Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/1/16 - 8/7/16

Monday (0/6.5/0)  - Lunch time walk, nothing memorable as I write this.

Probably because this day was the day I dropped from the 100K.  If I wasn't running by August 1st, it wasn't happening.  I pulled my name from the runner list and put it on the volunteer list.  I did ask the RD if he'd consider giving my spot to Crutch, hey it never hurts to ask.  He moved from 37th to 36th on the wait list.  Maybe another year, maybe never.

Took Jax for a walk at night, it was his turn.  He is a loose cannon, I can never tell if it is going to be a good walk or one of those where I want to strangle him because he is either taking FOREVER to smell something or he is trying to chase cars down the road or he is terrified of a whiskey barrel with flowers or he is threatened by a bush.  The dog has a few loose screws rattling around in his brain.

Tuesday (0/6.4/0) - In NY for an overnight so I decided to walk the East River Greenway going North.  It is from 60th to 125th.  The section from 38th to 60th isn't created yet, so you have to walk first or second and when you can jump over on Sutton Place.  Although it looked like there maybe sections open but I couldn't figure out how to get over there.

It is less active than 38th to the Brooklyn Bridge (well it goes all the way to Battery Park but I haven't made it down that far yet).  There was a dog park, I stopped to watch the dogs, a particularly old bull dog caught my eye, he was strutting around in that bull dog old man way, so adorable.  The dogs out on walks were also very friendly, their walkers who knows, but I do know several of the dogs seemed very excited to see people and loved to be scratched!

At 78th the path was barricaded and you needed to go up and over the, oh what is the name of that HWY, and up a couple blocks and back over to get back on the path.  Fageddaboudit, so I headed back to the hotel at Lex and 45th.  Stopped in one of my favorite pubs for a cider, not quite what I needed, it went down easy, like a pop, so I could see that not boding well leading up to a days worth of meetings and team building.  Switched over to trusty Guinness and ate my corned beef sliders and observed people.

Wednesday (0/2.3/0) - We had a team building a little over a mile away from the office, after being given subway directions we were set loose on the city.  Many people walked.   There is a lovely park a few blocks from the place where we were all to re-group a few of the non-locals met up there and did some exploring.  I manged to get Strava going for the walk back, so I doubled my miles for my spreadsheet.

Thursday (0/5.7/0) - Hills with Ro! We usually do this on Wed but since I was not in CT, that wasn't possible.  We are on hiatus for two weeks while she is on a two week vacation.  The best way to take vacation, by the end of the first week you are relaxed and can enjoy the second week!!

Friday (0/2.5/0) - Got up walked Gus, it's been years since we had morning walkies.  I do kind of miss them and I kind of don't.  I worked from home on Friday because I had a few meetings that couldn't be rescheduled, despite them being scheduled on my clearly blocked calendar.  Surprisingly productive meetings resolving a months worth of issues, no point in my complaining.  I packed for the Pan Mass Challenge, next year I need to remember ear plugs and a mask for over my face when I sleep.  I'll recap a blow by blow of that in another post.  Check in was Friday, an event as complicated as this it is really well done, moves like clock work, truly amazing.

Saturday (0/0/109) - PMC leg 1  Sturbridge, MA to Bourne, MA - High humidity and sunny, made this tough.

Sunday (0/0/83) - PMC leg 2  Bourne, MA to Provincetown, MA - Dry and sunny, made it more pleasant.

All in all an active week leading up to riding nearly two century rides over two days.  The walking helped to ease the anxiety of riding out of Sturbridge, versus "hitting from the women's tees" by riding out of Wellesley.

Weekly Totals:

Feet:  25.3 for a yearly total of 1,125.3 against a straight line target of 1, 212.2.
Saddle:  192 for a yearly total of 1,053.2 against a straight line target of 1,212,2

Beth, trusty ice pack by her side, better get cracking on the PMC post

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