Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 13: 07/18/2016 - 07/24/2016

Lucky Week 13, crap... by the time this posts I'll be in to week 12 with over a month not having run.  Still there is a glimmer of hope in my ever hopeful heart, my brain, well it knows better but won't let the squishy thing in my chest down so it keeps quiet.

One of the biggest bestest pieces of news this week was a girlfriends Father, diagnosed with Stage III Lung Cancer July 2015 was given a clean bill of health this week.  Holy crap, that is fantastic!  The advance in treatment are amazing.  The cancer is gone!!  He still has some residual use of oxygen due to pneumonia, once that clears he is on the 3 month CT routine for the first year, then 6 months for another year and once a year.

This news, of course, feeds my ever hopeful heart that I can accomplish at least my 50 miles before 50 goal...  Lung Cancer going away, eliminated, that is a miracle.  I'm still in awe of that news, in the 9 years I've been exposed to this cancer first with my mother's diagnosis and as a result meeting people living with it and dying from it and their relatives, this is the first.  There have been so many deaths in the last 9 years, and so few living withs and now the first NED (No Evidence of Disease).  Wow, just wow.

Monday (0/5.6/0) - 5K walk at lunch time, felt good.  Ok in the beginning I felt like a grumpy bitch and it showed on my face.  It helped to get out but not to see all the happy runners.  I tried to focus on how much I hate running in July and August and how frustrated I get with myself for not dealing well with the temperatures.  I resorted to recalling a run where I got a full mile in and sat on the rocks and beat myself up for being such a horrible runner.  That actually helped a little bit, in some sort of perverse and weird way.  Plus that's when I learned the term "recovery run" or some such other title really meant that the run sucked.  At the end I had to laugh at how ridiculous I was being, so it was a good walk.  At least I got to work on my tan a bit, ha ha ha... 

Gus and I had a short stroll in the evening, it was cooler, but still steamy enough that he had enough by the time we hit a 1.5 miles and when he pulled me back towards home and I let him lead and the prance came back in his step. 

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NY for the day.  I debated on bringing shoes with to work out at lunch (they have all the gear,  you don't even have to bring socks!) at least ride the bike for 30 minutes.  Glad I opted not to as I didn't have any free time, save the space in my work bag for beer for the train ride home!  All in all the meetings went well and I'm pleased with the progress my team has made, they really made me look good!!

Wednesday (0/7.8/0) - Hills with Ro, our pace picked up a bit with the reduced humidity, I have to remember some of our quicker loops were when I would run to meet her and then run back, so a mile of running does take down the average pace about a minute.  It really is a good loop, we have to add in the climb up the 166 stairs in the Fort Griswold Monument.  I live and work in an area so rich in history!

Dave took Jax out with him to do some clean up on a rock painted with graffiti in one of the areas he rides a lot in, I was going to bike to the fun run get in some miles on the saddle and then take Gus for a walk later.  Gus isn't so keen on being alone so when I got home after him being home alone for less than an hour he was in full panic mode.  I decided I'd see how he'd do at the fun run with all the people. He did better than I did!  He was curious about all the people, ignored the other dogs, and was happy to take treats from John and get petted and made much of by people.  We walked on the beach for a bit and went back to see who we could see coming into the finish area. He was ready to go home and have his dinner and crash on the floor.  It has to be tough being a dog with the fur coat and not being able to sweat to cool off.  Not quite my plan for the evening.

Thursday (0/0/20.5) - Aqua jog in the a.m. went well.  Took the bike out for a spin to Watch Hill and back.  Nearly picked off a few tourists, oops.  Picked up a few more PRs!
  • PRd my time on Ocean Ave segment, 20 seconds away from Gazelle and 5K, be fun to see how far I can close that gap.  I'll need a hell of a tail wind though!!
  • PRd my time on the Epitome of Death, 3 seconds away from Jeff H, 9 from 5K, and 11 from Gazelle.  That's a tough one this time of year with traffic.
  • PRd my Winnepaug Climb, that one is a bitch, 3 seconds away from 5K, 4, from Jeff H, and 11 from Gazelle. 

The local fire departments had their annual Smokey The Bear parade.  I crumpled into a pile of goo thinking about my friend Andrew.  I knew it would happen when I heard and saw a fire engine, I just didn't know when.  I had a good cry while stopping to wave at all the departments going by lights flashing and horns blaring.  It was nice not to see the ceremonial fire hearse.  Andrew's casket was taken away with a fire hearse someone had restored, it was actually pretty cool, as far as death goes. 

Friday (0/0/38.5) - Commute to and from work.  I was a biker before I was a runner, a trail biker, I'm enjoying the speed on the road. It was a rough start in the a.m.  I did something to my front derailleur and need to get it looked at and fixed.  Shifting to the big ring is tough and touchy.  Ding dong! Picked up a few more PRs and a QOM! 

