exactly that because they love and trust their friends just as those other girls did....  

They weren't Junk Miles, it was 30 miles with some slogging and some working, mostly processing current events and thinking about Andrew, and Clara, three kids, and a widow and she's 48 years old, and my constant worry over Gus' heart, and my parent's health.  Chug chug chug along and get through all of it.  Sometimes the best we can hope for is to see them on the other side.

Loved the guy in the middle all spread out and the other two hunkered over
Were they Junk Miles? They weren't, in my heart, I did it and I earned those miles, slow or fast, they are MY miles.  If they didn't meet someone else's standard that is their judgment and of no consequence to me.

Gus and I had a walk, he really wanted to cross the busy road.  For some reason this is a big deal for all the dogs, to cross the busy road.  He wasn't having anything with going down to the park the direct route.  OK.  Well, in the long run, he had the better idea.  There was a concert at the park and neither of us like the noise or the crowds.  We did have a lovely, albeit short walk.

The little black alarm clock had us up before 6 a.m. per usual, he doesn't know from Sunday to any other day of the week...  Dave was going out to Madison CT to ride in Rockland Park with Razz, and I really was set on a century ride and needed to get moving before 9 a.m.  I don't like being up early, why force myself to do something so miserable when the big rock for the day was the ride.

In Mystic, there were tons of runners and bikers on River Road.  Like a lot of runners, was there a race?  I saw a couple guys I work with I'll have to ask them when I see them again.

I had never ridden on Shewville Road, well not that I can remember.  What an awesome road, there were actually some shady parts and there was a nice breeze.  The thing that struck me was the number of historical cemeteries.  

Such a pretty graveyard.  Is it weird I like graveyards?

Thought this was cool!

Krug was nice, rolling hills, few cars.  The shade was not to be found those poor trees.

And then Stone Hill.  OMG.  ugh....

The blessing was Hell H0llow Road, beautiful scenery, right through Patchaug Forest, no cars, and then I got to the pond and then all that I went down I got to go back up.

The next was Ekonk Hill with Ekonk Turkey Farm where there was ice cream!  This was the biggest of the climbs.  

The Turtle, how I felt with some of those hills.... chug chug chug

I got to ride back on familiar roads!

Beriah Lewis Farm - this was so sweet.

Stopped at Grey Sail for a pint before wrapping up the last few miles to get to 70.

Hazy Day

It was a good ride, all told, I didn't ride 100 miles, I made 70.  Relive it here.  The pictures didn't load with this one, so I put them in the text. I'm not disappointed, the weather wasn't great for a long ride and I started getting a headache.  I really need to replace electrolytes better.   There is always the Mt. Wachusett Century ride to get one in for July.


Feet 28
Saddle 100


I am loving "The Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant.  Such a well told story about life, nothing more nothing less.  Happiness and tragedy.


Not much progress on the baby sweater.  However one of mine will have a new home with a newly born first great grandson of one of my parents' friends.  While a happy event it is also a sad event, the new mother died during delivery.  I mention this only because, despite the advances in medicine mother's still die in childbirth; not at as great a rate 200 years ago, however they still do.  Never take anything for granted.

Beth, wow half the year is over...  supposed I ought to see how I'm doing on my goals.

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