Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Log 10/6 – 10/12





6.1 (double)






ZERO - blargh

Monday I was sick – I think I may have over done it over the weekend and crashed around 8 on Sunday night waking up around 7 for the sole purpose of calling in sick.  I couldn’t even pull myself together enough to even go into work to spread around what I’m told is my 3 illness this year.  Dave keeps track and commented that this is the most unhealthy I have been in the last 17 years.   I keep thinking I never get sick, and am reminded of the Spring cold, the Summer cold, and now the Autumn cold.  Huh… who knew?  Obviously I’ve blocked all this out. 

Speaking of blocking things out, thoughts of another ultra are dancing around in my head as well as a road marathon.  Not until next fall.   The rational me is busy running around my brain stomping out these thoughts. 

After sleeping till noon I took Jax on a walk, and then back to sleep and I took Giz and Gus on a walk.  The fresh air felt good and I felt closer to human on Tuesday.

Tuesday I had a nice run, my nose was running like crazy, not even anything good enough for a decent snot rocket, blargh.  Gizzy and I had a nice walk and I was ready for bed.

Wednesday  Easy run.  My mom was supposed to call with her CT results.  She never called.

Thursday Double I waited until 10 to call my mom.  My dad answered her phone, interesting.  I asked “what’s up” and he said “talk to your mother”  She was busy ironing curtains and what did I need.  Um CT results?  Oh yeah, they called Tuesday everything is fine.  Beth, this is year 5 of NED (no evidence of disease), 7 years post diagnosis, I think you’d be calmer by now.  Um, no, now it is time to panic! 

She went on to explain her oncologist has some concerns about my father’s COPD and he needs to go in for some cardiac testing.  Versus the pulmonary testing he had before diagnosis a year ago.   So she was a little miffed she wasn’t the focus of the appointment. 

Makes sense the primary care giver gets left behind and their health tends to suffer as a result.  I’ve never met Dr. K I have read and heard wonderful things about him.  This really sealed the deal for me.

I texted Dave with the good news and I went out for a celebratory run.

Text from Thursday 10/9/2014

Thursday night was also the Sneekers run, Ro and I ran, her first run back from her vacation to Italy. 

Friday I picked up my Newport ½ Bib and met up with my cousin Kate in Newport for dinner and drinks.  She spent the last month on a boat in the Atlantic doing seismic testing as part of her Geology PhD program.  She was happy to see a new person, being with the same people for a month is a little tedious!  Saturday she was on her way back home, hoping her boyfriend cleaned the cat box at least once a week while she was gone.

Saturday   I went to the Hartford Marathon to cheer on running friends.  It was raining.  I could have bailed, it was cold and raining.  I wasn’t going to do such a thing.  There was a spot on the out and back where I could cheer at mile 14 and mile 20.  It was PERFECT!  I got there just as the first wheel chair passed by and in a few minutes the pace car and Matt Pelletier leading a pack of three.  And 30 people later I spied a Gazelle working hard and looking strong and sort of miserable, he eeked out a smile hearing his name cheered.  Next up were Mike B and Shara.  Nice hand slap as they passed looking strong and sort of miserable.  Along came Don.  I totally forgot he ran the center line, so no pictures, damn.  I switched to the other side of the road knowing Matt would be on his way back as well as get out of the throngs of crowds now showing up with their obnoxious golf umbrellas blocking my view all the while keeping an eye out for Faith. 

Crossing the street to Mile 20, i was only Matt and one other person,  Gazelle not losing any steam, flashed a HUGE smile.  He knew he was killing his race.  Animal!!

Shara was trucking along, I commented she finally ditched Mike B, that garnered a smile.  Looking good as always!

Mike B a few minutes later, he was hurting.  Still wanted a hand slap and I reminded him this is where the race starts go get ‘em.

At this point I was soaked and so ready to be warm and home.  I bailed on Don and Faith… sorry guys!!!

As I drove home, I watched the texts come in with the times.  Three BQ times!  Don PRd 20 minutes on his Vermont Marathon in May (missed BQ by 13 minutes).  Faith, well I’m just getting to know her…  this was her 5th and not her last marathon from the FB posts it was a good race for her.

So happy to offer some support for such miserable race conditions.

Sunday  I had my own race to run,  Newport ½ Marathon.  Link here

Beth and another week down.... plod plod plod

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  1. It was such a surprise to see you... It was awesome! Thanks for cheering all of us on. I consider myself lucky you didn't get a picture. I was a hurting unit. Congratulations on your run at the Newport Half. Great smile, as always :-)