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Weekly recap: 7/24/2017 - 7/30/2017

I ran one 50K with only a hydration pack guess this makes me a bad ass... ha ha ha once in a while I need to feel good about my minimal accomplishments amongst the masses of over achievers.

Trying to get back to a normal week, a week of travel throw me off, and one of the nephews visiting threw me even more.  I'm old and set in my ways, it's only going to get worse.

My right knee continues to be wonky, sort of collapsing like the joint doesn't exist.  I'll have to do something about this sooner rather than later.  Seems to be worse after a long bike ride.  I probably need to raise up my seat a bit to get more extension in my leg.

It rained on Monday and I do love to run in the rain and it was chilly, even better, I didn't have enough time to plod my usual route.  Got Gus out for a walk, the band and color guard were practicing at the High School.  The music caught his ear and the activity his eye so we hung out there.  I really am apprehensive of walking him too far from home.  He is going to be heavy (80 lbs) to carry back if Dave isn't home to pick us up.  I'm totally being overly dramatic, it will pass...

Gus, ogling the girls, like a dog.

A cool day on Tuesday, unfortunately not a running day, but a boot camp day.  The knee did the funky collapse thing, but I can't remember which form of torture, I think it was jump-squats.  Crap. Dave's nephew was staying for a few days, so there was some scramble to make up the guest room and after we took him to dinner I got Gus out for a later than usual stroll.  Gus didn't want to come to bed at the normal time, Nathan was far more interesting.  Both the dogs got me up at 2 a.m. to check on Nathan, of course.

OMG I can't believe how beautiful it was and this is so close to what we saw
Hills with Ro is Wednesday and it was nice to get back to the routine.  The knee didn't do anything funny, I was happy about that.  Dave and Nathan spent part of the day making a board game out of wood, Catan, it sounded similar to Risk.  Nathan was happy to have this and they did a lot designing with the CAD program and the CNC machine, making designs on the game pieces. I got to see if the pictures made sense.  Dave took Nathan out on a mountain bike ride, to get out of the house.  He came back unscathed, phew I was worried this was going to be a 'you break it you buy it' thing and we'd end up with a teenager.  The dogs were busy keeping an eye on Nathan all day so they were worn out and didn't come looking for a walk.

Between getting Nathan back to his father, and Gus having an appointment with his cardiologist early Thursday morning and me needing to go up to Amesbury MA to meet with my LUNGStrong team the day was kind of topsy turvy.  I took the day off, took a few calls, got Gus to the cardiologist.  Dave would need to wake Nathan up (teenagers sleep till the crack of noon, my parents were correct) and get him moving to then get to the appointment and then take him back to his father's.  Plus there was a ride with my riding team planned and I don't get to see them much as they are over 2 hours away.  The ride was canceled due to lack of interest, harrumph.  I took a ride locally and stopped for ice cream.  The drive up to Amesbury took an extra 90 minutes because of traffic.  At least I had an interesting book to listen to?  The knee got wonky after all that sitting, and this is what makes me think its related to riding because it had been since Tuesday that it felt wonky.  It was good to see my team.  The color on the shorts from last year was off so who ever bought them last year got a new pair in the right shade of blue.  I can't tell the difference, I'll have to line them up to see.  SO I'll be all matchy matchy for both days.  The new Jerseys are accented with a cool electric green print.

Relive the ride here.

For Aimee, my friend visiting last week.
After a long day, it made a tired start to Friday.  I went out for a walk run, I didn't want to do anything at all.  I knew I'd feel slightly better if I did something, anything.

Ahhh a blizzard, that would make me so happy.
The blizzard was such a tease, I am so disappointed, I was humored by the continued alerts from January.  I ran and walked and got in a 5K, I felt a little better.  Work would be great if it wasn't for people.

And work...

The Imaginary Husband turned 51 on Saturday, finally, he is back to being older than me and I get the benefit of his tales of experience.  Cue eye roll...

