Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Recap - 9/29 - 10/5 - Final

Monday - TRX / Run 3 / Walk 2.9

My knitting buddy is on vacation for this Monday and the next two, so I took advantage of the time and ran after a bunch of midday meetings.  It was a nice run, appropriately titled recovering from death by powerpoint.  Who needs 100 slides to make a point?  A person who doesn't have a point to make?  My legs felt peppy, and I went with it.  

TRX is back up to 4!  Lots of stories and laughs!

Gizzy got his walk, after dinner he was right in my face whining.  He is spoiled, I know this, he knows he gets what he wants if his argument is high pitched enough.  He was full of energy, the cooler evenings definitely help!  Nice way to spend a bit over an hour with my curmudgeon.

Tuesday - Run 13.1 (3.1 with Ro / 10 with Jennifer)

Ro wanted to run before she left for a week in Italy with her boyfriend.  Sure!  We had a peppy run, it was supposed to be easy.  Jennifer and I were supposed to run 10 on Wednesday that got all switched around due to schedule conflicts with Jennifer.  I figured I'd be ok for the longer run in the evening.  

Damn work, I couldn't get out till 5, and was committed to staying until the meeting ended, someone trying to pull a fast one I'm having no part of.   Fortunately, Jennifer lives near a bike path.  I've never run on a bike path and with darkness falling so early I thought it might be better than Narragansett or Westerly and dodging drivers.  So off we went.  2.5 out and back one way and 2.5 out and back the other way.  What a great place to run.  Even smooth pretty flat.  When we finished the first 5 Jennifer asked if we could slow down a bit, she's never run 5 miles in under 50 minute.  Oh sorry.  I made sure she was 1/2 a stride ahead of me on the second half of the run!!  Had a really good run in the dark and the drizzle and rain.

It was after 8 by the time we were done, Gizzy did not get his walk, not even around the block...  

Wednesday - Run 3 / Walk 1.8

It was raining and not looking like stopping, and I got a cadence sensor for my shoe I was interested in trying it out.  I haven't a clue what it is telling me, yet...  Went out for a run to the beach and back.  The rain was lovely, I do like running in the rain.  Sorry for those who don't or suffer bloody consequences.  

The rain subsided as the day progressed and Gizzy and I got out for a quick walk before I wanted to curl up and go to sleep.  I was exhausted, imagine that... I think the miles on Tuesday played a part.  I was nearly asleep when Dave got home around 9...  

Thursday - Run 5 / Walk 3.4

Still cloudy and rainy, I went out for an easy run, according to my pace this is 10/10:30.  Glancing at my watch I was in the 9:30s huh.  Well it feels good so I'll just go with it.  I lost a bit of speed on the hill on Meech, however picked it back up on the downhill back to campus. I've had a week of quicker paces, I'll take it and, ahem, run with it.   Maybe now is time to work on my speed since I seem to have some.

Gizzy was a dog on a mission, trash night and all there were good smells to be had.  I was surprised to see how far we had walked when I checked Map My Walk.  The changing weather is good for the old guy.  He barely had any recovery time once we got home.  In the warmer weather, even with low humidity he was taking 20 or more minutes to recover.  He was all cooled down in less than 5 minutes. 

Friday - Run 4 / Walk 2

I was supposed to run with Jennifer after work.  Cancelled.  So I went out for a lunch time run.  Figured I'd run out to Jupiter Point and back (the Mike B route) and when I hit Thomas I thought, what the hell, lets turn left and see what power I have to attack "the bitch" (a steep hill)  took me 2:30 not close to a PR of 2:24  it is a 100 foot climb over 0.2 miles.  Aptly named "the bitch", eh?

Cleaned up some lingering projects, started my "to do" list for next week and called it a day to go home and nap.  My favorite part of the week, Friday afternoon naps when I can get them.

Gizzy was forced to walk with Gus tonight.  He was not pleased and he may also have been a little worn out from yesterday.  He was done a mile in and pulled towards home.  Yes, he is in charge.

Saturday - Run 5.5

Hoping to get out before the rain came I met Nicole and Kathy in Narragansett to run 3 with Mary and then finish up the last 2 or so with Nicole.  It was a little misty some rain.  All in all good company.  Looking forward to running Newport 1/2 with Nicole and work on a new PR for her.  I just want to run the beautiful course.  

Sunday -  30 Bike 

Debbie came down from Peabody, MA to ride today.  Figured I'd show her the coastal sights of Westerly and then head out to Mystic.  Unfortunately her mother took a bad fall and we had to cut our ride short.  Her mother is fine, a little PT and she will be good as new.  It was fun to show off the beautiful area I live in. 

Beth, feeling a little pep in her step!

Published 10/3
Final 10/5

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