Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Recap - 5/22/2017 - 5/28/2017 interrupted by a rant....

There was a lot I wanted to say about Tour de Lyme but never did.  I was whipped when we got home and then yard work?  Seriously...    And I read my recap, missed a few errors before I pressed PUBLISH, whoops.

So here goes:

It was a great ride, it isn't easy, for sure.  I loved it, loved it more than the first two times I did it.  Definitely on the list for next year.   I wonder if in the fall it would be easier as I have more miles in the saddle by then? 

But really top of mind is:


A couple of the riders had back blinky lights on their bike and their helmet.  I did catch up to one and talked to him for a bit.  As a driver and a rider, I thanked him for his commitment to being seen.  I have a front and a tail light, I have a bit of bright color in my LUNGStrong riding jerseys but should have something additional.  Fortunately, it has been chilly out and I can wear bright orange or pink long sleeves under my jersey and that helps.  I know it makes me crazy to not be able to see people riding, walking, or running on the roads.  When I'm riding, walking, running or driving.  ESPECIALLY driving.  

As Dave and I drove on Town Woods road (to set the scene: narrow windy uphill shady) to the start of the event, there was a biker, in a fully black kit with a black bike and maybe some color on his helmet.  No light, no nothing.  I guess he expected in the very shady road we could see him?  I dunno.  Dave made his usual comments about roadies and I do my best not to react.

Seriously, people, do you want to be a hood ornament?  Do you want to walk straight into me with my ginormous headlamp and flashy red light and light reflective vest when I'm walking 160 lbs of dog in the dark hours?  Do you want to startle me in your black (because it is so slimming) running gear that I nearly hit you because of the surprise of all of a sudden seeing someone appear in my headlights on the side of a windy road on a moonless night?  Do you want to get clipped by a vehicle because you can't be bothered to be seen?  Really this can't be just me.  Who out there has been startled, or surprised by a walker, runner, or biker, blending into the scenery or road colored, and for that matter cars!  OMG turn on your damn headlamps when you drive a road colored car.  Please?  Pretty Please?

Running & Riding Ramblings:

Monday I ran, that was foolish, I was exhausted, Monday is a running day, but after 100 miles on the bike, nothing was happy.  For all my complaining, the short run did help sort things out for me, I am not really great about hydrating while I bike and that has some residual impacts...  I think it was raining, so no dogs got walked, they were miffed, really miffed, like storming out of the room miffed.  They vacillate between behaving like teenage girls and 2-year-olds.

Seriously, You aren't taking either one of us anywhere?

The weather was decent on Tuesday, or was it?  I really have to get better about making daily notes instead of ranting about not being able to see people.  Got out again, Tuesday's not a running day, I was still not feeling very peppy, got a little further than Monday.  No energy no breath no nothing...  took Gus out to Woody Hill with a new place to park and explore.  It was fun, we saw lots of interesting things and recognized places we had been before.  Eventually, I'll be able to assemble some sort of 3-mile loop for Gus for the warmer months.  He really tuckers out quickly when the temps are about 60.  I pulled plenty of ticks off of us before we got in the car and still had more to deal with when we got home.  Ugh..

The "fort".
Oddly it looks inhabited, we didn't get very close.

Hills were on tap for Wednesday and I'll admit I still really wasn't feeling it, but went and got it done, a little lethargic yet not feeling totally spent.  Saw a friend, her daughter, and their pup out for a lunch time run, that was nice, cheered me up a bit.  And saw them again on their way home!  The hills were good, a little slower than I am capable of, not horrible though.   

Left work a little early to get in a bike ride.  My bum was not at all happy with this so I told it we'd stay off hills, till I got fed up with one of the roads and the nasty chip stone and went on a hilly road I've only ever bombed down, time to go up Collins.  Then I got the bright idea to see how I'd feel after a Chase Hill Gut punch, not too bad, so maybe try that sneaky Potter Hill climb.  I pr'd both of those and I'm feeling pretty happy with myself, even faster than Mikey B... so I've got that going for me.  Oh how cute, that rhymed.

Took both the Boyz out for a stroll after dog dinner and they were far more concerned with what everyone else was doing, channeling Gladys Kravitz between stopping to listen to conversations, running up to peer in windows, staring down everyone.  Sheesh, it was embarrassing until it got more embarrassing when Jax lost his mind over another dog.  When they are bad at the beginning of the walk I forget about it by the end of the walk, when they are bad two blocks from home, it's not as easy to forget.

No running on Thursday, took the HEAT class, Chris had a variety of torture, um exercises, for us, burpees, jumping jacks, flys, crazy ab thing on the step, curls, triceps, another crazy ab thing on the floor, and bicycles seem to be all I remember at the moment.   Met up with Rachel for the Beer'd Running Somewhere Else run.  She's nursing a quad injury and I'm lazy.  So she decided she'd run my pace and maybe walk.  I have no idea if she wanted me to finish the run solo or was OK with me walking with her.  I'm thinking she didn't care.  I was wheezing and huffing and puffing and snotting, a freaking mess for sure.  Her quad felt a little better, but I really do think running minutes a mile slower than you are accustomed to isn't great.  I got home and did nothing.  Sorry, Gus.

If I pout RIGHT in your face will that make you change your mind?

I was up in the air on anything for Friday, it is a running day, and well I didn't run, I wasn't feeling it after Friday afternoon nap I took Gus for a hike in Browning Woods Preserve in South Kingstown, new to both of us.  Frankly, I'm over the allergies and feeling like every breath is thru a bent straw...

