Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly recap: 7/25/16 - 7/31/16

Yeah yeah, I probably shouldn't count down the weeks to something I'm not going to be able to accomplish...  that really sucks, it really does.  In the bigger picture these things stick out as noteworthy:
  1. This has been a nice break from running in the heat and humidity, it does a number on my brain and my confidence. 
  2. The extra pudge from the last 6 weeks didn't kill me and if I didn't point it no one would notice.
  3. Maybe it's not a requirement to run every day, cross training days are OK, except if its snowing or raining on an off day, then I have to run as those are favorite running times.
And on top of that it's been quite a week in my non athletic pursuits too!!

Monday (0/5/15) - Faith has been wanting to try a spin class and to have someone's hand to hold for her very first spin class ever.  We went on Monday!  It was fun.  The Westerly Y has the fancy new smooth bikes, and there were only 4 of us in the class.  We got there early so the instructor could help adjust the bike and get her set up.  And class started all seemed well, she didn't fall off the bike and really seemed to enjoy the challenge of the class.   Hopefully we will be able to meet up for more classes.

Tuesday (0/5/0) -  I had a nice walk at work and enjoyed chatting with Mikey B and Eric S about injuries, it's nice to know someone understands what a HUGE deal it is to not be in pain getting out of the car or having to pick your leg up to move it!

Wednesday (0/0/0) - PT day and Vinnie (my car) died and I bought a new car.  Who knew you could go in take a test drive and drive the car home that night.  I'll miss Vinnie, we had a good run 10 year and 247K miles.  I was SO close to the 250K I wanted from him, but the costs to repair to get him running and safe would mean I'd need to keep him at least another year and who knows what other expensive things would go wrong. Plus I really don't need to have a car die in the middle of the Wilds of PA.

Thursday (0/0/0) - Aqua jogging in the a.m. Joe put me through my paces with core work.  I get it, my core isn't all it could be.  Noted and will work on this.

Friday (0/3.1/0) -  I got out for a walk in the rain and spent a good 30 minutes with my HEP (Home Exercise Program) and a couple other things Sarah has been doing with me in PT.  The 29th was also Dave's 50th so we went out to dinner.  He seems a little down about this birthday thing, I reminded him that he has all his hair and 2 maybe three strands are gray so he's leaps and bounds ahead of many men his age and younger.  That did little to cheer him up till I brought up my brothers 47 and 46 and how what's left of their hair is silver.

Saturday (0/4/37) - What started out as a 50 mile ride turned into possibly a 40 mile ride and ended up being a 37 mile ride.  The initial drop was because I had a hard time getting motivated and really didn't want to be out on the roads past noon, so taking 10 off was a good way to thwart dealing with the searing sun and traffic.   Had a nice chat with Mikey when discovered him outside cleaning cars!  I decided to take his route for my trek up Cossaduck Hill to see where I ranked against his venture up there a few weeks ago.  Wyassup Hills are more of a gut punch, by the third one I was sucking wind and swearing.  Cossaduck was steep and hard, but not so much that I wanted to swear, and swearing comes rather easily to me.... Mikey was faster on the steep part and I was faster on the overall hill, nice to have a benchmark!  Running?  I'll never catch him on a training run, forget about a race, but I CAN keep up on a bike ride!

Ventured up to Buttonwood Farms to see the sunflowers, I opted out of ice cream as the place was a zoo.  Another day, when it is quieter, after the let the cows loose in the sunflower fields.

Sunday (0/1/0) -  I am surely taking more rest days than necessary however, wow do I feel good taking care of projects at home and catching up on my naps.  I am very very behind on my Friday afternoon naps.  I need to heal and continually putting stress on my hip isn't going to help that process.

Feet:  17.4  yearly 1,100 against a straight line goal of 1,173.6
Saddle: 52.1  yearly 861.2 against a straight line goal of 1,173.6

Beth, learning how to eat with in her actual calorie expenditure and taking one day at a time


  1. Sorry to hear about Vinnie. What is his replacement?
    How are the new spin bikes at the Y?

  2. I agree, running in the heat and humidity is boring and yes, cross training is always ok.
    I am so envious for your walk in the rain, I miss the rain!