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Weekly Recap 7/17/2017 7/23/2017

Why do they call it Tourist Season if we can't shoot them?

I spent Monday - Thursday in NYC.  It was hot and smelly and awful outside.  Fortunately, I wasn't required to be outside too much.

Monday I had a meeting at a tricky time, either I left on the early a.m. train or a late afternoon train after the meeting got out.  I really needed to be on my game for that 30 minutes so I left on a late afternoon train.  As I drove to the train station, reflecting on, yet again, being a superstar (ha ha ha - like I could ever be that high on myself) ok having a good meeting with people who matter, I thought, oh shit I have my smelly wet running clothes in my gym backpack and they are going to spend the better part of the week baking in the hot car.  That is going to be disgusting, no uber disgusting or would that be meglo-disgusting.  I decided to take a chance and see if I could find a spot in the garage.  That ended up putting me on the next train, but I did get a spot and my clothes would only simmer not boil. And for clarification, it's the commuter Metro North Train, not Amtrak....  BIG difference.

My lunch run was hot and miserable, I can't believe people did speed work.  I could barely move my legs or breathe for that matter.

The train ride in was per usual, and getting to the hotel uneventful.  After I figured out where I was staying.  Why do I not check this stuff before I leave the office, rather than fighting with my work phone to divulge this data?

I grabbed a Corned Beef and a couple Guinness at Muldons, I love that place, so not pretentious.  While I miss Dave and the pups I do enjoy having a huge bed free of dog hair to sleep in.  My big plans to run the East River Greenway on Tuesday a.m. dwindled as I enjoyed lounging about and looking at the awesome view of Roosevelt Island and Queens well what I could see through the smog.

So no running, and enough walking to and from the office and to and from dinner to at least get my daily requirement of activity in.

I was up and at 'em on Wednesday to take on the East River Greenway, I stepped out into the lovely Convection Oven known as NYC at 6:30 a.m. Made my way down to the Greenway the passageway under the FDR smelled like urine, it was not pleasant, in fact, most of the smells in the city in the summer are not pleasant.  The run was uneventful and unexciting.  I went down 2.5 miles and turned around to come back.  That's the amount of time and energy I had.

Today was our team building, there are about 50 people in the group I work in, we are divided among four different functions.  I am lucky as I get to work across most of them and know quite a few people despite working not in NYC.  This summer's events were a charitable project for Free Arts NYC and then a team building event where we went to one of those escape rooms, this was called something different.  There were 5 different rooms so we were divided up.  If you've never done one, it is a really interesting activity on team dynamics and working together.  Our team failed spectacularly.  Between the Function VP and one of the folks who set up the meeting on the team, there was a lot of posturing going on and not a lot of listening.  So no, not a lot of team work.  Of course, I pointed this out from time to time and was ignored.  I let it drop once our VP Maggi finally caught on.  She is a lovely woman and has a heart of gold and is so frigging sharp me harping on this point would have backfired epically.  Fortunately, with age comes the wisdom to FINALLY realize when to let something go.

It was an awesome event and I'd love to try one of those escape rooms again, especially now knowing the format.

My plans to go to the 102 floor of the Empire State Building after dark were thwarted by my desire not to cook in the Convection Oven aka NYC Streets.  I've been to the top in the daylight, I think at night it would be amazing.  Fortunately, this is an option 365 days a year and in the fall when the sun sets earlier I can do this after an NYC work day.  She says optimistically!

Thursday isn't typically a running day and it was even hotter outside.  I went for my meetings and caught an early train 4:42, making a stop at The Beer Table for some Train Beers.  High-class train beers, for sure.  I saw and Evil Twin Maple Stout in the window and for whatever reason, their logo looks like EyeWitlin to me and when I said that the guy looked at me like I was an absolute moron.  He was COMPLETELY correct in this assessment, however, he did manage to get the beer I was interested in and his co-worker helped me pick out a couple more.  I'm sure I'm now one of those people they laugh at.  Totally fine, because really, it was pretty funny and I clearly wasn't paying attention and made words up!  Ha Ha Ha

It was nice to be home and unpacked before 8 p.m.  My colleagues on Amtrak didn't get in until 9:30 and it was after 10 before most of them made it home.  While being with the unwashed masses on public transport isn't always fun, it can be more efficient.