I puttered around with those "it only takes 5 minutes" chores that many people (ok maybe only me) let pile up until they are a good couple hours.  It was a pretty productive couple of hours making me feel better, funny how that works.   I knew I needed to wash my 2017 LUNGStrong jersey and the shorts.  I also needed to try out the shorts.  Last year I ended up with men shorts, the color was off so the company (Primal) gave us replacement shorts.

I took a short ride to see how it all worked together.  The men chamois was fine, actually better than all but one of the female specific chamois I've experienced, as disturbing as that sounds.  The women's was a bit wider in the ass, I'll need to make sure I have a few individual packages of chamois cream or make my ass wider?  Um, no.

I'll still bring my Voler shorts, I love them.

Sorry about that ramble....

I went out for a ride and all was ok.  The issues I anticipated with the initial try on of shorts were bang on, so I know how to manage them.  Saw one of the running club guys, running, of course.  Always nice to see someone I know.

Strava allowed for a bit of fun afterward.  Always a good time.

I can't find the other one where JHuckle said I had a bright shiny smile.
If I didn't know my purpose by now, perhaps it is to make Paul feel unworthy of being acknowledged by me
That was so horrible to type.

HA! This all goes back to a run where Paul was hiding behind Jenn and I apparently I snubbed him.  Jeff V was out in the middle of the road, plus I've seen JV towards me far more than I've ever seen Paul run towards me, so it was easy to recognize him as I was biking towards the group of three.

Of course, I also recognized Jeff H when I was out on the bike...  I can't find the convo in either of our feeds... oh well...  It was funny, trust me on this...  Poor Paul, it seems my lot in life to make him feel left out...

It was nice to have the opportunity to sleep in on Sunday, I couldn't, even with the imaginary husband feeding the dogs so they would leave us in peace and not have upset tummies for not being fed.

I got out for a ride to Napatree to talk to my old neighbor Tom Papadilla and to take a walk during high season.  Then pedaled my way home via Dusty's, nothing spectacular ice cream wise, however always interesting viewing the beach inhabitants.

Sampled Jeff H's home brew stout.  He better not let the housesitter let me raid the fridge!\

Wee bit fizzy settles quickly into a nice easy drinking stout.  Wonder if he needs a dog sitter for Shep and Maggie???


Feet:  23
Saddle: 79


OMG "Small Great Things" by Jodi Pioclult.  

It is hard to know what to say about this book. It is eye opening. I give this 4 because I liked it.

Why did I like it? It made me think. Really think. Picoult broke down, as best she could, for a white woman of privilege what it is like to be a black woman making her way in the white world of privilege. I had to really think about the definition of privilege during this book and after listening to the author's notes. Privilege isn't one sided and it isn't all encompassing it is made up of tiny small things that make a person life easier, make making it through a persons life easier. I am not a Cheryl Sandburg fan, I view her as starting life on third base and resent her audacity to tell me to lean in. To me, she has privilege, how dare she tells me what to do, she has not one single clue what it is like to start at bat, to start from the beginning.

People have commented on my privilege, I recall various comments made to me through my life indicating how much easier I had it than they did in one situation or another. Fair points and they always brought me back to ground level understanding that with what I have, I have a responsibility to bring people up, not put them down or use them as a stepping stone for me to rise higher.

That is the message I ultimately walked away with. We all have our perspective and we all have some form of privilege, it is our responsibilities to use these things to the advantage of all not just those like us.

Even for the main character, a light skinned black, her privilege over her dark skinned sister.

The story is disturbing and it is upsetting, it is real, real in terms of race relations, both inter and intra not changing much in 400 years.

Is it wrong a white woman wrote a book about a black woman's experience? Is it wrong gentiles write books about the Haulocost or being Jewish? Why? Something to think about.

I started "Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead.  So much for light reading....



Beth, not sure what to think about privilege.

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