At the bottom of Fort Hill at the light at Rte 117, a car pulled up beside me and the driver says "Hey"  I looked over, smiled and said "Hey".  I do this with trepidation, figuring it is more likely this person hates bikers so being sweet and ready to dive for the ditch is my safest bet.  Bikers kinda reap what they sew, especially when they ride in packs.  I nearly was taken out by a pack of Pequot Cyclists a month ago.  It was terrifying with them all flying down the hill not stopping to make a left and I was going straight and they had the stop sign.  Anyhoodles, he holds up 4 fingers and has this smirk on his face and says "You hit 40 going down that hill. Way to go!"  I smiled and said "Sorry for edging to the middle of the lane, that hill is so fun to bomb down."  He said  "Quite alright I wasn't going  to catch you anyhow!"  That made my morning, that and surpassing 40 on that down hill.  0:00:47!  QOM is 0:00:45  hmmmm.....

Decided on Rte 184 to go home, it feels like a net elevation loss, so that's nice, but damn it was hot.

Collected two more QOMs on the way home  3 for the day! Yeah me...

Anyhow, while I'm not running my biking is improving and that is quite alright by me, for now.  Maybe the rest will give my running a boost?

As I sit here debating erasing my list of achievements from Thursday night's ride.  I'm not a braggart, but it really does feel good to finally have some successes, so I'll not delete.

Saturday (0/1.3/0) - I didn't really plan on doing much but volunteering at the Run with the Beavers trail race.

Volunteering was great, it usually is!  What made it even better was finally getting to meet a runner I've been following for years.  I think we started getting serious about running about the same time, his story of getting into running was so inspiring and similar to mine, it was hard not to follow!  Jose has been an inspiration to me! Watching and cheering his successes from 5Ks to marathons, and last year his first 100 miler, this year will be his second, has been a great part of my journey.

Gus and I had a short walk.  He was so funny, pacing because it was walk time.  It was cooler in the house because Dave and I put in the AC for the living rooms.  It's nice to not sit and sweat and listen to the dogs pant.  But they think, oh it must be fine outside.  Getting that damn heavy thing from the second to the first floor is always a little touch and go.  The dogs want to help and get in the way and then there are smashed fingers...  It was nice to come home to slowly cooling off rooms.

Sunday (0/0/40.4) - There may be a short dog walk later...  The dogs got us up an at 'em early and it was a nice way to start a ride, in the what felt like cool temps, imagine that 79F feeling cool to me!!!

I bought a cadence sensor for the bike.  I'm really curious about it, from this a.m.s ride seems like I like a cadence about 70 and a heavy gear.  I don't feel right spinning fast... wonder what difference that makes.... something to investigate.

Plan?  What plan? I wasn't exactly sure what my plan was, I really do need an 80 mile ride, but I really don't need to die attempting it.  I went out on the route I planned out and then when the GPS told me to turn left on a dirt road (gotta correct the route) I thought, yeah, time to just finish this up on the Tour de Farms and go home and have coffee, oh but did I want to make coffee?  Not really, maybe I'd stop and get some, but I smell really bad...  so I decided I'd have the Night Shift Awake Rachel swapped me for a baby sweater!  (included in this swap was a Bell's Expedition Stout (I didn't find any on my last trip back home) looking forward to that also)
Fortunately, or unfortunately Dave got home just after me and started making coffee, um OK sure.  I'll save the beer to enjoy later.

Remembering that Mikey did Cossaduck Hill last weekend and now I'm really wanting to attempt it and then remembering that I'm not supposed to be climbing big hills I opted for the nice net downhill of Ryder Road.  Unfortunately as I sat at the Ryder Road/Wyassup Hill/Chester Maine intersection watching that same pack of terrifying Pequot Cyclists decide to though to Ryder Road and not up Wyassup I went up Wyassup.  So much for taking it easy on my hip.  Cut a whole 3 seconds off my time on those three hills...

I don't think the hills compare in anyway, they are very different climbs... But out of curiosity here is Cossaduck Hill (Mikey's results) and then Wyassup Hill.  Next week Cossaduck Hill!

Caroline Pierce is a beast, there is no catching her.  Maybe I can continue my goal of catching Mikey!

Top male: Anthony Eisle 4:43
Top female: Jacqueline Parker 4:59

Now to get Mikey to ride Wyassup so I can see how we stack up! It's nice to have someone to chase to keep improving.

Top male: Chris Case 14:04
Top female: Thalia Pryor 16:56

Anyhoodles, my hip feels fine and actually better than yesterday morning so who even knows.  I think it wanted some exercise?

Mileage summary:
Feet:  Weekly 14.7  Yearly 1081.9 against a straight line target of 1135.1 (watching the gap widen)
Saddle: Weekly 99.4  Yearly 809.1 against a straight line target of 1135.1 (closing the gap, slowly)

Looks like making either goal may not happen, well that's why I set the goals high to have something to aim for....

Beth, happy I'm not starting from zero once I can run again

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  1. Sorry about your friend Andrew.

    Looks like you had a busy week, it would be neat to live somewhere so rich in history, I love history stuff. although I do like living somewhere where there aren't a lot of people too :)