Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weekly Recap: 7/10/2017 - 7/16/2017

And another week starts.   Monday was humid and warm, I won't say hot even though it was.  I'm not going to whine and complain like SOME people when it is cold and they wish for the HHH.   I did ask one of his running partners to whack him on the back of the head anytime he complained about the weather he pined for in the weather I so dearly love.

And anyone else that runs with him, please do the same.  I'm not fast enough on my feet to keep up.  Maybe I'll bike around with a whip?  he he he  (see he really needs to resume reading my blog, for warned is for armed???)

So Monday was weird, I felt like I got a good nights sleep. So apparently I didn't work hard enough on the 100K bike ride?  But then again it is a nice change of pace to sleep after a long day.  I didn't get around to jotting anything down so from memory it was hot and humid on Monday and I was miserable and tried to stay near the water and try and not bitch about it too much or punch Mikey who likes this weather.

Got Gus out, the humidity is still too much for him and I'm still really nervous about him passing out last week.  We had a nice walk and there were so many white dogs in the park it was kind of fun.  It is too soon after Gizmo to start the pre-grieving process I go through with the pups.  I'm really not ready for it.

Met up with Faith on Tuesday for an 'easy' 30 minute run for her.  She judges 'easy' on heart rate so we kept it in range by walking a bit. I was fine with whatever, Tuesday isn't a running day and it was nice to spend time in the miserable weather with someone who was just as miserable as I was.

Met up with Ro and Pam for the Dog Watch fun run, we walked the 3.1 miles and I was fine with that.  I'm getting my miles in this week.

Wednesday was going to be just as miserable as the rest of the week and I did a stupid thing and attempted the hill loop without Ro and running it.  Gus wasn't getting out, and he was pissed.  I think it rained, I'm not sure.  I am sure he was pissed.

Hoped to ride in on Thursday but that didn't happen for whatever reason, could be rain could be who knows, could be the heat and humidity.  Ro and I went out for our flat loop and both were happier for that and the brief breezes and shade the loop offered us.  The rain was coming and the temps were dropping it was near 60 when I got home.  Gus and I got out for a much needed and peppy walk.  Such a happy boy he was!

Friday's are never my day, I'm tired, and really didn't want to run but I did and the weather was conducive for it.  I went home and took a nap, the boyz swapping out snuggle time.  I needed that nap.  Not sure what it is about Friday, I am a disaster by 2 p.m.  Gus and I got out for a bit of a longer walk.

Run with the Beavers trail race on Saturday!  I have wanted to run this race for years, one thing or another got in the way, stupid other races, stupid vacation with the in-laws, stupid injury, stupid fear, like I said stupid stuff.  And even more stupid was dropping to the 5 mile.  I could have done the 10 it would have been painful.  In hindsight I'm glad I dropped down, I got to spend some time with Julia who I never see.  We connected in 2011 with my first 1/2 marathon I ran with Team Lung Love for the Lung Cancer Alliance.  It was a race I was so NOT prepared for and really launched me into for real training.  In the process of training for the second 1/2 the next May, and raising funds for Lung Cancer Alliance I got the bug to do my first marathon, with Team Lung Love, of course.  And this also started my blogging in earnest to record my training.  Julia suggested it as a way to enhance my fundraising.  It never panned out that way, however, it was a great way to see what others were doing and eventually meet many of the people's blogs I followed and who followed mine.  Julia lost her mother to Lung Cancer and was looking for an outlet to raise awareness and worked with Lung Cancer Alliance to create an endurance team focused on fundraising for their mission.  I haven't talked much about cancer lately, I did use to quite a bit.  It's on my mind daily, either my mom, my family, and my friends.

Where was I going with this?  Yes, Julia saw I posted I was going to this race and she was interested, it was the day of her birth, and she is a spit fire powerhouse on the lookout for ways to celebrate life, was it technical, she had just done the short course at Exter and found that technical (rooty and rocky).  This got me on the trail of finding people who had run both Exeter and Beavers and their opinions.  The opinion was Beavers was more technical, was she still interested.  YES!  OK, no time like the present to toughen up one's ankles.  I honestly don't know from technical.  I think that everything is fun and the rockier the more fun.  My focus isn't on racing it is enjoying the experience and maybe just maybe exploring places on my own, with my uber-faulty sense of direction!

