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Weekly Recap 4/24/2017 - 4/30/2017

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So this was going to be a weird week with travel mid week then the NY for the Shape Women's Half Marathon.  I'm running it with some co-workers.

Usually, I'm pretty diligent about updating my online diary here every day.  Now I'm wracking my brain trying to remember what happened on Monday...

Oh yeah, meetings, meetings happened on Monday.  I managed to get home and get out for an hour on the bike.  Man, I needed that.  The rain was scheduled for the next two days, plus that whole driving to NJ thing...

The bike ride was good.  Ruby was scrubbed pretty clean and had a freshly lubed chain and we enjoyed our meander around Westerly.  I think the rain started just after I got Gus and Jax out for a short walk after dinner.   They have been doing remarkably well together in the nearly two years I've been walking them together.  I'm glad I took the chance on double dog walks with two very differently mannered and personality dogs. They do balance each other out.

Ying and Yang

The rain was coming down in buckets on Tuesday, I think, or wasn't it?  I can't remember any more.  I don't remember having to use and umbrella to walk into work, but I do remember having to use my windshield wipers on the drive in.  Went out for a run at lunch.  I am so lucky I have this option.  The weather was great, till it wasn't.  A few sprinkles and I thought wow if I ran faster I'd be much closer to campus and whoomp there was the rain.  Fortunately not a cold day so it was enjoyable.   The rain meant no dog walks so I spent the evening with the boys and the Furmanator.  I think this causes, even MORE, hair to come out, but whatever.  They enjoyed the attention.

Knowing I have this 1/2 marathon on Sunday I really shouldn't run 5 miles at a time, save some energy, however, I was so anxious about this meeting in NJ, I needed to do something, 3 it was and that helped SO much to calm me down on Wednesday.   The drive to Short Hills was unexciting and the evening activity went well.

I didn't sleep enough, which I knew might happen, but once I finally fell asleep I did stay asleep, so albeit short it was a decent sleep.  There were no catastrophes, which is good, it is hard to control the events at a public meeting.

Made plans with Rachel to run at the Beer'd fun run on Thursday.  It starts at 5 which may be why I've never put this fully on my radar.  It was a fun run.  You donate $20 to Running for Rescues, and you get a 20 spot card, you run the 3.2-mile loop, and go back to the brewery, get your card punched and get a beer and enjoy being smelly and sweaty with other runners.

Got home with enough time to grab something quick for dinner and take the boys out for a stroll.  We went down the path Gus and I discovered a week or so ago.  Jax was glad for some new roads, I think he gets bored easily?  I'm pretty sure he doesn't see well because he kept lunging at rocks or pieces of asphalt.  Or Gus goaded him into it by perking up his ears and when said thing didn't move Gus gave up and Jax was ready for it to scurry away so he could chase it?  Dunno...  They are endless hours of amusement, for sure.

Friday isn't a running day, although the weather finally looked spectacular.  Circuit class it was and I felt remarkably refreshed after class, huh, didn't think that would happen.  I'll get in short run walk sometime tomorrow, probably after I get to NYC.  I may get sick of Central Park by my second lap on Sunday, but probably not.

These are "money plant' biennial flowers.  A since passed co-worker gave me the seeds years ago.
Slowly they've been filling this bed, as they grow every other year, one year is full and the next not so much.  
Rest In Peace Mimi, your flowers live on.

Got Gus out to Riverwood Preserve for a hike, he was lagging behind, it's tough for them, Jax was the same way on his hike in Arcadia, lagging behind with the warmer humid weather.  Although Jax will take a break and lay in the water.

Jax, he is not a dummy!

After finishing up most of the chores I do when I have a plethora of nervous energy I left for NYC on Saturday.  I didn't get a run in the park, but I did bring stuff.  The 3-mile walk to the YMCA and the post-dinner walk were enough activity.

Yes, the YMCA!  I stayed at the YMCA on W63rd it was extremely inexpensive and easy.  Since the race was at Central Park, across the street, no sir!  Yes, Sir!  Granted it is a sleeping room but I decided to splurge and get a private bathroom.  Well, it's a shared private bathroom, but no one else was in there but me.  It was like a high-class dormitory is the best I can describe it.

All I could think of was singing the song and remembering my mother telling me about my Uncle Bob dancing to this at all the family weddings.  Hard to believe he's been gone 10 years this May 2007 was quite a year...

I had a lovely dinner at P.J. Clarke, when I travel alone I sit at the bar to eat.  This time was no exception.  I picked that restaurant because it seemed like something my Mom would enjoy going to, for the history of the place.  I sat by a lovely couple, well she was lovely, Thelma-Louise and her husband, Dennis, Dennis was a dirty old man, funny, no doubt he was funny, and I have no problem with the dirty old man part, he was well into his cups at that point also.  Thelma-Louise has her handsful with her third husband, it was the third marriage for both of them.  They've been married 13 years.  I said, well third times the charm?  They thought that was good.  They may have been telling me stories, who knows.  It was far more entertaining than playing WWF or on FB during dinner.  The food was mediocre at best, the atmosphere made the meal for me, the atmosphere being the regulars of Dennis and Thelma-Louise, the bartender assured me he was harmless.  HA!  How funny is that!!??

Up and at 'em Sunday to find coffee and a bagel before the race (Shape Women's 1/2 Marathon).  Not a problem in NYC finding either.

The flowers were so beautiful in Central Park

I debated on a race recap.  I can boil it down to my goal was 2:30, I finished in 2:27 on my Garmin, I've yet to look at the official results.  I gave myself permission to walk the second lap of Harlem Hills and I didn't.  I started falling apart a bit in the last 5K and held it together and finished happy!  I'm very happy with my performance. NYRR (New York Road Runners) put on a fantastic race, they have every detail nailed.  The weather was perfect, cloudy, the temperature was in the high 50s, light breeze, trees, and flowers all in bloom were beautiful however played a bit of havoc with my sinuses post race.  Could not have asked for a better course, scenery, and volunteers.  

Gus sporting my Medal!

Gus took me for a nice walk before dinner, which was a GIANT hamburger.  Fortunately he was very nice and didn't make me walk very fast.

I finished "Just Mercy:  A Story of Justice and Redemption" by Bryan Stevenson.  The injustice in our justice system is appalling.  I wonder how many innocent people have been incarcerated for life or put to death at the hands of a corrupt system of white men.

On my quest to get a better understanding of things I don't understand I started "White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America" by Nancy Isenberg.  So far it reads like a dissertation by an Ivy League white northern never venturing more south than the Hamptons.  Surprise!  The author was educated at Rutgers and University of Wisconsin - Madison, and currently teaches at the University of Louisiana.  I'll keep at it, but I think this may end up being mostly anecdotal quips with no real analysis based on some of the reviews I've read.  Damn...  I was thinking this would complement "Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis"  by J. D. Vance with scholarly research and analysis.


Finally got the button band bound off now to start the sleeves! 


This was a pretty high mileage week for me, feetwise, not so much saddlewise.  

Feet:  40.9
Saddle: 15

Beth, feeling confident and looking forward to the next challenge!

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