So, the white arrow is at about the 6' mark.  The trail marker is another 2 feet on top of that!  This is a trail for giants!  While it is not at all technical, one still needs to look down to not trip on the errant rock or root or dog stopping to sniff something...  It's a nice almost 2-mile loop, most of the side trails are blocked off, so that helps the directionally challenged (me).

After a sound sleep, Saturday seemed full of hope and promise.  I planned on a 50-mile ride and well that didn't happen, I did get out and meandered around for 30 very flat miles at not a very peppy pace.  It was good though.  I've confirmed I  cannot stand the Pearl Izumi cycle shorts, they have teeny tiny micro waffles in the fabric on the chamois that feels like I'm sitting on sharp pointy waffles if I get out of the saddle and sit back down.  I've paired these with different saddles and my ass has been different sizes and chamois cream doesn't help.  I'm done with them.  They are going in the garbage.  This is the third year of this pain I'm done.  Hopefully the new cycle shorts I've purchased are better.  

At some point during the ride, I decided I'd rather be vacuuming, that is bad, folks...  I wrapped it up and headed home fighting the tourist traffic even though I was attempting to avoid it.

Westerly does a nice job with the flags along the main streets and have a wonderful memorial at one of the entrances to the park.  Gus was disappointed there weren't any scraps left over from the food trucks from the art show at the park

Started my planned 55-mile ride on Sunday, remembered that the comments about the route I copied were there was a 'section of dirt road' I figured maybe a mile, well it was 3.  After getting the crap scared out of me by Crutch.  I probably wouldn't have been so sensitive if I hadn't had to deal with an angry driver 2 blocks from home.  Calm down people, and maybe use your blinker?  If I have the faintest clue what you are doing (I've generally repeatedly let you know what I'm doing by pointing my arm in the direction I am going).  I may be willing to continue on with what I am doing.  If not. I'm going to wait for traffic to clear and then I'll cross the street or turn.  I really don't want to end up being smushed by a vehicle and end up in the back of an ambulance.  I also don't want to be screamed at, swore at, and called names, believe me, the majority of bikers fear and respect the automobile and its killing and maiming ability, we don't need to be reminded of your power.

Anyhow, I'm pedaling up Dennison Hill road and this ominous black truck slows down and the man behind the wheel shouts.  I think, oh crap....  and pedal on figuring they'd mind their own business.  Nope, he turned around, I see the truck approaching in my mirror and slow way down so I can bail to the side of the road if this idiot (sorry Crutch) decided he wants to bump into me.  As the driver yells something as he passes I catch sight of the decals on the back window, oh it's a friendly!!  Crutch was out running with some friends and apologized for frightening me.  I said it was ok.  I am still thinking he drives a bright blue truck!!  He advised it was far longer than a mile of dirt....  I appreciated that warning.  It really wasn't THAT bad, just slow because I didn't want to blow a tube or puncture my tire, because well that would suck.  Very beautiful and I did remember running Green Falls with Crutch many years ago!

At the point, I was supposed to turn right (this was after the 3 miles of dirt) I turned left.  Buttonwood Farms ice cream was just a few miles away.  I was at 23 miles, and a good time to stop, I didn't have breakfast and was kind of hungry!

Breakfast of champions!
Salted Caramel Ice Cream - two scoops in a waffle cone

Thought maybe I'd stop at Grey Sail for a pint of beer before I went home.  Mile 40, and Grey Sail's beer garden met me with exhaustion, heck mile 30 I was exhausted the sugar from the ice cream did not kick in as I had hoped.  I decided against the pint and just slogged the last mile home and drank some Gatorade, I was THAT thirsty, sadly beer was not going to be the right answer.   I was exhausted, I haven't felt that kind of exhausted in a long time.  The boyz joined me on the couch and we slept for well over an hour (after a shower and real food for me and a couple treats for the bored boyz).

Dave was riding Case Mountain and brought home pizza, what a nice thing to wake up to!  I snarfed down two huge slices of Chicken Pesto pizza from Plum Tomato, and then we packed up the boyz for a little outing. Time to get back to our standard Sunday (dinner) activity of taking the boyz to the flying field in Exeter.  It is much cooler at the field than where we are, it is up on a bit of a hill and catches a nice breeze, even on a sweltering Sunday in August we need long sleeves.  The boyz can scrub off some energy and enjoy rolling around in the nice cool grass and wading in the pond.  

Not sure how the video will turn out!


"1984" George Orwell - it's happening, folks.  

Next up is "Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty" by Jerry Oppenheimer


Finished the right sleeve, started the left sleeve!!  Wooo hoo!  Guarantee the day this is done and blocked and the buttons sewed on it will be 110 degrees F.

I'm pleased with how it is turning out; usually I am not a big fan of most sweaters I make for myself.
Jax's toes in the upper part of the picture, he likes to help.


Feet:  30 - while a sad week in running, I needed the break
Saddle: 96 - glad to get another week of serious miles 

Beth, terrified to get smushed and to smash someone


  1. Well I made the blog? Sorry to have frightened you! I realized as we passed that it was you, yelled your name a couple of times, and I wanted to introduce you to my friends and say Hi. In hindsight, I'd have been freaked out as well. Nobody recognizes my black truck either, after having the blue one...


  2. A week with no rest! Congrats. Love the photos.