We talked on the way to the race, and how to find this place, I said 151 Pulaski and it will show up as either Glouster or Chepachet, both will work.  So that put her mind at ease.  My GPS says Glouster, her's also.  We met up before the race start and chatted a bit I introduced her to who ever wandered by.  She was curious about Leslie O'Dell, the superstar runner.  After the race, I had the opportunity to introduce them and they had plenty to discuss.  It was kind of fun knowing I know someone she wanted to meet.  Yeah, I do get star struck with all these super fast and super cool runners I know.  I'll admit it.  The thing is though, they are all such awesome people it makes it even better to know them.

That was a complete nonsensical two paragraphs, or three?  The race was awesome, it was great to see Julia, it was great to see everyone and put new names and faces together, although I did get them all mixed up.

Photo by Scott Mason
I was a bit humid and he was in a great spot mid way up a small rise
An evening of sampling Vermont IPAs (IKR, me and IPAs) with another couple, Dave mountain bikes with Bill and Dace (which is Latvian and sounds like Dutzy) is his wife.  They are a childless couple our age with a love of rescuing dogs.  The IPAs were ok, I can't remember the one I really did like, I didn't get a picture for the beer page, whoops!

Usually, I wake up ready to go on Sunday, none of us were having anything of getting out of bed, or even crawling into bed for scratches (Gus).  Partially it's the week ahead being spent in NY and totally messing up my lunchtime runs.  I am going to make such a great grumpy old lady, aren't I?  Plus I am so behind on my bike miles.  I got out for a 30-mile ride, not even close to what I needed for elevation, but I did have a girlfriend and her husband and one of her kids coming to visit.  Her daughter Lauren lives in NY, sort of west of Westchester County CT.  And they were visiting Lauren and wanted to see RI. meet the dogs, and see if this husband actually existed.  I was the avenue to do these things, ha ha ha.  Aimee is a breast cancer survivor.  They caught it pretty early, it had spread to her lymph nodes, surgery x2 and chemo got everything and she has been clean for a year now.  Last time I saw her she had no hair, she has hair and has had several hair cuts.  I remember that was a big deal for my mom too.

She made me take my baseball cap off...

It felt like there hadn't been time and distance and we were teenagers again.  But then I walked into a room with a mirror.  It was great seeing her daughter all grown up.  I remember when the twins were born, I was in Grad school in Ohio and Judy and Tammy were visiting and we all rushed back to Michigan to see the first babies (Lauren and Amber) of our group from High School.


I've done nothing but look at it and say, I really should.


I finished "Lilac Girls"  I should start over from the beginning.  What an awesome novel, well told and documented historical fiction.  At the end, the author's epilogue gave details on what was true and was not and where she enhanced the story.  It was an amazing book about a horrible time in history, also one I love to know more about and three very different woman's experiences.

Caroline Ferriday, a New York socialite and philanthropist; Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish prisoner at the Ravensbrück concentration camp for women; and Herta Oberheuser, a Nazi doctor at Ravensbrück. How could Caroline be so selfless, how could Herta be so heartless, and how could Kasia ever move forward.  Caroline and Herta are actual people, Kasia (and her sister) were a combination of several of the 'Ravensbruk Rabbits' the author researched.

A wonderful book that would invade my thoughts and dreams, I am sure it still will.

I started "Small Great Things" by Jodi Picoult.  This one may disturb me more than "Lilac Girls".  The subject matter, race, privilege, and prejiduce, sounds gut wrenching.   Probably more disturbing as this is a current event.


There has been planking, I've not been recording it.  I should get back to that.  Recording it makes it happen.  Not sure why I fell off the wagon.

Feet:  37
Saddle:  30

Beth, happy to finally get to run with the beavers, although the beaver didn't show up, maybe next year??


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  2. 1) Would be happy to whack that guy in the back of the head. (the one that pines for the HHH weather)
    2) So that's the Julia for whom you were asking about Exeter vs Beavers! And her verdict?

    1. 1) Thank you. I might get in trouble if I do it during working hours,
      2) YES!! She LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!! Totally not Exeter and totally more fun!!! I'm so happy (obviously).