Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Log 10/13 – 10/19

A recovery week of sorts.


Monday – recovery run?  Everything worked after the ½ my knees were a little angry with me going downhill, this seemed to be a theme for the week.

Tuesday – Double – walked with Ro at lunch, grabbed a couple mile run down to EB and back – knees not happy with those hills, ouch.  After work I ran with Faith for the first time. We met up at Bluff Point for an easy run and it was an easy run.  Faith talked most of the time, we got the basics covered, same age group, no kids, been running about the same length of time.  She is more domestic than me so we talked a lot about food.  I think I was inspired because I went home and made biscuits!  Dave bought the buttermilk for them the day before and when I was rummaging around in the fridge looking for something to eat I spied it and remembered that I was supposed to make this new recipe, so I did.  Buttermilk biscuits from Smitten Kitchen super easy to make and tasted yummy!  Great with honey!

Wednesday – Pretty peppy lunch run, knees not happy.

Thursday – Rain – I did nothing… nada… zilch…  my knees were quite happy about this, so we will call this a rest day?

Friday – Jennifer and I were meeting at the beach for 10 miles, her last long run before Marine Corps Marathon – her first marathon.   She was touch and go if she was going to run it or not, after a horrible August it seemed like no, then yes, then no, and finally yes.  The first mile was ouchy on my knee and Jennifer was lively, mile 2 I didn’t feel the knee and we were zipping along Ocean Drive.  Mile 3 things started to crumble.  Jennifer let out a blood curdling scream and took off like a crazy person arms flailing.  I jumped a mile in the air the gardener in the lawn yelled “Is everything OK.”    She saw a snake.   All was OK the gardener and I recovered from our mini coronaries and Jennifer went on to explain why she has a fear of snakes.  It is COMPLTELY justified, not a girly thing.  Imagine wondering why the bannister in the house feels funny and looking over and seeing a Black Snake… we walked a bit this mile…  I think it was deserved.  Mile 4 was pretty even and uneventful.  Mile 5 met us with another snake and a little bit of walking.  Mile 6 the third and final snake propelling us into mile 7 where we both called it a day for the run!  Even with the walking we kept a good pace!

Saturday – Met up with Crutch and Don to run Chatfield Hollow.  Holy hills… beautiful beautiful course just 1000 feet of elevation over 6.2 miles?  I think I will drop down to the 10K, especially if it is going to rain leading up to and on Sunday.  Call me a wimp, not concerned.  Footing was iffy in parts when it was dry.  I can’t imagine what it will be like with the rocks greasy from days of rain and covered in leaves?  My knee felt great after this run.  Go figure.   After I got home and iced I took Gizzy out for a hike in Pequot Woods.  He was psyched to get in the car and then even more psyched to go someplace new.  Love the expressions on that old guys mug.  I’d of loved to let him off the leash but his hearing is bad, on top of the fact he plain ignores me when he is busy.  Even with the oppressive leash he seemed fine taking in all the new smells. 

Sunday I did domestic chores (considered cleaning my car, um, no, it can stay a disaster – ha ha Mike B) and went shopping.  Home in time to rush off to Yoga class.  One of the guys Dave rides with (Bill B – Chris G you work with him!) his wife is training to be a yoga instructor and has to do a certain number of hours with students.   This was my second class with Dace and it was great!   I have been away from yoga for too long and hopefully this will reignite that fire.   And what happens in yoga stays in yoga so I enjoyed Bill telling tales on my husband very much!!  If you are interested let me know 4 p.m. on Sundays in North Kingstown, I am sure Dace would welcome more students.


Beth, so not on top of this blogging thing lately… 


  1. I hate snake as well - scream like a girl

    1. Oh christ... really Mike??? I'm oblivious unless I step on them...

    2. He really does, Beth! Really wish he had been there when Jana and I saw a 3' black snake recently in Grills. Unfortunately, she screamed and scared the thing away before I had chance to try to pick it up and take a picture with it.