Friday is a running day, and I ran, and I also stood under the outdoor shower at Eastern Point Beach.  I think I will continue this until someone makes me stop.  Sure my shoes squished a bit on the way back to campus, they will dry.  That 1.6 miles was probably the best of the run as they were into the wind with the wind off the water and I was wet with water instead of sweat!!

Dave, the Imaginary Husband, was up and out early to ride Case Mountain (I don't think it's a real mountain, but for CT is it??) on his Fat Bike because something broke on his regular mountain bike and he was too wussy to ride his single speed.  I asked if he got two spares parts instead of one to ensure what ever it was didn't break again.  I surely am NOT winning wife of the year award, that was never my goal in life anyhow!!  HA!

It was up to me to make my own coffee and feed the dogs.  They were happy with my usual generous portions and I was happy with my extra scoop in the coffee bean grinder.  I wrote down the 'correct' grams somewhere, but who knows where those are.

We all had a lovely breakfast and I went out for a ride.  I really need a century (100 miles) for July, and clearly, that wasn't going to happen on Saturday.   I opted out of George's drop Century ride, on the DROP portion of it.  I can drop myself quite easily on a century and with this hell like weather I wasn't going to set myself up for failure.  George assured me I'd love the ride and keep up.  I, well, I have my own doubts about my abilities on the bike.  I left early for me on Saturday, crossed paths with coworker Dan (I'm sure he had no idea who this biker was cheering him on) and several other nice runners a few bad bikers and quite a few nice bikers.  Bad bikers are the ones who pass you and never say "on your left"  I have yet to do the Strava Fly By to find out who the jackasses are...  I may, I may not.  For Christ sakes, bikers have a bad enough rap with car drivers don't fuck with your own kind on the bike and be an asshole.

Relive here.

I did something I never do and that was stopping for lunch.  The lunch, if it was a regular lunch was unremarkable, probably horrid, but after a few hours on the bike and not having breakfast it was delightful!!!  I enjoyed people watching and then pedaled my way home, to ensure I could stop by Grey Sail.

OMG, they had Black Mast Porter on tap and I was happy!  I'm really a dark beer fan....

I enjoyed my ride and ventured home.  Still getting there before Dave so I mowed the lawn.  It was my turn....

Not exactly recalling the events of Saturday night so they must not have been impressive, so on to Sunday.  Dave had no plans and I was going out for a ride.  Not sure how long.  I pedaled along on some familiar and unfamiliar Rhode Island roads.  Thought about it and really wanted to edge the lawn, it was both perfect biking and lawn work weather.  We get so few of these days in July I was very torn.  I ventured on a road I wasn't sure where it went but really should have known!  HA HA HA, sometimes being a Midwesterner in New England sucks, no grids!!!  I went North, into the wind on RI112 and realized where I was actually heading.... shit,  I hate riding on RI138 and really don't want to back track and ride on US 1 in the summer at this time of day.....

I tried a cut through, it turned dirt with a steep rocky up hill.  I turned around and braved RI138 till I hit a familiar road and then braved the craptastic Woodville till I could get off that and head towards home on Tamaquock road.   It was after I got off Tomauaog that an obnoxious person in his huge white with a brown stripe truck decided to torment me.  I turned into a driveway with an open garage and pedaled in like I lived there.  I figured the homeowner would accept my explanation better than the giant asshole in the big truck trying to be intimidating.

Relive here.

All the while I was riding I was thinking of edging the lawn.  I do love this job.


For a week being in NY, I accomplished more than I expected milewise.

Feet:  22
Saddle: 102


I continued with  "Small Great Things" by Jodi Picout.  Wow.  This is truly disturbing subject matter. It was a hard decision to leave my iPod in the car and not listen to this book in the hotel room.  We can tell ourselves things are not the same as when my mother was a young girl, I really seriously wonder if there has been any progress.


Nothing, nada, zilch.  

Beth, wow it's Wednesday, this traveling stuff really throws her off her game

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